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Guess I am sad that swaragini is going to end we all had sweet and memorable journey with it
When I got to know about SR going off air I was hell disappointed they could have given a chance but what ever we all love SR and will always love it
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scenes start with Chicago
sanskar was trying to convince arnav
“arnav yaar I am sorry” he said this thousand time
“why why are u asking sorry whom do I am to u” he said
“arnav don’t act like child yaar I know I did a mistake”
“u did a childish act sanskar and by this act ragini was worst affected for once I could forgive u but I can never forgive the person who hurted my sister” he said in full rage
“I know I hurted her but try to understand me too” he said “how difficult it was for me to see her in that condition from past six months I am dieing I know I did a big stupidity but their was not a single minute when I didn’t think of her” he broke down arnav hugged him
“I know bro and relax I am with u” he said breaking the hug
“thank u yaar u are my true friend” sanskar said
“don’t be thank full so soon because I didn’t forgive u until ragini forgives u forget that I’ll forgive u” he said in attitude
“ok bro I’ll get ur sister forgiveness first happy” he said cutely
“yeah but let me warn u as a friend she’ll not forgive u so easily” he said
“I know” both laughed
“but really what’ll u do thought of anything” arnav asked
“no but I am sure I’ll convice her I too can’t stay without her u have realised it and will her too soon realise that how much I love her” he said with confidence

At sanskar’s room
Ragini was sitting muffed and angry
See how much attitude he has instead of convincing me don’t know where is her I’ll know not forgive him know she thought in her mind
Sanskar entered the room he tried to talk to ragini but she was ignoring him
She went to cupboard and took all his clothes out and started packing
“what are u doing” he asked no reply
“areh what are u doing with my clothes” he said taking his shirts from her hand
“doing packing” she said taking clothes from his hand
“why” he asked cutely she gave an angry glare to him
“ok but I am not coming back to india” he said ragini looked towards him in shock and angry
“why know what’s ur problem” she almost roared
“why should I go back and for whom u are ignoring me from that time” he said
She kept the clothes on table and moved towards him
“what do u think about urself mr.sanskar maheswari when ever u want u’ll love some one whenever u wish u’ll leave that person not thinking atleast for once how that person will feel u don’t think about anyone about ur family ur mom no one but know its enough of enough I won’t let u play with my…………. (she stopped) with anyone’s emotion” she yelled at him in anger sanskar was moving back and she was getting close to him she almost pinned him to wall sanskar could see her pain she was trying to be strong but all emotions were clearly visble in her words she was angry but her love was trying to over power
“ and u know carefully listen to me u r just coming with us going back to ur family and if u act smart na then we have many others ways also to take u back so don’t force us”she said showing her index fingers
He slightly smiled at her she was looking dame cute
“like what” he asked
“we’ll break ur hands and legs and make u paralyse then how’ll u run” she said smirking his eyes popped out she has really changed allooottt know she turned around and pushed her hairs back hitting his face he closed his eyes ragini was smiling at herself but before she could realise he pulled her back blocked her hands at her back and pinned her to wall ragini was totally shocked she wanted to push him but can’t as he held her both hands his one hand was holding her hands at back and other was at wall both were looking at eachother they had a deep and intense eye lock they were lost in eachother

The wind slightly blew that made some strands of hair come in front of her face he moved his other hand towards her she closed her eyes feeling his touch his fingers slightly moved over her face and pinned those strands back her ears he was lost in her angelic face she slowly opened her eyes he smiled at her she was having mixed emotions she craved for him his touch his fragrance she missed him badly they were very close to each other their heart beat were beating in same rythm the wind had the magic of love they loved eachother got separated but know they don’t want to let eachother go they missed eachother wanted to tell how they spent all this time without each other they wanted that moment to stop their never let it go
Ragini came to reality she tried to push him and he came to reality he made her grip tight and slowly whispered in her ears
“u can’t run so stop trying” she stood blank he kissed her ear lobe she closed her eyes his grip loosened and when she felt she pushed him and walked away
“what yaar u spoiled my romantic mood” he said making her blush but she didn’t wanna show it she turned her face
“stop blushing” he said
She turned to him
“I am not and if u dare to do anything like that then see what I do” she warned him
“why after all u are my wife” he winked at her
“if I was ur wife na u would have not left me” she said her eyes were moist
“I am sorry ragini” he said holding her hand she jerked her hand
“ I don’t wanna talk to u , I won’t forgive u for what u did” she said in breaking voice
“I’ll get ur forgiveness” he said
She wiped her tears
“we’ll see” she said
“challenging me”
“yes challenged”
“challenge accepted” he smirked at her and left from their
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