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Sanskar was feeling some what relaxed after he shared his feelings with some one more than with ragini
Ragini emotions were very confusing when sanskar told her about kavitha she felt bad for him by knowing that he lost his love and more than that he still love her but why she was feeling so she had no reason she was thinking about laksh do she still love him why sanskar’s presence around her made her feel different
Her thoughts had no ends
It has been a week since that incidence ragini and sanskar became good friends sanskar has started caring for her they were happy having each other arashi’s marriage preparation was going in full swing
At office
sanskar had not still come to office ragini was waiting for him then she that which he was searching that day
“ how care less he’s first he was searching for it like a mad and know see he has thrown it some where” she said she took the files and was about to keep on his table
“ what does this file contain that he was searching for it so much” ragini took the file in her hand
She opened it and was shocked to see the name “ maheswari industries” then she turned some pages and was awestruck to see DP’s picture information about his company and everything
He hurriedly closed that file and came out of his cabin
“what is his relation with them who is he what he’s upto how can he have so secret information should I ask him will he tell me truth what’s happening ” she was thinking that she was lost in her thoughts that she was walking without her conscious she bumped into sanskar who was heading towards his cabin she was about to fall when he held her by her waist they had a cute eye lock
They were lost in eachothers eyes they forget about the world around them they broke it
“ r u fine ms.gadodia” he asked making her stand
“ yeah she said still lost in her thoughts about him
“ where r u lost is everything ok” he asked with concern
“yeah I am fine just head ache” she said trying to avoid him
“ ok if u r not well go home and take rest” he said giving her permission to take leave
“ I am fine and thank u for ur concern” she smiled seeing his care for her
Both moved towards their cabin
Ragini wanted answers to all those questions but how can she get that if she asked him directly would he answer her
Before marriage kushi wanted to give party for her friends she could not give that at her home as their was arragments going on for marriage and some relatives were also their so they decided to do party at sanskar’s house arnav had too invited all his friends
At sanskar’s house
All were enjoying party
Sanskar saw one of his friends was forcing ragini to dance with him though she denied he was still forcing her
arashi were dancing romantically on song zehenaseeb
sanskar couldn’t tolerate that any more know so he headed towards their he freed ragini’s hand from him
“ when she said no then why r u still forcing her” he said in angry clam tone to him
“relax young man I wanted to dance with her nothing more” his friend said clarifying himself
He left sanskar turned and saw towards ragini who was happy for his care but sad for what happened
Sanskar to cheer her up
“ will u dance with me beautiful lady” he asked her forwarding his hand
“ sure” ragini said giving her hand to him
He took her to stage where they danced romantically
He placed his one hand on her waist and in other he held her hand ragini placed her one hand on his shoulder and another she gave him they were so close to eachother followed by cute eyelock whole time they didn’t break their eye lock ragini could easily match his steps the slow rhythmic movement they were looking adorable pairs after dance they were avoiding their eye contact sanskar got a call so he went out ragini followed him after he finished his call when he turned he found ragini their
“ ms.gadodia u here” he asked she was hesitating he saw her hesitation
“ if u want to ask anything u can” he said assuring her
“ wo” she again some strenghth “ sir I want to ask u something as friend will u answer me” she questioned
“ I’ll try” he said she took a deep breath
“ maheswari how r they related to u” she asked him gaining full courage
His face color changed hearing their name
“do u know them” he asked her before giving his answer
Ragini thought for a while that if her answer is positive then he may not tell her real reason but she wanted her answer “ she said “ wo why do u have that file I mean its something that can destroy their company and u said kavitha” she asked with hestitation
“ u r right that file can destroy their company and I want them to get destroyed” he said having a smirk on his face
“but why I mean what they have done” she questioned hesitatingly
Sanskar felt something strange in her behaviour her eagerness to know about maheswari’s but he wanted to answer her questions
“ because they r behind my kvaitha’s death I’ll not forgive them they have to pay for it” he said turning towards the other side tears were oozing from his eyes remembering that day
When kavitha nd sanskar were going to get married in temple sanskar got a phone call of laksh so he came out when he was talking to laksh when he heard the scream of kavitha some one had shot her she died in his embrace and he could do nothing
Ragini was thinking about how can maheswari’s kill kavitha its not possible I can’t believe that dp uncle or laksh were behind her death they can’t do that I have to stop sanskar I can’t let him destroy them my sister’s life is related to it I can’t let my sister’s life get spoiled because his revenge their’s definitely something , some one else is behind all this I have to find but before that I have to stop him I should make him understand I know he can understand me I am sure
Sanskar was thinking about kavitha he was emotionally disturbed at that moment
“ why can’t u drop u r idea of this revenge” she said sanskar got enraged by this his eyes turned red listening to him his own friend who he trusted is telling like that
She continued
“ may be what u know be just half truth” before she could complete he pinned her to wall he was holding her hand tight she was wincing in pain
“ what do u think about ureself ha” he asked her
“ sanskar listen to me” he made his hold more tight
“ah.. sanskar its paining I am just telling may be what u see that’s not truth” she said pleading him
“ what do u know about them about me nothing I lost my love I am the one who’s suffering from all this years I am the one who has lost his everything what do u know how it feels to lose love” he said
This last line made ragini forget everything for a moment how it feels to lose love she lost her love all her moments with laksh were coming in front of her eyes she was numb she didn’t knew what to do how to react he unkowningly hurted her deep all those wounds which were healing were know again exposed tears were oozing from her eyes
He left and moved from their
She was left in tears
Sanskar entered in house with full anger arnav saw it he felt something uneasy
Kushi was searching for ragini and sanskar
“ where is this ragini and sanskar where he went” she was searching for both
“ relax kushi they may be here only” he tried to clam her
“ don’t know arnav why I am feeling something is going to happen I am worried” she was sacred of something
Sanskar was in his room
He was thinking about ragini’s word for a while his mind was thinking that may be she was right but then everything was coming in front of his eyes he was in full rage
A short circuit happened in washroom because some one left greaser on
Soon it caught fire it slowly started spreading in whole house curtains everything was getting lighted by fire arnav saw it he made everyone aware about it all rushed out
Sanskar was unaware about it so was ragini she was outside house she thought to go in
“ sanskar ragini where r they aranav they r not here” kushi was scared a lot
“ kushi let us serach” aranav said
They were searching for ragsan
Scenes shift to ragini who was walking towards the house she saw everyone out calling firebricket ragini was paniced to see the situation
“ sanskar sanskar was in where is he” she was searching for him
Kushi found her she hugged her tight
“ u know how much I was scared where were u “ she asked her cupping her face
“ I am fine where’s sanskar” she asked her arashi didn’t have any answer
“I am asking where’s sanskar” she asked in loud tone
“ bhai I am asking something” by their silence she was getting many bad thoughts
“ I don’t know “ arnav said
“ oh no he came in with full enrage he’s in I must save him” she said trying to go in
Aranav and kushi tried to stop her a lot but she didn’t care she rushed in
Scences shift to sanskar
Who on time saw fire so he came out of house from back door
When he came out he saw kushi crying
“kushi what happened” he asked her
Kushi hugged her
“ bhai u r fine na” she asked him
“ yeah I am” he said
“ oh no ragini went in” aranav said
“ what she went why why didn’t u stop her” sanskar asked
“ she went in search of u” ksuhi said
“ what “ sanskar was surprised and worried about her
Saying this he rushed in
Scence shift to ragini
Who entred in house she was searching for sanskar
“ sanskar where r u sanskar” she screaming
Every where their was fire everything was almost burned she was sweating badly
Sanskar entered in
“Ragini ragini where r u” he was searching for her
Finally he found her both were standing a bit far away from each other
Ragini was standing near kitchen and sanskar in hall
Ragsan were over whelmed to see each other ragini was crying she moved towards sanskar suddenly the cylinder in kitchen busted ragini was thrown far away from that force everything happened in fractions of seconds
Sanskar was shocked
“ ragini……………..” he screamed running towards her
She was lying on ground in pool of blood she got hurted a lot
He quickly took her in his lap
“ ragini open ur eyes” he was screaming tears were oozing from his eyes
He hugged her tight
She slowly opened her eyes
“ sanskar” she said
Sanskar without any dealy picked her in his embrace and started to move out of house everything had got fire all kavitha’s photo’s were burning in that fire sanskar was carrying ragini
It was looking like he was leaving his past and starting everything newly
Scence shift to arashi
“arnav do something both r in” she was crying
Then they saw sanskar coming out holding ragini
They rushed to her
They called ambulance and took her to hospital
Precap: some ragsan moments………………..

Credit to: crystal

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