swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-34)

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“do ajnabee”
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at hospital
dp got a heart stoke and he was admitted in hospital ragini tried numerous time to contact sanskar but all was in vain
ragini was tensed like hell she couldn’t face anyone she was totally broken arnav saw her condition he understood that she needs some one’s support and swara was best who can make her understand he called her and informed her about recent happenings
I am sitting here and crying on my fate what a life I have I was in garden covering my face with hands and crying suddenly I felt some one’s hand on my shoulders I saw upwards and found swara tears rolled down seeing me like that I hugged her and cried my heart out
she consoled me she cupped my face cleaned my tears
“shh……….. don’t cry ragini by crying u’ll get nothing” she said
“What shall I do swara I am completely broken I can’t take all this any more their some one who’s behind destroying everyone’s life here that person is playing with all our life no one is ready to understand anything one side my love my husband sanskar who’s behind taking revenge from his own family he has turned blind he can’t see anyone except his revenge and one side my family and laksh and his family who are suffering for the crime they didn’t do what shall I do swara I am struck btw my love and responsibility I can’t take it any more” I said my heart out all pains
“ragini listen to me u have to fight for ur self for sanskar I have seen true love for u in his eyes and trust me he loves u truly” she said
“I know swara but he’s not ready to see and understand anything”
“I know but u have to make him understand make him believe on u only ur love can change him gain his trust back” swara said
“but how and what about that laksh and rest of the family how will I gain their trust how will I expose that person how” I asked
“ragu everything would be fine but first gain sanskar’s trust and yeah we’ll expose that person when swaragini are tighter they can do anything” swara said
Swaragini title track played in background
Both sisters hugged eachother
“wow ragini when u got u r sister u forgot ur bhai” aranav said complaining who was standing behind them who had tears seeing sisters love
Ragini called him three had group hug
“I am with u ragini what ever u do we are with u” aranav said
“yes bhai know no more crying we need to find that person and expose him before its too late”ragini said in determined tone

Scences shift to some villa
“what are u speaking how can sanskar marry ragini” kartick yield
“that’s true kartick” an mid 50’s man said
“know what will be our next plan” kartick asked
“I’ll tell u but before that u need to do a small work” the man said some thing to kartick and both laughed evilly
After kartick left a girl of 20’s came
“what did u say him dad” the girl asked
“nothing much said him to manipulate sanskar by saying that ragini agreed to marry him to protect laksh keep him away from laksh” the man said
“and sanskar would believe kartick right” she said
“yeah after all we have manipulated him so well” saying man laughed evilly
“yeah poor kartick he believes that dp killed his sister but it was us and he’s helping us to take revenge from maheswari’s” the girl said
“yeah know no one can stop their destruction” the man said
“when you’ll enter maheswari mansion dad” the girl asked
“soon beta” “they have to pay for their deeds”the man says in low tone the girl couldn’t hear it

At maheswari mansion some family members returned back and were resting in their room
Ragini was busy in searching sanskar it was almost night she was feeling sacred and nervous that she didn’t find him
Arnav and swara were in search of some proofs and were collecting information about kartick
Ragini was on road “where are u asking” tears made their way ragini got some one’s call she attended it she was shocked soon she instructed driver to take her to some place they reached a bar
Ragini went in she met the manager who called her sanskar was fully drunk kartcik manipulated him and in anger he drank too much
He was lying half conscious on table ragini felt bad for his condition she went near him and caressed his face and asked the manger to help her to take him to car she made him stand and supported him to walk he was continuously murmuring her name
She made him sit in car he held her hand
“don’t leave me ragini don’t leave me” he said
“I am not leaving u anywhere” he pulled her in a bone crushing hug soon they reached MM ragini held him and took him to their room
She made him lie on bed but he pulled her she fell on him he tucked strands of hair behind ear that were disturbing him to glance at his angle
“angle u are so beautiful” he said ragini felt happy hearing angle from him after a long he called her with same affection and love
He slowly cupped her face and brushed his lips with her it was a soft and gentle kiss ragini was completely lost in that moment ragini felt that he was asleep
she removed his shoes and covered him with blanket and sat next to him and she caressed his face he held her tight and slept cuddling to her
I promise u sanskar everything would be fine soon
The next morning sanskar woke up and saw himself hugging ragini she was in his embrace he smiled a bit seeing her he tried hard to remember what happened last night when he felt that she was awake he acted like sleeping ragini opened her eyes she smiled a bit she slowly aparted from him and kissed on his forehead and went to fresh up after she came back she saw sanskar standing near window she hugged him from back
“good morning” she said
He didn’t reply he pulled her in front of him
“ragini answer me promptly do u really love me or ur doing all this to save laksh” he asked
“what made u think so sanskar” she asked
“just answer me” he asked
“ok tell me when u found that once I loved laksh did u stop loving me without knowing who I was u loved me truely why” she questioned
“because I just love u” he said
“similarly me too I just love u I know its difficult for u to trust me but give me a chance as a friend atleast to prove my love” she asked
He nodded
“ok know no more tension and get fresh I’ll bring coffee for u” saying she was about to go sanskar held her hand
“I love u” he said
“I love u too” she said kissing on his cheeks
She came out of room she was smiling thinking about sanskar just then from other side laksh came out of his room talking to some one on phone seeing her his expression changed and so ragini’s

Percap: revealing enemy and some secrets of past…………………………………

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