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Recap: ragsan marriage

“good morning badi ma” she greeted ap who was arranging for pooja she took her blessings

“may god bless u with all happiness”ap blessed her

“prepare some sweet for ur first rasoi beta” ap said

She nodded

Soon all were down ap did pooja and asked ragsan to do pooja together they did pooja praying for each other’s well being and safety and each other’s happiness

Every one were at dinning

Ragini served everyone sweet dish  every one blessed her

She took her seat next to sanskar he held her hand and she signalled him to leave

“ragini  pass the curry”sujtha asked ragini struggled to get hand free she glared sanskar and he winked at her

She passed the bowl using her left hand

Sujatha was looking at them weirdly

“ragini why are u not eating” she asked

“chachi ji understand na she’ll be tried kuyu ragini” pari asked giving a teasing look

Ragini bowed her head down and smiled she was blushing

Sanskar looked towards her and smiled seeing her blush

“nothing like that bhabi” she said  trying to act cool

All smiled at her

“bhai if u leave bhabi’s hand na she won’t run away anywhere” said uttra

All chuckled

And ragsan were embarrassed


The same after noon ragini had to go to  badi for pagphera rasm


all gents were leaving for office

dp rp and laksh started moving out ragini was standing their sanskar looked towards her with puppy eyes she smiled and signalled him to move and uninterested  he moved

sanskar was shocked knowing about what and all happened in his absence how ragini moved to Mumbai and stayed their with arshi and how she handled his business

he was happy and sad for his act he wanted to do something special for her

ragini was at badi and all were happy for her

swara and ragini were having their sister’s time

ragini was sitting on bed with a pillow in her hand staring at phone as if waiting for some one’s call or message

swara noticed that and thought to tease her

“so how are u ragini” swara asked

Ragini looked towards her confused

“what happened to you all of sudden”

“areh answer to my question na”  she asked sitting next to her


“okk but I think u need doctor” she said


“areh see na such a big mosquitoes bite you on your shoulder the mark is still their”

Ragini’s eyes popped in shock

“where” she tried to cover her mark and swara laughed at her because their was no mark

“shona” she complained cutely

And covered her face with her hands

And swara hugged her laughing

“waise you look good while blushing”

“I’ll take my revenge for sure”
“we’ll see”

And both laughed

“but actually you look lost in some one’s thought missing some one ha”  she asked giving her a teasing look

“swara” ragini was smiling

“haye this love na its so amazing what say ragini”

“it is” she stood and hit her forehead

“And for what that was”

“you have turned too naughty don’t know how my would be jeeju would manage you” ragini said

“he has to bare me and their no chance that he can back off this time” said swara thinking about something ragini felt bad because she some where felt herself responsible for swara’s misery and she even knows how she felt cheated by laksh two times he broke her trust and now again her sister has trusted him

“everything would be fine” ragini said assuring her

Dida called swara and she rushed out

Ragini went towards her cupboard and took out her mom’s dairy she caressed it and opened some page

her phone beeped

she smiled seeing the caller

“hello wifey”


“what just hello not hello hot handsome  hubby” he said twisting his lips and ragini chuckled thinking of his cute pout face

“ok hello patidev why you have called me”

“why can’t I call u without a reason”

“u can “

“urghh u are such a unromantic wife” he complained

“don’t u have work today”

“I have a lot but when ever I try to concentrate on work ur thoughts come to my mind” he said


“what hmm don’t u miss me”


“zalim bewaffa dil tod diya mera” he said dramatically

She laughed

“I am in pain here and u are laughing” he complained

“ok my dear hubby what can I do to reduce ur pain”

“some thousands of kisses and pampering would be enough” he said naughtily


“so shall I come home”

“no need” she warned


She kissed the phone

“hay me toh mar hi gaya” he said keeping his hand on his heart

She laughed hearing him

“come on time to pick me”

“app ka hukam sar aakhon par” he said

At evening

Sanskar came to pick ragini all had good family time


She was sitting on bed being all lost in her thoughts

How things had changed in all this time

Sanskar came out of washroom and found his wife all lost

He approached her and sat beside her

She could  feel his presence she just bend her head a bit and rested on his shoulder he proctectively wrapped his hands around her shoulder

The silence between them spoke many things which they even couldn’t

They could feel what their was thinking may be mind reading but may be not so

Some times just being around the person whom we love gives peace to our hearts

Words are not needed mere their presence depicts some change

“thinking about swara” he asked and she nodded

“don’t worry everything would be fine”

“hope so sanskar because she has already suffered a lot because of me” she said a tear dropped her eye and sanskar immediately wiped that

“I was reason for her misery if I didn’t” he silenced her by placing his finger on her lips

“no you were never reason for her misery and u can never be what ever happened situations were so and fault was some one’s and u know better what I mean you were never at fault love and swara is lucky to have sister like you, you were ready to sacrifice for her at every moment of life because of you today ma baba are together because u were brave enough to differentiate between right and wrong and u gave your mom place to sumi ma , so stop these thoughts session here” he said

And she smiled at him

“because your poor hubby is here waiting to spend some time with his wife” he said joining their foreheads

She smiled

“I love you ragini” he said

“I know”

“just I know” he looked towards her in irritation

“they say boys change after marriage but here the girl has changed so much u have become so unromantic” he said making annoying face

She chuckled  and  just wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his jawline

He closed his eyes feeling her closeiness

“don’t blame me if tomorrow again bhabi teases u because you are tempting me” he said and she hit on his chest

“u are truly a shameless”

He hugged her and she hugged more tight burying her head in his chest


The next day

It was muh dikai rasam

Sanskar decided to ask dp about going to Mumbai

Because next week all would be busy in swalak’s marriage and kushi badly wanted to see ragini

Dp happily agreed

He called her

“pack bags we are leaving for Mumbai” he informed her and she agreed

they landed in Mumbai it was late night they thought not to disturb arshi at night so they headed to their mansion all arrangements were made from before

“so finally we are here” sanskar said side hugging her she  was smiling remembering all their moments with the place

Ragini was sitting in their room thinking about their past

Sanskar saw her all lost he pulled her in a hug she rested her head on his chest

“when I got conscious the first thing I wanted was to see you I can’t explain you how I felt when I found when you just left” she said he made his grip tighter he knew he was wrong then

And he had promised himself to never let her be unhappy or sad about anything

He held her face and gently wiped her tears

“I missed you sanskar missed you so much I didn’t wish to be anywhere without you every moment was so tough for me it was arnav bhai and kushi who constantly supported me I don’t know how but I managed myself I was at Mumbai all time the time I entered our house I felt so terribly weak all our moments were coming in my mind” she choked a bit

“ragini” he forwarded her glass of water

“just don’t ever go leaving me like that”

She hugged him tight

He could feel her pain


Ok guy’s so done with this chapter so next would be sanskar’s surprise

And wishing u all a very happy new year

May the new year get all new happiness and joy in your life

May the all the one sided lover’s get their love

(because even I am wishing the same for myself)

And all those happy couples be happy like this forever

May god fulfill all ur wishes and u guy’s keep supporting me like this

Love you all take care

Have a great blast

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