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Swaragini :(Ragsun) Episode 3

The day was great for ragsan
All were gathered at kushi’s house
They all were having lunch arnav’s family was also their
Sanskar was eyeing ragini from corner of his eyes their was something in her that made him forget his pain her smile everything was beautiful
Aranav and kushi’s marriage was after a week date was fixed all were happy
After lunch all were having some family time
Sanskar left it was evening ragini was getting bored in home kushi went with arnav for a date her mom wnet for marriage shopping she was alone in house
ragini decided to go for park
At park ragini was playing with some kids she was enjoying their
The park was just near sanskar’s house he was standing in his room’s balcony he could clearly see those kids playing he was happy thinking about those moments with ragini he has started falling for her, her presence around him made him feel different even kavitha’s presence didn’t make him feel so

He was about to go in he saw ragini he was bit shocked but happy to see her laugh with those kids
He was some where attracted towards her he came out of his house he started moving towards her he stood at some distance and was watching her
While she was playing she was about to fall sanskar came their in nick of time and protect her from falling
Ragini had closed her eyes in fear
Sanskar was memerised to see her angelic face
She slowly opened her eyes and saw him
They were lost in eachother eyes they came to their sense because of noise around them
“ are u fine ms.gadodia” sanskar said making her stand
“ yeah” she said avoiding eye contact with him she was about walk when she felt pain in her ankle
“ ah……..” she screamed in pain
“ ms.gadodia r u ok” he said helping her to stand
“ no my ankle” she said
“ plsz come with me” he said helping her he made her sit their on bench
He bended down he was about to touch her feet
Ragini stopped him
“ sir what r u doing” she said
“ let me check” he said
“ but” she was trying to avoid him
“no buts or vuts let me check” he said checking her feet
“ is it paining” he asked with concern

She noded
“ come with me my house is near” he said
He was helping her to stand but she was unable to so sanskar picked her in his embrace they had a cute eyelock she was just glaring at him with love
They reached his house
He made her sit on sofa
“ I’ll bring first aid box” he said leaving from their
Ragini took a glance of his house it was big and beautiful and she some photo’s of a girl
She was feeling bad for an unknown reason
He came their he gave her first aid
He dropped her to his house
The next day
At office
Sanskar was screaming on some employees ragini was seeing him
Ragini’s prov

What I saw yesterday i didn’t except his that avatar really he looks so cute while laughing his care but today why can’t he always be like that always know see kadoos why he’s like this when I compare his two character I get laugh how can anyone have such two faces but the second is better
Sanskar was observing her she was looking towards him lovingly he signalled her through eyes she said nothing and was trying to concentrate on his work he was also smiling seeing her behaviour
After some
He called ragini in his cabin
He scolded her for some work actually she did a mistake because most of time her gaze was on sanskar she too got angry by his behaviour
At that time he was checking some files ragini was just glaring at him
Ragini in mind: what he thinks about himself he’s not any SRK yesterday he behaved so normally and know I think he has some mental problem change in behaviour like the one aparichit change in behaviour I think he’s also like that she was gaiggling in heart thinking about it
Sanskar saw her smiling after he scolded also she was smiling that meant she was scolding him in heart
“ ms.gadodia I am not any SRK that u r glaring at me I am SRM” he said still looking in files
Ragini in mind:How did he came to know what I am thinking
“ ms.gadodai” he said

“ ummm yes sir” ragini said in fearing voice
“ complete this files” he ordred
“ yes sir………..” she was about to go when he stopped her
“ ms.gadodia” he called
She turned
“ stop thinking rubbish about me I am not any aparichit I am friendly with friends and serious about profession I hope u get that” he said
“ yes sir “ she nodded and came out
She hitted her head
“ idiot what must he be thinking about me oh god I must be careful I think he can read minds oh god what I am doing” she was smiling thinking about him
She was doing her work
Sanskar was smiling seeing her
“ she’s mad girl “ he said himself

Precap: as the same

Ragsan locked in room
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