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HelloEveryone I am back with another chapter of this ff sorry for not updating yesterday as I was busy hope u people like it thanks for u wonderfull comments love u all and slient readers plsz comment I think my ff is turning bit boring sorry for that
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At hospital
Ragini arnav and swara were waiting outside the OT
“I am confused whose this shivraj malhotra and how is he related to maheswari’s” swara asked
“I too have no idea about it swara”arnav said
“why did kartick save me and how come he know that I was going to be attacked and who is this shivraj malhotra” ragini asked
“ragu u should be more careful know some one is behind u know” arnav said
After a while doc came out of ot
They got to know that kartick had fallen in coma because of huge blood loss
“oh god know how would we get answers for our questions”swara asked
“I don’t know what’s happening ” said ragini and sat on chair near by their she was fully disappointed by what happened the only one person who could make sanskar believe about dp’s innocence was now in coma she was feeling guilty kartick saved her life and she couldn’t help him all confusion and mystery at a point where getting solved know again came back to same point where everything started but at present they know about the enemy
“ragu listen kartick said that shivraj wants revenge from dp uncle so may he tell us who he is”swara asked ragini
“ha but u know about bade papa’s condition we we can’t ask him” ragini said
“wait bade papa can’t answer our questions but badi ma and mom can” ragini says
“yeah but I feel that kartick’s life is in danger he needs security and ragini u also need to be more careful know” swara’s advise
All nodded and arnav shifted kartick from hospital to some other place

At mm
Ragini reached mm she had many questions which she needs answers
“badi ma, mom , dad everyone come down”ragini screamed
All came down
“what happened ragini” ap asked
“badi ma who is this shivraj malhotra” she asked
Listening to his name ap, rp, and sujitha’s facial expression changed
“badi ma I am asking u something mom u say who is this man” she asks again but no response
“ragini what is all this new drama” laksh asks in annoyed tone
“u’ll get to know”
“badi ma who is this man and how is he related to maheswari’s why do he wants revenge from bade papa”
“ragini don’t cook some new stories of ur’s already we all are suffering because of u and bhai and know don’t start again”
“can’t u shut ur mouth laksh” ragini yells at him
Ap sits on sofa their
Ragini kneels to her
“badi ma who is this person plsz tell ma he’s the one who’s behind all our misery he has killed kavitha plsz ma tell”ragini pleads
Ap and rest of them becomes shocked
“what are u saying ragini he killed kavitha” sujitha asked
“I am speaking truth mom” then she explains about the accident all are hell shocked
“I can’t believe that man can stoop so low for his revenge” sujitha says
“ but why he wants revenge from us” laksh asks
“I’ll tell u beta” ap says and narrates the story
“shivraj malhotra was dp’s best childhood friend vijay malhotra’s (VM) younger brother VM and dp were childhood friends both families were neighbours for many years VM and dp were like brothers they even started a joint business all were happy me and ji got married VM treated me as a sister we all were happy family but shiv never liked dp the business was earning great profit it was a time where we had many friends we had many enemies also in a car accident VM and his wife died but their daughter kira however got saved shivraj was in great depression because of all this he loved his brother every much later dp took over of all business
shivraj started hating him thinking that he was behind vm’s death so that he can take over all business dp tried to make him understand that their was nothing like that vm’s death was an accident and about business vm had made such clause that if in future anything happens to him his all shares of business will go to DP but shiv was not ready to believe this he did everything to insult dp to make his loss he even tried to kill dp ,but dp forgave him
he even manipulated kira that dp killed his parents that little girl believed in him and tried to harm laksh that small girl was going on wrong path dp ji tried to get her custody and he succeeded in that shiv raj was put behind brass for the conspiracy that he planned but it was too late kira believed that dp killed her parents she was 11 years old that time
One day when all children’s were playing kira lighted fire in that room where they were playing the fire spreaded the matter became huge as police also reached their we saved all of them and then we got to know that it was kira who lighted the fire the matter became huge has police involvement was their we tried to save kira but she was sent to child re habitation centre but from their she went missing after 2 months we don’t know where she was but later we found that shivraj was freed a month back before the incident took place police tried a lot to locate them but failed”
“and know he’s back he was the one who killed kavitha and kira is also supporting him everything that’s happening is because of them” laksh said
“they should be punished for what ever they did” sujitha said
“but how would we find them”ragini’s question

After some time
Ragini was sitting in her room
Laksh came
“can I come in” he asked
“yeah plsz” she said standing up
“I needed to talk to u”
“sure” she said giving him a warm smile
“ragini I I I am sorry for my behaviour for not believing in u I am sorry if possible plsz forgive me” he said joining hands to her
“laksh its ok I can understand it was the situation because of which everything happened” ragini said
“but I” words didn’t come out of his mouth he was guilty for the way he spoke to her how he blamed her
“laksh I said na its ok I forgave u long back or I was never angry on u”
“ragini I know I was rude u came to me first and told me about everything after knowing everything still I blamed u I accused u u trusted me but I , I become reason for u r tears everytime” he said with teary eyes
“laksh plsz don’t blame ur self and know we need to find that shivraj and punish him for what ever he did” ragini said
“ur right know we’ll not let them play with our lives and he would be punished” laksh said
Ragini hugged him

“ok know no more crying and all u don’t look nice in it” ragini tried to cheer him
“ragini I am sorry because of me u had to marry bhai” he said she was shocked
“laksh what do u mean” she asked
“I know ragini u married bhai to save all of our family but plsz their no need for u know to be in this unwanted and forced relation as we know now who’s the culprit” laksh said
“laksh how do u know all this” she asked
“wo I heard ur and bhai’s convo that day” he said
“laksh I know what are u thinking but right know its important for us to expose that person in front of sanskar”
“its simple ask kartick to tell whole truth to bhai”
“he’s in coma”
“what then how’ll expose that shivraj and how’ll we punish him” he asks
Just then they hear some noise they head down and are shocked to see sanskar with a girl she was wearing a knee length dress and she was holding sanskar’s hand
Ragini was shocked and angry on sanskar
“sanskar” she called a loud
“ragini come meet her ms.kira jimson our client and my friend” he said introducing that girl
“and kira she’s ragini my wife” sanskar gave her introduction
“hello” kira forwarded her hand
“hello” ragini shook hands with her giving warm smile to her
Ragini was fully irritated by the way sanskar was talking to kira she didn’t like that girl in any sense

After a while
In ragsan room
Ragini was sitting on bed fully annoyed and cursing that girl
Sanskar came in and saw her expression and sat next to her
“ragini I feel something is buring can u feel” he said
“no I think u r noise is sick” she said standing up and moved towards wardrobe
Sanskar back hugged her she tried to free herself
“what happened why are u ignoring me” he asked
“nothing and why are u caring go to that kira na” she said fully annoyed she tried to free herself from his grip but failed
“so u were jealous” he asked tighting his grip
“sanskar leave me”
“admit that u were jealous” he placed his chick on her shoulder
“no”she said
“yes”he said
“yes” she said and bited her tongue he turned her facing him he was holding her by waist
“see so mrs.sanskar maheswari was jealous” he said winking at her
Ragini putted her arms around him
“no I was not and why should I be” she pulled him close to her
“when I have full rights on u, u r just mine mr.sanskar maheswari u have no rights left on urself if u want also u can’t go far away from me” she said
“so u mean I am prisoned here what If I run away” he asks cutely
“if u are in hell also na I’ll find u and no one can separate u from me better u understand this” she said
They had a cute eye lock disturbed by kira
“sanskar” she came in without knocking she saw both of them in that position both ragsan parted
“sorry for disturbing ur romance u guess continue” she said leaving
“she had also to come during this time” sanskar said complaining
Ragini chuckled he pulled her towards him by holding her waist
“but we can continue” he said winking at her
“sanskar wo I need to talk to u” ragini said
“what” he asked
“its about kartick” she said
“kartick” sanskar asked in shocked tone
Then ragini narrated him all incidents that happened
“sanskar bade papa was never behind kavitha’s death it was all conspiracy planned by shivraj” ragini said
Tears rolled from sanskar’s eyes
“i don’t believe this” said sanskar leaving out of room ragini tried to stop him but she knew that he needed some time to be alone
At kira’s room
She was throwing all things around her
“I can’t let this first that kavitha and know this ragini why everytime they try to snatch my sanskar from me why………………….” she said throwing a vase
“I killed kavitha to get sanskar and know ragini u will have also to die” kira said smirking
Sujitha called her she came to her listening to those noises kira quickly cleaned all the mess
And she opened the door
“ji aunty” she asked
“wo chori I heard some noise from ur room”
“ha wo a vase fell down”
“u didn’t get hurt na”
“nahi aunty I am perfectly fine”
“take care of urself”

Precap: ragini at risk…………………………
What will happen
Guess I am not that good about creating drama I know I am not up to mark about mystery and darma I tried hard to create suspense and drama but I think I am not up to ur expectations sorry for such boring episode plsz drop ur valuable feed back plsz let me know about ur opinion about this episode

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