swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-40)

Hello everyone I am back with another chapter I know u all are sad by this separation but I wanna say something I don’t know what love means to u all but according to me love is not weakness its our strength love makes a person strong it give strength to fight against every evil I just wanna portrait a girl how she becomes strong about her life what all she had to go through from childhood the girl who blindly trusted her elders never questioned their decision who scarified her happiness for her family then how all of a sudden when it came to her to her love she was ready to go against everyone

Its about a man who once lost his love how he changed for a girl what are his feelings and emotions through what he went when he became a reason for his love sorrow because of his love for her even he left her
Hope u guess understand what message I wanted to give thank u to everyone who commented I am glad that u liked my ff silent readers plsz comment sorry for this bak bak lets start

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Episode 38

Episode 39

at mountain clip
“kira just leave her” sanskar shouted kira was standing at end of clip she was holding gun in her one hand and she pointed it towards ragini whom she had held by neck
“no sanskar because of this girl today everything is spoiled I won’t leave her” she pulled the tigger

“no no kira plsz I’ll do anything plsz leave her” he pleaded
From the other side kartick slowly moved towards them kira saw him and shooted at his leg
“kartick” sanskar screamed
“don’t u dare to act smart with me” she warned
“kira leave her otherwise I’ll shoot u” sanskar said pointing the gun towards her
“because of this girl today all my plans got spoiled kira kill her” shivraj said who was standing pointing gun towards ragini next to kira
“kira I am warning leave her I’ll shoot”

Kira pulled the tigger she was about to shoot ragini a police officer aimed at her hand and fell down shivraj was about to shoot ragini but sanskar fired towards him but on nick time kira saw the firing she pushed ragini in front of shivraj she got shot

Ragini gets up from sleep she was breathing heavily she was sweating it was her dream
About the incident that changed her life sanskar was not with her
She walked towards the balcony
It has been 7 months that he left me where are u sanskar I miss u a lot why did u leave me why she wiped her tears and closed her eyes and turned towards the room
It was sanskar’s room she touched walls and things around all this things it reminds me of u she sat on the sofa near window
Fb shows
After a while they broke the kiss sanskar was still looking towards her in shock she got up from him he was still lying on bed ragini herself didn’t know what she did even she was embarrassed by her act she was about to go from their sanskar stood and held her hand and pulled her close to him
“what was that” he asked
“I don’t believe this my innocent ragini is this much bold” he said his statement made her blush a bit and she pushed him
“I won’t talk to u” she said he pulled her in a bone crushing hug and later he explained her everything
“sanskar but who could it be”
“ragini first we need to find badi ma” sanskar said
They discussed something
Later ragini left mm acting as she was badly hurt and sanskar didn’t care for her
Arnav she and swara tried to trace that number
They found that location
Sanskar got ready kira was every much happy a small mandap was arranged rest of the family was sad
Sanskar was getting tensed as time was passing and still they didn’t find ap and kartick
On the other side
Kartick came out of coma he some how managed to get out of that place escaping from goons and he called sanskar but he didn’t pick then he called arnav soon ragini arnav and swara reached their kartick was weak swara took him to hospital and ragini and arnav freed ap with help of police they came to know that kira was behind all this they rushed from their to MM

Sanskar and kira sat in mandap kira got call she was shocked and angry
Shivraj entered mm with his goons
he held everyone captive all family members were shocked
Ragini and arnav some how saved everyone with help of police but kira and shivraj got escaped they even took ragini with them
Sanskar and rest of the family tried hard to find them
And then the at mountain clip everything happened
(guess I don’t wanna drag this drama because I am very weak in writing such fighting scenes hope u understand)
The next day early morning
She woke up and got fresh and came out wearing a indo-western long kurti she stood in front of dressing applied sindoor
And headed down stairs and saw kushi slowly taking steps holding her 7 months baby bump she went supported her to walk down kushi smiled to her
“how many times I said u if u need something call me”
“areh plsz don’t start again”
“ok but where is this arnav bhai can’t he help u” she said making her seat on sofa
“app ne bulaya aur hum chale aye” arnav said coming out of kitchen
“where were u bhai u know na what doc said” she said in strict tone
“areh what’s my fault its ur friend what I said to her don’t move down but she didn’t listen to me” he complained

“then too why u left her and what were u doing in kitchen”
“I was cooking break fast”
“cooking break fast or messing my kitchen”
Kushi chuckled
“I am not that bad cook”
“u are” both ragini and kushi said at time and gave hifi and laughed arnav pouted cutely
“laugh laugh how much u can once my baby comes he would be at his papa’s side” arnav said keeping his head on baby bump
“hey na baby” he asked
“no ways it would be on my side” ragini said
“no on his muma’s side” kushi said
“no my side I have two relations with him I am his massi and bua so my side”
“wa ji was this is not fair” arnav complained

Okk guess stop fighting let ask baby only”
“how” both ragini and arnav asked at time they looked towards eachother and gave angry look to each other
“umm we’ll ask if baby kicks for anyone’s comment it would be on his side”
“done” both agreed
“baby u would be on ur papa’s side na” arnav asked
The baby didn’t kick
Ragini laughed
“I said na”
“baby u would be on ur massi’s side na” the baby didn’t kick
Arnav laughed
“now now”
Ragini threw cushion at him
“I’ll give u lots of chocolate’s when u come out” she said and baby kicked
“it kicked it kicked” kushi said
“yeah that means baby would be on myside”
“no this is cheating”arnav said

“what cheating ha”ragini asked
“u are bribing him before he comes out only u bribed him”
“this is not bribing its my love for him”
“u are a big cheater” both were arguing
Kushi was laughing at their talks
At last ragini stamped his foot arnav was jumping in pain
“I won’t talk to u bhai” saying she left
Kushi was laughing
“don’t laugh” he said sitting next to her
Kushi rested her head on his shoulders
“so many things have changed arnav” she said
“ummm yes but the one thing didn’t change is her love for him”
“yes she tries to show herself strong but I know how much pain she has in her heart”
“don’t worry everything would get well soon”
“I hope so I hope we find sanskar soon” kushi said

“yeah we’ll find him don’t worry”arnav said gently kissing her forehead
“time moves so fast na after sanskar left we and ragini shifted back to Mumbai to sanskar’s house from past many months we are staying here she had made herself so strong she left her family and is here”
“yeah ur right everything has changed swara and laksh are going to get married soon both families are happy for that shekar uncle an swara tried a lot to convince ragini to not come to Mumbai but she didn’t listen they often come here to vist her sujitha aunty wanted her to stay at MM but she denied” arnav said

“come guess break fast is ready” she said arranging food at table
“yeah coming” arnav helps kushi to walk
At dinning table all were sitting
“today I prepared the break fast tell me how’s it” arnav asked in excitement
“ragini u eat first”
“no u eat ur husband prepared”
“he’s ur bhai also na so u eat first”
“I don’t have my health insurance”ragini complained
“so my baby will fall sick f I eat this”
“don’t balck mail me”
“stop guess” arnav yelled
“ u both eat first” arnav said
Ragini gulped in fear slowly she took food near her mouth kushi was also sacred she also slowly ate they both looked towards each other and then at arnav
“how’s it” he asked

“I can’t believe it u prepared this” kushi said being shocked
“is it that much bad” he asked
Both ragshi looked towards each other and then fed arnav at a time
“wow I didn’t know I can cook so well” he said complimenting himself
“I don’t believe u prepared this I am sure ragini had changed the food” kushi said
“how bad of u”he complained
“no yaar its him only” ragini said
“I think some chef ghost entered his body”
“how can a ghost enter in another ghost body”ragini said giving hifi to kushi both laughed
all were having break fast and laughing and enjoying

Precap: where’s sanskar…………………………. ragsan meet

Guess plsz give ur comments silent readers plsz comment…………………….

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