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At hospital
Sanskar was seating on chair tensed his shirt was covered with blood stains tears also stop flowing from his eyes he had become a lifeless body he was unable to think anything his thoughts were occupied by ragini how they met their fight when she lost her memory when he realised that he love her her care and her love him their marriage all their moments were running in his mind how in a second their life changed
Tears were contincously flowing from swara’s eyes she was crying for her sister condition she had rested her head on laksh’s shoulder who was also in a dilemma or rather a shock he couldn’t believe that what had happened in a moment their life changed ragini she was in ICU fighting btw life and death all family members were in great sorrow dadi was continuously blaming sanskar was for ragini’s condition but her words didn’t have any affect on him he wanted his ragini to be alright
Arnav placed his hand on sanskar’s shoulder sanskar saw towards him arnav hugged him but sanskar didn’t reciprocate “she would be fine” he said
“yes she would be she promised me” sanskar said

Shekar was angry on sanskar he came to know that he wanted to give ragini divorcee and he had already signed them and then rest of events happened because of which his daughter was in OT
He was guilty that he never fulfilled any duty of a father when she needed him he was not with her he had already lost her once and know again he can’t lose her everyone persent their were praying for ragini
It had been more than 2hrs that they were in hospital doctor came out all rushed to him
“doc how is ragini” shekar asked
“anything can’t be said we removed bullet but because of blood loss her condition is critical nothing can be said”
“what do u mean by that” swara asked gently
“if she didn’t get conscious within 12hrs we fail that we may not be able to save her”
Saying doc left sanskar sat on chair with thud he had a mixture of emotions angry sad helpless. He had failed as a lover as husband as a friend as son as a brother he couldn’t fulfil any of his responsibility any…………………………….
After 12 hrs
Ragini was out of danger she had gained conscious everyone was happy
“she’s out of danger” doc said
“thank u doc can we meet her” arnav asked

“yes but she’s still unconscious because of effect of medicines I can allow only one person to meet her” doc said
“sanskar bhai u go” laksh said
Sanskar was happy his happiness was beyond any limit ragini was fine his angle his love his ragu was fine
He was about to go in shekar stopped him
“u can’t meet her” he said

“but why” he asked
“I said na u can’t so u can’t I won’t let ur shadow also fall on my daughter” he said
“baba plsz let me see her once” sanskar pleaded
“stop calling me baba u have lost every right of it, today my daughter is in this condition just because of u” shekar said
“baba” swara was trying to say something
Dadi cutted
“no swara not today swara because of him today my ladoo is here” dadi shot at him
“kaki sa what are u telling” dp tried to support sanskar
“what ever I am telling is truth”dadi shot back
“let him meet ragini they love eachother” ap said
“if he loved her he wouldn’t gave sent her divorce papers” dadi said
“I know he did mistake but plsz give him a chance to rectify them” sujtha requested
“the mistake ur son did can’t be rectified because of him my daughter is in this condition” shekar said in anger

“don’t forget that ur daughter is his wife bhai can meet ragini” laksh supported sanskar
“he had lost every right on her the moment he signed on those divorce papers and I won’t ever forgive him because of him ragini had to go through so much because of him” shekar shot their was war btw families about this isssue
Sanskar was happy that his family was supporting him guilty and sad that he never cared for them he wanted revenge from them without knowing their point of story ragini was always right he never listened to her when he believed her it was too late
“let me meet her once I promise I’ll go far away from her” sanskar said
“sanskar what are u talking” dp asked
“fine u can meet her but after that u have to go far far away from my daughter u would never ever return in her life” shekar placed condition
“baba this is worng”

“ha shekar don’t do this ragini loves him she would never be happy with ur decision” sumi said
“bas stop u both and sanskar what u wanna say about it” dadi asked
“I agree” he said
“sanskar this is wrong” sujitha tried to stop him
“no ma this is my punishment for hurting u people for hurting her for not trusting her for my stupidity that I wanted revenge from my own family who always stood by me but what I did” he wiped his tears

Sanskar was allowed to meet ragini
Inside ragini’s ward
Ragini was lying on bed unconscious he came near her and sat next to her and held her hand
“u sacred me to hell I felt I lost u I would have died if anything happened to u , why do u always do this to me for saving my life u risk urself , why do u love me this much ragini ……………………….” he cried holding her hand
“and what I did I didn’t trust u, i couldn’t protect u ,I failed today ragini I failed to be a good son a good brother a good friend a good husband as a lover I failed I failed to fullfil my responsibility u warned me every time, but I ………………. I didn’t trust u…………………. u kept on saying ,but I didn’t try to see that side of coin…………. I am sorry”
“but I always love u and will love u till end of my life, u r my life ragini my reason to live I love u and will always love u” he said and kissed her forehead and left from their unknow tears flowed from ragini’s eyes
Outside OT
“laksh make sanskar understand what he’s doing” sujitha complained
“chachi don’t worry we won’t let anything like that happen we’ll convince bhai and shekar uncle also” laksh said

“ha aunty I know sanskar is broken at the moment but he can’t saty away from ragini I am sure he would change his decision and if he didn’t we would convince him”arnav said
“ha sujithat childerns are telling correct know most important thing for us is to handle sanskar” ap said
“ha jiji I can’t be weak my son needs me and I’ll always be with him” she said wiping her tears
Sanskar came out his face had fell down he just walked away arnav and laksh followed him
They reached mm and rest of the family also came back sanskar had locked himself in his room he made a call to someone
After some hours ragini gained consciousness

When she opened her eyes she found that she was in hospital she took a quick glance of everything and found herself surrounded by her ma baba dadi and swara all were similing through their tears but her eyes were searching for some one
“how are u feeling ragini”doc asked he was doing her checkup she was sitting.
“better” she said
Shekar and rest of the family was outside shekar promised on himself to swara and sumi that they won’t tell anything to ragini about his conversation with sanskar swara and sumi were helpless
Shekar entered in
“how are u feeling beta” he asked
“much better baba”she replied
“do u need anything” he asked

“nothing …………………..baba when we are going home I can’t stay here more” she complained cutely
“don’t worry ladoo we’ll go soon” dadi said entering
Ragini was waiting for some one but he didn’t come she was becoming more impatient and frustrated
“baba where is sanskar” she asked finally
He didn’t reply she was feeling worried
“is he fine na nothing happened to him baba say something”
“he is fine” he said
“thank go I was worried like hell” she said relaxing
“by the way where is he, he didn’t come to meet me I think he must have gone to home baba u informed him na” she asked
Shekar was know some what feeling sad for what he did
“baba why are u not speaking dadi what had happened” she asked
“he won’t come ladoo” dadi said
“What do u mean” she asked
“he left u, he said he don’t love u and has already signed on divorce papers he want to get rid of this relation” she said
“no this can’t be true”

“ragini this Is truth he left u” shekar said
“I know u all are doing some prank and I am sure that sanskar is master mind about all this sanskar where are u come out I know u are here only some where plsz come out this is bad joke sanskar I won’t talk to u” she scearmed
“ragini come to reality he has left u” shekar said
“no this can’t be true I know he loves me he can’t leave me” she said
“ladoo this is truth and u have to believe it” dadi shot at her ragini became lifeless body she didn’t trust her baba and dadi ma
When they left she picked her phone and dialled sanskar’s number it was unreachable she tried again and again at that moment her brain had stopped working she was understanding nothing she lost her capability to think anything
“until when will u lie to her shekar” sumi asked
“what do u mean”
“how can u be so heartless how can u sperate ur daughter from her husband u know how much she loves him then too how can u shekar”
“its for her betterment”

“what betterment has happened by this have u seen her condition she had become lifeless” sumi shot shekar had no answer he left from their sumi was shedding tears and swara was consoling her
After a while ragini got discharge she was not talking to anyone she left for her and locked herself and cried whole heartly
On the other side sanskar was in flight tears were flowing from his eyes also
Screen splits to ragini and sanskar who were crying remembering their love

Percap: what has happened………………………. and where is sanskar going

Sorry guess for being late again I know u must by this chapter hope u like it and plsz give ur valuable comments ………………………………….

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