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scences start with temple where ragsan are getting married ragini was not sure about what she was doing it was good or not but was sure about the new storm that she has invited herself but some needed to be done and to gain sanskat trust back she was ready to anything
their love story was on a different track from love to trust to obsession to revenge and know she’s didn’t know where it would end but whatever was happening she was not ready for that she loved him though but the old ragini didn’t have the courage to even stand for herself but she was different she needed to support her love in all circumstances

I am marrying ragini know but I never wished something to happen so I was my revenge track she came and filed my life with colors of love but know I am not sure what I am doing because I wanted to use her for my revenge then some thing happened that changed everything she became my life but those photo’s and whatever kartick said also could not be ignored he was right but then I don’t know why I asked her to marry me and she agreed but my mind says that she’s doing only to save laksh she wish to believe her and her laksh and his family could be safe she wants to be their shield but what ever it may be at present I am marrying her may be for two reasons first that I want revenge from maheswari and she’s the weakness of laksh I want him to suffer seeing his love with me but then second is that I love her and wanna give chance believe on whatever she said
We stood up and took seven rounds around fire I filled her fore line with vermillion and then made her wear mangalsutra a tear escaped from her eye I didn’t know was it of happiness of getting married to her love or of sadness for laksh that she can’t be his but it effected me soon all rituals of our marriage were completed we both were going through many emotions it was anger rage sadness love obsession revenge complication and many we reached the hotel where I had booked the room I knew after all this her family won’t allow her to enter the house all would be hell angry on her she didn’t inform anyone and I didn’t too we were in same room but their was a different silence occupied before also we were in same room but I never felt that what I am feeling so I am guilty that I am doing wrong with her I don’t have right to do so but then my ego doesn’t allow me to think beyond it thinking of it we dozed off
I woke up early in morning and didn’t find ragini their I was worried but then I saw her she came out of washroom I felt reviled I didn’t speak a word to her and got fresh I got call from some one I smirked at what the caller said I turned towards ragini who saw towards me with a questioning expression
“we are going to ur in-law’s home our house” I said
“our house” she looked towards me with many questions
“ha our house anything else u wanted to know” I asked she nodded in no soon we left the place

Marriage its a scared relation but the circumstances we got married were different I was happy that I was with sanskar a tear of happiness escaped from my eyes it was my dream to get married to love of my life but the situation we are it was not right any relation can last for long without love but can’t without love I loved him he too loves me but don’t trust me I don’t blame him for whatever had happened but he’s acting blind as if he don’t wanna see the truth
Soon we reached maheswari mansion I saw towards him with shocked expression
“what are we doing here” I asked
“ I said ur in-laws home so we are their”he said I was sure that some thing big was going in his mind but what could it be I was not sure I knew he came here to insult his family but I can’t let him do so
We entered in whole family was present in hall their all stood up seeing us
“sanskar u here” dad asked me he ignored his question
“what are u doing here bhai”laksh questioned he went and made him self comfortable on sofa their
“what are u doing here sanskar” badepapa asked
“to be in my house do I need anyone’s permission” he said all of us were confused about what he’s saying
“u r left with no right to be here” laksh said he laughed a bit at his statement
“I am the new owner of this house” he said
All of us were shocked and confused
“what rubbish are u saying” badepapa asked
“oh finally the great old man spoke ok let me repeat I said I am the new owner of this maheswari mansion”
“ let me correct u have mistaken its true that ur 50% owner of our company but not this house”dad spoke
“it true dad this house belongs to me” he said
“how can that be possible don’t lie” bade papa said
“I know mr.durga parsad maheswari u won’t believe so this papers” he handed some papers to badepapa
He read it and was shocked he handed them to adarsh bhai and he was too equally shocked
“but how can that be possible” badepapa asked
Sanskar laughed
“u know what mr.maheswari ur both sons are true gems seriously the elder adrash risked company’s shares for some stupid deal and younger one u r beloved laksh to arrange money for his dream project kept ur house and took loan and he failed for that deal and I have bought this house so I am the new owner” he said and bade papa was shocked
“what have u done laksh” badi ma questioned him with teary eyes he had his eyes down
“what great sons u have mr.durga parsad one sold ur company and the other ur house and I don’t blame them because if they have father like u what else can we expect them to do”
“anyways I am not here to explain u about ur deeds u’ll pay for all those soon I want u people to leave this house I am giving u till evening time after that me and my wife would shift here so I don’t want u people here” he said with a smirk and strated to leave I followed him
“why u did this sanskar how can u ask them to leave their own house” I asked him
“oh plsz ur wife so support my decisions don’t question then”
“I’ll be with u in ur every decisions but this is wrong”
“ I don’t need ur advice” soon he drove off
I was tensed about the situation inside I moved in mom was abusing bade papa for his deeds and dad slapped her for the way she was talking badi ma was shedding tears laksh and adrash bhai had head down mom was not letting any chance to blame bade papa I was feeling sad for him all are blaming him for no reason he slowly started moving upstairs and their he fell unconscious I was hell shocked all ran to him and he was immediately taken to hospital
Laksh didn’t allow me to see him
“just stay away from him this is all because of u and sanskar bhai I’ll never forgive u both u can never stay happy” his words were echoing my ears

Precap: some truth revelation……………………..
Some ragsan moments…………………..

Sorry for this but soon all this will end only some episodes then everything would be good the stroy is reaching towards its end so plsz comment guess………………………………..
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