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Hello everyone I am back with another part hope u’ll like it and sorry for delay but I am helpless hope u all understand thanks for ur all lovely comments and support that u showed to me sorry for not replying individually love u all
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Scences shift to MM
Laksh was in his room
Thinking about recent happenings
What should I do should I let ragini go no I can’t but she doesn’t love me ok I’ll call her and say that we were going to get married and sanskar bhai separated us by this for some time their travel would be delayed but I should do something big but what it can be he picked the phone and dialled ragini’s number but he was unable to call
What’s happening what should I do should I call but what will happen after that doc warned us about her health should I risk her
“u love her u can’t hurt her u can’t be the reason of her sorrow” His inner voice said
“yes I love her I can’t hurt her” he said

“no ur not hurting her ur just trying to get ur love back that’s it so call her” his mind said laksh was confused he was listening to both
“no u will not do so if u love her truely then let her go with sanskar” his heart said
“its just a foolish act to let ur love go”his mind
” she’s happy with him In her happiness ur happiness lies”his heart said
“she would be happy with laksh she loved him once” his mind
“she loved him once know she doesn’t she loves sanskar couldn’t u see her love for him she lost her memory but she trust and loves him more than anything” his heart
“may be she loves him but sanskar doesn’t he loves kavitha” his mind

“no kavitha was his past and ragini his persent because of laksh before also he lost his love this time it shouldn’t happen” his heart
“their was no fault of his he just informed dp so that sanskar is protected from kartick” his mind
“stop it” laksh screamed his inner soul got disappeared
“no I can’t I can’t” he said himself
Soon he heard swara’s voice
He rushed down before he could understand anything swara slapped him
“swara what the hell” he sacremed
“just shut up laksh how can u stoop so low I never imagined that u can do this how can u” she yelled
“what do u mean” he questioned
“don’t act innocent u called ragini and said her half truth that u both were going to get married after that ragini is missing” she said
“what who called her it was not me I didn’t do that” laksh tried to justify himself
“just shut up I know very well that its u, u never wanted ragini to go with sanskar how can u laksh u know about her health atleast as friend also but u , u are worst of I could ever imagine” swara said teras rolled from her eyes
“just shut up I said I didn’t and I to care for her ” he said
“don’t lie” she said
“I am not leing I am saying truth if u don’t wanna trust me then its ur decision” he said
He was about to leave he turned back

“and I am going to search for her if u want u can come” he said
Swara was shocked she couldn’t imagine ragini’s condition she can’t lose her this time she was dame angry on her and laksh
Laksh was angry on himself and tensed that who could call ragini and say all this he knew that both swara and sanskar belived that it was him but this time he was not their some one behind all this he need to that person but before that he need to find ragini he took out his car and blowed horn swara came out and sat next to him
Soon both enagaged in search of her
Sanskar was madly walking on road searching for ragini showing everyone her photo he was disappointed like hell where are u ragini just give me one chance to explain just one chance plsz come back to me I can’t live without u plsz he went to police station took help of all his contacts to find ragini everyone of family was busy in searching for ragini dadi dida and sumi were praying for her safety shekar along with arnava nd kushi were searching ragini it has been more than 12 hors that ragini was missing unwanted thoughts were coming in sanskar’s mind he hated the moment when he couldn’t stop her couldn’t understand her
Laksh and swara were in search of ragini
Each minute was passing like hour for them

When I opened my eyes I felt teribel pain in my head I remember I fought with sanskar and left home in angry and walked on road soon I reached a temple where a perist said me about swara and laksh marriage I was shocked to know that how first my and laksh engagement was fixed and how laksh fell in love with swara and swara too started loving him both were going to get married and on marriage day ragini went missing and laksh broke marriage ragini couldn’t belive what she got to know and last thing she could remember was some one hitted her head and know where was she she looked towards her surroundings it was some old house her hands were tied she was leing on floor she tried to sit and figure out where she was she was sure that she has been kidnapped but who can kidnap her and why would anyone kidnap her she was having pain in her head
In a big banglow
Two mens were laughing evilly
The perist who said ragini about her past was one among that men
“great job kartick” an mid old man said
“thank u sir everything is going as per our” kartick said
“yeah know lets start second part of it” the mid ols man said
Kartick nodded he made a call after the call ended
Both laughed evilly

Sanskar was searching for ragini when he got swara’s call swara informed him about a call who said that ragini is kidnapped by him he’ll call again sanskar soon headed towards MM where swara and laksh and rest of the family was present their
They got the call it was on loud speaker
“if u want ragini to be alive then do as I say” the caller
“what u want and who are u where’s ragini if anything happened to her I’ll kill” sanskar yelled
“ bhai relax” laksh tried to calm him
“so much love ha I see ok listen cancel the s*xana deal” the caller said
“what the hell why u want me to cancel that deal and this news should spread in media as soon as possible ” sanskar asked

“don’t question too much I am going u an hour do as I say if u don’t then forget ragini” the call ended
“hello” laksh screamed but the call ended
“why would anyone want us to cancel that deal”arnav asked
“sanskar it can be some business rivalry” dp said
“I think I know who I can be” said sanskar
He left the place in rage and arnav laksh and swara followed him
He called the police sp was sanskar’s friend they hacked the call as per the call sanskar cancelled the deal and the news was leaked in media
After an hour they got the call

“ good job sanskar” the caller said
“don’t fool where’s ragini” sanskar screamed
“she’s safe man”
“I did what u said know leave her” sanskar demanded
“I’ll but not so soon” the call ended
Sanskar sensed this before only
The police traced the location of call soon they reached the place and searched each corner of place the owner was arrested he was one of the biggest rivalry of maheswari’s and sanskar he hated maheswari family to take revenge he did so
Ragini was found

Sanskar saw her half conscious hands and mouth tied
He moved towards her freed her and hugged her tight he was teary seeing her his love always gave her pain nothing else he blamed himself for her condition
They took her to badi she was lying on bed and doc checked her he said that because of weakness she was unconscious after some hours she gained conscious she saw sanskar next to her sanskar saw her awake he hugged her

“how are u” he asked
“I am fine” she said “but u don’t seem to be good” she said
“I think I gave u heart attack” she said playfully
“yeah a big one u took my life how can u go without saying anything” he asked ragini hugged him again
“I am sorry and I’ll never leave u its a promise” ragini said determining something in her mind
“I am sorry to I love u” sanskar said

“I love u” they broke the hug
“I am feeling hungry” she said swara entered with food
Ragini smiled at her
“u scared us” swara said
“I am sorry” she said taking the food plate In her hand she made swara sit next to her she took a piece and took it next to sanskar

“u eat it” he said
“ I am sure no one would have ate anything swara would have convinced everyone but herself would not eat and I know how sanskar is so eat” and she fed sanskar and then swara swara soon left the place ragsan were feeding each other
Both smiled at each other
Ragini in her mind: I promise sanskar soon everything would be fine u would be with ur family I promise I would find that criminal person who’s behind all this and prove laksh innocent and u would be with ur family

She saw laksh standing their near window she felt sorry for him but then whatever he did with his sister she can never forgive him she rested her head on sanskar’s chest and cuddled in his embrace sanskar hugged her tight

Percap: some more drama and twist what’s their in ragsan’s destiny

Will swlak will ever be together…………………………………….

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