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Hello everyone I am back with another chapter thank u for ur wonderful comments and support really this was a wonderful journey u guess thoroughly supported me though I was irregular thank u all love u and yeah I sam sad we all are sad that SR went off air we knew it was going but didn’t accept so soon guess shall I tell truth I was in no mood to write because SR went off air I was literally sad and that’s same with all writers so we all should be strong and to all my readers who write ff plsz try to update soon

At badi
Swaragini were in their room
“are u happy swara” ragini asked
“yeah I am” “by the way why did u ask”
“just nothing I felt like u are marrying laksh who once u broke ur heart”she asked swara looked towards her and smiled
“u know what ragini I can ask u same question why are u sanskar who once cheated u who left u”
“because I love him and he loves me”
“same goes here”
“I know how can I trust him again if u ask me na then really it was hard for me to trust him I denied this every time he asked but he showed how much he loves me how he repents we unkowningly came together I was fearing but he made me believe that he loves me”
 “ummm u are lucky”
“why aren’t u”
“yeah I am but everytime its me who comes forward and express my love not that dumb”
Swara chuckled
“u know he didn’t even me propose me properly”
“ahhhh I don’t believe this”
“yeah no one would but that’s true”
“then in that case I am lucky because laksh really worked hard”

Both laughed
Their were two persons who were listening to all this 
Sanlak who came for their lady loves heard all this both were standing in balcony and both didn’t see each other when they heard dadi’s voice they were hurriedly going back then they saw eachother and ran from their together
“what were u doing their” sanskar asked taking long breath they ran like cats from their
“for what u went”
Sanskar felt embrassed because he too heard everything what ragini said
“yaar these girls are too much” he said
“ha they are by the way bhai is that true that u didn’t propose her”laksh asked giving teasing smile
“may be”
“what bhai everyone gives ur example of love but in ur love story ragini is romeo and ur her Juliet”
And he laughed
“ho gaya”
“no” and laughed again
“tu to gaya” and chased him
And both laughed whole heartly
“its so long na bhai that we laughed so much”
He nodded
“all thanks to ragini ooppps I mean ragini bhabi for brining u back”
He smiled
“I am sorry lucky”he signalled through eyes for what
“for what ever I did”
“bhai forget na raat gayi baat gaayi”
And hugged him
“love u” sanskar said
They broke hug
“bhai rehaam karo I am ur baby brother plsz keep ur intentions away from me” and covered his chest with his hands
“ who is soon going to get married and tomorrow engaged keep all this for ur wife but I can’t trust u I need protection” he said dramatically sanskar gave ur too much look and chased him

The next day
Badi was beautifully decorated ragini was instructing everyone shekar sumi swara everyone was happy seeing her like that she was same old chirruping ragini a bit more naughty and bold
Sanskar called her she was instructing decorator’s
“wifey stop scolding those decorator’s show some mercy on them”
“what I” “one minute are u here” she searched him here and their
“then how did u get to know”
“we are connected through hearts we don’t need any link”
“ahh too cheessy but old”
“ohh really”
“then why are u blushing” she turned her head and searched him around her surrounding
“searching me”
 “are u sure” she hitted her forehead
“any work”
“why can’t I call u like that”
“u can but presently I am busy if u don’t have anything to say buye”
“areh wait”
“ what yaar u completely forgot me after going their”
“as if u remembered me”
“yes I did”
“if u did u would have come to meet me at night by climbing pipe but no darpook”
“ohh hello I am not darpook”
“yeah u are right u are still bigger than that”
She laughed
“don’t challenge me”
“ok I am challenging u if u have guts come in front of me right know” she said
“ur wish my command” he said and cutted the call 
“pagal”she said

And headed towards her room as she opened the door saw sanskar standing near window facing her saying hi to her
“What are u doing here” she asked
“u only wished na” he said pulling her close by holding her waist
“but so soon wait that means ur were here only”
He nodded 
“but when I asked u lied to me lair”
“I didn’t”
“u did”
“ok u won”he said she playfully hitted him
“but I love this liar”
“and I love this hitler”
“aww so rude of u” she complained cutely making pout
He kissed her nose
“u really look cute when u get angry” she smiled
“any work”she asked he hitted his head
“really ragini is this a question to ask”
She pouted
“I took so much risk entered ur room by pipe that to in day light what if any one saw”
“they would think u as a theif and beat u”
“seriously” she chuckled he smirked seeing her laugh and pulled her too close to him held her face by his one hand and other was on her waist and captured her lips in his all this was in such fraction of seconds that she didn’t understand anything and was shocked by this she didn’t accept such sudden move the kiss was slow but turned passionate they broke kiss due to lack of air

She was breathless and he joined his forehead with her both were breathing heavily
She hitted him lightly on shoulders
“ I hate u” she commented
“and I love u” he said seeing in her eyes
They had deep eye lock that got break by swara’s voice they got disturbed and ragini hided sanskar in cupboard
“ragini what happened” she asked
“nothing”she said
“ok u didn’t get ready yet hurry then u should make me ready too” she said and headed towards cupboard she was about to open ragini stopped her
“swara u go I’ll just come” swara felt some thing fishy
“ok” she said and left after she left ragini locked the door and sanskar came out
“just go from here know” she ordered
“I’ll go but let me help u first to get ready” he said taking her near wash room
She was shocked

I’ll get ready by myself better u leave” she said taking him near window
“what If I didn’t”
“I’ll scream”
“ok scream all will think that how much I love u then don’t blame me for all those teasings” he said raising his hands she raised her eye brow in shock
“are u going or not”
“going” he said sarcastically 
“u really don’t care for me spoiled my mood” he huffed and left before that she kissed on his cheeks he smiled 
At evening
Swara got ready in beautiful pink lengha she was looking like angle ragini got ready in blue color lengha with minimal makeup and light jellweries she was looking pretty
 Sanskar was wearing red color kurta laksh had got ready in black color sherwani both were looking hot all maheswari’s reached badi

Ragini was helping swara in getting ready shekar sumi dadi welcomed and greeted all arnav too joined them he went to meet swaragini
Sanskar was impatient
“bhai its my engagement not urs don’t be so desperate”
“u just be quite”
“why should I u didn’t even propose ur love and saying me to be quite”
“what” both heard a female voice and turned it was uttra
“what sanskar bhai didn’t propose ragini bhabi” she said in shock
Laksh chuckled
Sanskar hitted his forhead
“only she was remaining to know” he said
“is it true what I heard bhai” sanskar glared laksh
“what will he say”
“know don’t spread this every where”sanskar warned and both chuckled he was pissed off he was angry on ragini what was the need to tell but fault was his too
Ragini came their she took everyone blessing and headed towards trio seeing her coming sanskar left
“know what happened to him” she asked both nodded in negative as if they don’t know
Later swara was brought down laksh and she exchanged rings everyone clapped
Later couples were called on dance floor swalak went uttra asked ragsan ragini was ready but sanskar denied ragini was sad

later arnav pushed both of them to dance floor
They unwilling joined them swalak were dancing lost in eachother 
Iss qadar tu mujhe pyaar kar
Jise ka bhina main sakoon phir bhula
Zindagi layi humein yahan
Koi iraada toh raha hoga bhala
Ragini was sad seeing sanskar’s ignorance her eyes turned moist she didn’t know reason but was sure that it was because of her sanskar saw her teary eyes and was angry on himself he again became reason of her tears he pulled her close to himself she was shocked by his sudden move they had painful yet romantic eyelock
Ki darkhaasthaiyeh
Jo aayiraathaiyeh
Tumeribahonmeinduniyabhula de
And twirled her and again pulled her close to him
Jo ab lamhaathaiyeh
Bade hi khaashaiyeh
Tumeribahonmeinduniyabhula de
They moved slowly along the rythm of music they were completely lost the moment was for them they forgot the world around them

Raahon mein mere sath chaltu
Thaamemera hath chaltu
Waqt jitna bhi ho haasil
Sara mere naam kartu (x2)
Ke armaan hai yeh
Guzaarishjaan hai yeh
Tumeribaahonmeinduniyabhula de
And he lifted her made her stand and then again pushed her a bit then pulled her close and back hugged her 
Jo ab lamhaathaiyeh
(Jo ab lamhaathaiyeh)
Bade hi khaashaiyeh
(Bade hi khaashaiyeh)
Tume ri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Lamz jismo pe aise sajaaye
Baarishon se bhi wo dhulnapaaye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
She moved around him 
Ho naksh lamhon pe aise banaye
Muddaton se bhi woh mitna paaye 
He held her hand and pulled her close again
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Tujhse toh hoon main yoon bahot mutassir
Par kyakaru main hoon ek musafir
Kaisi khushi hai jis me name hai
Jaane tu yehya jaane na oh..
Jo jazbaathaiyeh
(Jo jazbaathaiyeh)
Bade hi pakhaiyeh
(Bade hi pakhaiyeh)
Tumeribahonmeinduniyabhula de
Jo ab lamhaathaiyeh
(Jo ab lamhaathaiyeh)
Bade hi khaashaiyeh
(Bade hi khaashaiyeh)
Tumeribahonmeinduniyabhula de

Tumeribaahonmeinduniyabhula de
Bhula de, bhula de, bhula de oh..
Tumeribaahonmeinduniyabhula de
Bhula de, bhula de, bhula de

Ki darkhaasthaiyeh
Jo aayiraathaiyeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
They came to senses by clapping sound ragini was about to go he held her hand and went on his knees and proposed her for marriage
“say yes” all were screaming
She accepted

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