swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-39)

Hi guess I know u all are angry by this separation but its last after that all would be well sorry for not replying to ur comments individually hope u guess understand thank u for ur wonderful comments I am overwhelmed with ur support
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Episode 37
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Episode start with badi
Ragini was crying in her room thinking about sanskar then something strike to her mind she searched for her phone and dialled arranv’s number he didn’t pick the call She was frustrated she dialled again this time he picked
“bhai where’s sanskar” she asked in sobbing tone
“ragini are u fine”

“bhai where is sanskar” she asked again
“he’s in his room why what happened”
“bhai why didn’t he come to meet me” he was silent
“bhai answer me”
Then arnav explained what ever happened in hospital she leaned against the wall
I knew it sanskar can never leave me he loves me and can do anything for me she slowly slided down the wall tears continuously rolled down her eyes she was right
“ragini are u their” arnav asked but no response

Suddelnly it striked her mind that he would go far away from her

“bhai plsz check sanskar what if he goes far away from us plsz bhai”
“ragini relax I’ll go and check” he said
Ragini was lost in her thoughts that how everything changed that day
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After sanskar left ragini felt something fishy about all the incidents she wiped her tears and called sanskar but he didn’t pick she was getting more worried she called arnav and asked about kartick
She and arnav quickly moved to that place where kartick was kept when they reached they were shocked they didn’t find him their and the doc and nurse who were taking his care were also no where they searched the place and found doc’s body he was killed
“bhai all this is a planned conspiracy”
“ragini but who could it be ”
“bhai right know kartick is important his life is in risk”
“we need to search him he’s the only one who could help us to reach the culprit”
“But how would we search him”
“what’s happening here bhai I am unable to understand anything”
She broke down
On the other side
Sanskar called some one
“I did what u asked know leave my badi ma” sanskar said
The caller laughed
“not so soon”
“what do u mean I have done what u asked then what else u want” sanskar asked in rage
“don’t u dare to act smart with me I know u singed on divorcee papers but she has not still”
“u are irritating me I beg u plsz leave my badi ma and kartick”

“ok do as I say”
“but I have already done what u asked I gave ragini divorce and transferred money to ur account and still what u want”
“ I can’t trust u marry kira”
“u have gone mad I’ll not do anything like that”
“u’ll do and u have 12hrs time don’t dealy if u delay then ragini will die” the caller said and cutted the call
Sanskar was sacred and nervous he didn’t know what to do
He reached MM
Ragini and arnav were also present their kira was also their

“kira I need to talk to u”
“what sanskar”
“will u marry me” he asked
This broke ragini completely
Fb ends
Ragini got arnav’s call she hurriedly stood cleaned her face and came out of room
“ragini where are u going” shekar asked
“to MM”
“u can’t go their” shekar said
“and who will stop me”
“why u want to go their sanskar has already left u”dadi said
“bas dadi not a single word against him” ragini said in anger her eyes were red
“ragini come to reality he has left u”
“baba don’t make me do anything for which I regret later I know what happened that day in hospital how can u do that baba”
“what ever I did it was for u”
“it was never for me” she yelled
“ragini we wanted ur happiness”dadi said
“happiness for my happiness how dadi ma by all that do u find me happy”
“ragini I am ur baba I know what’s better for u”
“wow baba u remember that u have a daughter also wow just tell me where were u when I needed u the most where were u when I needed father’s love in childhood where were u just tell me………..”she screamed “where were u when I needed ur support u were no where when I needed u the most u were not their ……………” she was sobbing “ u were never for me baba atleast I thought when I would unite u with ur lost love atleast u’ll love me care for me but u didn’t u care love shifted for swara u felt bad that she was away from father’s love for all this years so u cared for her more but didn’t u find that their ……. their was ur another daughter also for ……. for whom u….. u hardly cared u didn’t”
everyone had tears in their eyes because ragini never shared her pain with anyone their were feeling bad for her that she had to go through so much but she never questioned
“but then to I comprised knowing that some one would love me when dadi brought laksh’s rishta for me I accepted but what happened he also loved swara”

“ragini I” swara was trying to say something ragini stopped her showing her hand
“plsz swara let me complete I accepted that also but some incidents gives u lot of pain even it gave me so I left and I feel that was the best decision I had taken In my life because of it I met sanskar he changed my definition about love and i am happy that I love him and he loves me his love is indefinable”
“I know I did wrong with u not from know but right from ur childhood but beta he was not eligible for u” shekar said
“let me decide that”

“what wrong with u ladoo u are questioning us my ladoo was not like this”dadi tried to black mail her
“ur right dadi ur ladoo was not like this because the person standing in front of u is mrs.ragini sanskar maheswari not ur ladoo who would just blindly listen to what ever u say not ur ragini who didn’t know to question u………….. that ragini was weak who couldn’t speak for herself but this ragini who is some one’s wife is strong enough to speak about her rights to fight for herself and her love” she said shekar and dadi had head down
“I am going to MM to my sanskar”saying she left
Shekar was about to stop her sumi held his hand and said him no
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Ragini was completely shocked and broken by this move of sanskar she didn’t know what to do how to react
“but sanskar u are married to ragini how can I”kira said

“don’t worry kira we are going to get divorced anyways and I have already singed so know tell me will u marry me”sanskar asked ignoring ragini he couldn’t bear her tears
“sanskar I”
“just tell yes or no because once u said u love me so will u marry me or not” he asked
Ragini ran up stairs she couldn’t see that
Sanskar to developed tears in his eyes seeing her
“yes” kira said
He smiled faintly everyone was angry and shocked sujitha tried hard to talk to him but he didn’t bother for her they were going to get married in evening
At ragsan room
Ragini was crying she didn’t know what was happening and what sanskar was doing why he was doing she was confused
Later sanskar came inside the room he found ragini crying his heart was aching seeing her tears flow from his eyes he walked towards her he wanted to console her hug her say her how much he loves her but he stopped

Ragini felt his presence she turned and found him she ran to him and hugged him tight sanskar was shocked by her sudden move but he hugged her back she pulled him as much close as she can sanskar too had a strong grip on her she was silently crying holding him close their was no gap left btw them
Then sanskar realised something he tried to get apart but he couldn’t
“ragini leave me” he said
“no I’ll not why are u doing this”
“u wanted this only u must be happy na why are u getting affected” ragini saw in his eyes
“because I love and I can’t see u with some one else and I know u too love me I am sure their is a reason for which u are doing all this”
“no their nothing like that” he said standing a bit away from her
“don’t lie sanskar”

“I am not lieing”
She held him by shoulders
“tell by seeing in my eyes why are u running” he looked straight in her eyes
“I said na their’s nothing like that”
“u love me sanskar u love me but ur eyes don’t I can see in ur eyes how much u love me I trust my love and I know u r lying”
“I don’t I don’t why can’t u understand a simple thing just get out of my life I don’t need u” he yelled turning towards the wall know ragini was also getting angry she moved close to him and pulled him close to her holding his collar
“u love u me and I know much I matter to u stop speaking this bullshit even if god comes and tell na that sanskar don’t love u I won’t trust because I know my sanskar that how much he loves me” sanskar was shocked because he never saw her this side she was strong who was fighting for her love

“u have gone mad ragini” he said jerking her hand ragini was know getting more angry
She held his hand and what she did shocked him completely she kissed him this was her sudden move her force was more they fell on bed ragini was on top of him
Fb ends
Ragini was scared and nervous her heart beat was increasing she was fearing about some thing her heart was paining she knew something was going to happen
She headed in all family members had blank expression she was getting more scared she didn’t talk to anyone and headed towards sanskar’s room sujitha started crying hard seeing her ragini’s heart was sinking an unknown fear had occupied her
“ragini relax nothing bad will happen he won’t leave me he won’t do any such stupidity” she kept on saying herself in mind
When she reached her room she felt huge difficulty to take her steps however she managed and headed in arnav followed her
“bhai where is sanskar” she asked after searching the room
Arnav handed a letter ragini was shocked that he left her
“I am sorry everyone for whatever I did ragini I sorry I couldn’t keep my promise I failed ragini because of me ur life was at risk I …… I myself how can I shoot u how can I attempt to kill u how can I how cani I failed to protect u my family everyone because of me u had to go through so much just because of me everyone are sad just because of me I couldn’t be a good son nor a good brother nor a good husband friend nothing I failed to keep my relations I failed may because of all my sins I am away from kavitha and because of me u were hurt may be being away from u is my punishment for all my sins I am sorry I love u and will always love u

I am sorry mom dad I am sorry laksh I couldn’t be a good brother I am sorry everyone I love u all and miss u all ragini plsz move on in ur life”
Ur sanskar
Ragini was completely broken she cried her heart out
On other side sanskar could feel that ragini was crying tears rolled down his cheeks

Precap: some more revelation……………………….

and may be leap………………..i am not sure about it lets see
what will happen what’s their in their destiny………………..
guess tell me how was the chapter did u like it hope I didn’t disappoint u people I trying hard to make it interesting plsz give ur valuable comments and silent readers plsz comment …………………..

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