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life is so much complicated I am not understanding anything nothing all relations of my life has messed so much that I don’t know how to solve them I don’t know what shall i do why does it always happens with me the person I love the most leaves me first ma then laksh though I never loved him it was just attraction and know I am in a situation where I need to choose between sanskar and my family
on the day I got kidnap I got my memory back the room where I was kept I heard the conversation of some one I was shocked hearing it

fb shows
ragini was lying half conscious on floor hands legs and mouth tied
kartick was talking to a girl they thought ragini was unconscious but she was half unconscious
“ what if our plan failed then” kartick asked
“and what made u think so” the girl asked
“sanskar loves ragini and ragini too what of no misunderstanding is created btw them and sanskar don’t blame laksh for all this and don’t react as we want him to” kartick questioned
The girl slapped him he was shocked
“just shut up and I’ll never let anything happen so no one stop maheswari’s destruction” the girl said
“I too want their destruction so I am with u I want revenge from durga parsad maheswari he’s responsible for my sister’s death I can never forgive him and sanskar because of him my kavitha is not with me” kartick said in rage back to her
“I know but we need to be carefull take care of this girl and what about shexena he has agreed na” she asked
“ha why would he reject such deal” kartick laughed

Fb ends ragini was shocked knowing all this
After she came back home she was thinking of a way to stop sanskar she became sure about one thing that from kavitha’s death to whatever that has happened till date some one was responsible for all this he wanted revenge from maheswari but who’s this enemy
Telling sanskar was just waste because after they returned she tried to convince him to stop their departure but he’s not ready and she remember when they were in Mumbai and she talked to him about rethinking about his revenge she became angry and if know she tries to say anything everything would become more complicated than its know
Laksh he can’t do anything like so he’s not responsible for kavitha’s death
Everything seemed like puzzle their are many dots each one has his own point of story things are not so easy that seems to be I need to join these points that who could that person be
First what would anyone get by doing all these she needed some one help badly who could explain her all these who knew all the aspects of story

I am deeply lost by the thoughts that who can it be I am sure about one thing that some one is intentionally doing all this and I am at blame but what would he get by all this then just it flashed to me bhai thinks us responsible for kavitha’s death and wait he wanted revenge from us arnav said me that it was after ragini’s arrival in his life that he dropped the thought of revenge because ragini never wanted that did ragini knew about bhai’s intentions before she lost her memory urgh………… I am so confused things are not so simple as they seem
I need to find that person ragini can help me but she has lost her memory oh god why so much complications think laksh think who that enemy can be he’s related to maheswari for sure past enemity but who it can be

Life has taken a 360 degree turn some time back I wished to be with kavitha wanted to leave my rest of life with her and then she left then ragini she thought me how to love again how to live a life then her accident her memory loss I never wished to leave her she has become my obsession my madness my love my life a durg I can’t live without her I can’t imagine myself being away from her I wanted to take her away from all this I wished to start a new life with her but she arrived in Kolkata and her family got to know everything and then her kidnapping I was shattered by the thought she not being with me
I am left incapable to think about anything else my thoughts are occupied by ragini

I needed to clarify all this with some one and arnav bhai was the best and he could help me in every way I wanted I asked arnav bhai to take me to temple on our way I said him about everything he was shocked I had called laksh also to temple he would have reached their by know
“why don’t u inform sanskar about this” he asked
“yeah I want to but not know he would react which I don’t want to I want to solve this mystery their is another part of story too that we don’t know we need to find some one wants maheswari’s destruction ” I said him he smiled a bit
“who’s this kartick” I asked
He said me about him that he was kaviths’s brother he loved his sister a lot she meant to be world to him but he never liked sanskar he never wanted them to be together he was against it but kavitha went against her brother and wished to marry sanskar on kavsan marriage day kartick got to know that they were getting married and he reached the temple their he saw kavitha dead in sanskar’s arms we all were shattered by that sanskar was lifeless body kartick blamed sanskar for all this
What exactly happened that day we don’t know when I and kushi reached temple kavitha died and then kartick we bought sanskar with us u know ragini after that incident sanskar was life less soul and then from some where he got to know that dp maheswari was responsible for kavitha’s death laksh was also culprit we tried a lot to know about that person but he never said after that taking revenge from his own family destroying them was his only goal he felt cheated and ditched he was thrown out of house
Tears rolled down my eyes when I heard everything from bhai sanskar suffered a lot but know no more
“he has suffered alot ragini” bhai said but has voice choked I was aware about bhai’s and kushi’s relation with sanskar they were well aware about his condition after that incident they supported him in all ways possible
“I know bhai and I promise to be with him and I’ll unite him with his family but for that I need ur help” I said
“I’ll always be with u ragu but plsz never do anything that hurts sanskar” he said I assured him and wiped my tears
“know no more crying bhai we need to stop him we can’t leave from this place we need to find truth”

Ragini called me and said me to come to temple I don’t know what’s happening ragini reached with arnav bhai arnav’s expression changed after seeing me he saw towards ragini
“I’ll tell u bhai” she assured
And then she explained me the rest of situation I was shocked knowing she had got her memory back she trusted me that I can never do anything like her kidnapping and all and wanted to prove me innocent in front of bhai I was happy that still she trusted me does she still love me I was happy of this thought but for know I wanted to find the person who was behind all the tragedies in our life I explained her that It was not me who informed papa about sanskar and kavitha but bhai thinks that its me because I was the only one in family who knew about it but the truth was something else
Aranav bhai was unsure from my explanation it was genuine I was bit sad knowing how much bhai faced and it some where irked my heart that ragini was worried for bhai
We decided to discuss rest later and plan some thing to stop sanskar she was about to leave I held her hand and hugged her tight she didn’t say anything I was happy for that but “I love u ragini” I said she pushed me
“laksh I wanna clarify one thing I am doing all this for sanskar I love him and I want him to be with his family he has suffered alot and I want him to be happy with his family” she stopped I was shocked at this confection
“ and and about us I think I we never loved it was attration for me I have moved on and know I am taking ur help just for sanskar and I have not forgiven u for what u did with swara” saying she left I was heart broken she moved on with bhai she love him not me

Their was some girl near temple who heard their conversation and took some pics of laksh hugging ragini
She laughed evilly

I was shocked when laksh hugged me but I didn’t resist because it was friendly but then he said he love me I knew it and didn’t wanted to hear it I’ll never forgive him for what he did with my shona and jsut for sanskar I need his help
We were on our way back to home bhai was driving and he clearly mentioned that he didn’t like laksh involment in this plan
But I convinced him saying he could help us arnav got kushi’s phone call he was shocked by what she said
“what happened bhai” ragini asked
“sanskar has cancelled our departure” he said
Ragini was happy
“what I am very happy bhai we got time to handle all this” I said but then I saw bhai’s face he was sad
“anything else serious bhai”
“the thing we were fearing has happened sanskar has bought maheswari’s industries 50% of shares”
“what but how can that be possible I mean company was at good position then how can it happen”
“don’t forget that he had company’s confidentially information before ur accident he had planned to do so but then u became his propriety and he’s blaming laksh for ur kidnapping so he’s not leaving any stone to destroy his family”
I was shocked sanskar was back in his revenge form I was sure that he would go to any extend to destroy dp uncle

Percap: dp and sanskar confrontation……………………………
Some drama ……………..and ragsan marriage………………………….

So guess how was it and plsz comment love u’ll………………………

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