swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-4)

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The next day it was a bright morning it was Sunday
Ragini was relaxing herself she was watering plants in garden
Kushi had called sanskar for lunch arnav was too coming
At garden
Ragini was enjoying watering plants she was holding pipe in her hand kushi was seeing her then something mischievous flashed in her mind she stepped on pipe the water stopped coming ragini was wondering what happened suddenly kushi released her foot the water came out with full force ragini was shocked by this
She was screaming seeing her kuhsi was laughing
Ragini: kushi ki baachi I’ll not leave u saying this she started to chase her holding the pipe she was throwing water on her both were fully drenched
Arnav came to her house her enquired about them from kushi’s mum he got to know that they were in garden he headed their
Ragini and kushi were playing and laughing
Arnav was shocked to see them
“ what r u doing guess” he asked
Kushi signalled ragini both were smiling evilly
“ just playing with water” kushi said
Both started to move close to arnav kushi was holding the pipe
“ and know u’ll also play with us” ragini said
“ no no u can’t”arnav said while running
They both chased him so much he was to drenched
Arnav: u both have to pay for this
Know he started to chased her
At that sanskar came their
He saw arnav and kushi their so he directly headed towards them
Sanskar was standing just behind arnav
Ragini: what were u saying bhai
Arnav: nothing
Ragini plashed water on him but he bended and it fell on sanskar he was totally drenched ragini was shocked to see him he was just giving death glare to her
Ragini: sorry sir wo wo……..(before she could complete she saw anav slowly going from their she shouted at him )bhai this is not at all done its because of u and know where r u running
Sanskar turned back and saw arnav who was totally drenched and smiling like a small kid
“what is this” he asked in serious expressions
“nothing just fun” he said he saw kushi back on him he signalled her
Kushi took the pipe and started pouring water on sanskar
“what r u doing stop it” he said keeping his hands on his face trying to protect himself
“we don’t get such opportunities” know arnav took the pipe and started palying with sanskar
“acha ji know wait” saying
Know he started to chase them
Ragini was about to plash water on him
“ms.gadodia will u pour water on u r boss”he said in anger tone
Ragini said innocently” sorry sir”
She plashed water on him
“but today at present know u r not my boss so I can” she said and plashing water on him and arnav
“that’s like my ladoo” kushi said giving hifi to her
“wait u both see what I do”
Sanskar was chasing ragini and kushi
They reached pool side only ragsan were their kushi ran in another side
“ know where’ll u run” he said winking t her
“sir let me go” she was pleading him
“no ms.gadodia what u said I am not ur boss so u have to pay for messing with sanskar”
Ragini was bit shocked to hear his name from his mouth first time he heard praising himself
Arnav was standing just behind sanskar he pushed sanskar he fell in pool along with ragini arnav was laughing ragini didn’t know to swim sanskar saw her struggling
he helped her he helded her in his embrace ragini was clutching his shirt tight they shared a cute eyelock soon they came out of pool
kushi’s mom came out she was shocked to see four of them totally drenched
“ what is this” she screamed all stopped
all 4 of them were standing their sliently like small kids she then saw sanskar she was shocked to see him their
“I didn’t except this from u” she said pointing towards sanskar
He got that he was pointed so to cover up
“aunty its all this arnav’s fault he only made me drenched”
“ me no ma its kushi who started” aranv said
“ nahi ma he’s lieing” ksuhi said to save herself
“why r u blaming her its ur fault arnav” sanskar said taking kushi’s side
“ragini tell na what happened” she said pleading ragini that she would take her side
“aunty all this is because of this shitaan she only started everything” ragini said
“aerh what was my fault” kushi said innocently
“ragini is right it was strated by her only” arnav shot at her
“sanskar say something see these both how they r troubling us sis” she said making pout face
“ha kushi it was all this arnav’s fault”sanskar said
Ragini got annoyed by this that he’s taking kushi’s side so she stood for her bhai
“excuse me how can u blame my bhai it was all started by her” she screamed at her
“don’t drag her in all this ok it was u and ur bhai’s fault” he argued with her
“u don’t know anything u r a dumbo” ragini said
Know he got angry because no one dare to talk with him and she called him that
“how dare u call me that” he shot at her ragini Was getting angry
“u r dumboo kadoos rude arrogant ” she said shoting at him
“see ms.bakbak be quite” he said both were arguing face to face
“ u can’t call me that” she said innocently
“ I’ll call u and ur silly talks” he said irritated
Arnav kushi and her mom were shocked to see them fighting like kids
“ see mr.kadoos be quite” ragini ordering him
“ ms.chipakali don’t dare to call me that” sanskar
Kushi’s mom: stop it all go and get changed know
All were giving angry look to each other
Kushi’s mom: go
All left
“ don’t know what will happen to me oh god save me” she said praying
At ragini’s room
She was smiling thinking about their silly conversation their fight their closiness in pool
It was same with sanskar he was liking her company he has started being happy by the time she came he has started to laugh
Precap: ragsan locked in room

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