swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-3)

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The next day at office
Sanskar called ragini to his cabin
“take this files” he said but before he could complete
Ragini was shocked she thought so much work so cutted him
“sir r u trying to take revenge from me again so many files they r more than yesterday’s what u want me to stay in office whole night and complete this files” she said crying
Sanskar was shocked he was smiling at her reactions and behaviour he thought to trouble her more
“ms.gadodia if I want to take revenge I can take any time” he said giving naughty smile she was shocked by this and he added “ and u didn’t listen I said take this files not complete them”
She was tubelight she didn’t get
“means” she questioned

“duffer take this files to arnav’s cabin” he said seeing her childish behaviour
Ragini bited her tongue for what she said
“sorry sir” she said making a pout face
“know take them u can na” he asked her teasing her for what she did
“sure sir” saying this she left she was thinking what she said and his reaction
“pagal ladki” he said to himself having a bright smile thinking about her
After some time
He called her again

“ms.gadodi we have to go for a meeting get all the details from our clients” he ordered
“sure sir” ragini said having a bright smile
“In half an hour I want all details and we have to leave soon so hurry up” he said
Ragini collected all information
She gave them to sanskar he was impressed by her work in low time she did her work with perfection
“come lets go ms.gadodia” he said
“me I have to come with u” she asked him in shocked way
Sanskar got irritated by it so he shot at her
“no u r ghost off course u”
“why” ragini questioned him
“I am boss not u so be quick” he said in ordering tone
He left ragini followed him
He was driving

Ragini was sitting beside him
They reached that place it was out of city far away from Mumbai surrounded by forest
He attended the meeting while returning it was already late
They were hungry also sanskar stopped his car near a dabh
“ sir why did u stop car” ragini questioned him
“ I am hungry come lets have something”he said stepping out of his car she followed him slowly
They reached dabha sanskar ordered the food
Ragini had it silently after having the food they headed towards the car
sanskar got a call their was signal problem so he went aside to attend it ragini was standing their alone
Some goons saw her

They came near her she was afraid she thought to go from their she started to move in direction that sanskar wnet but she didn’t find him she was getting more nervous she saw those goons
She was taking steps fast some 2-3 goons blocked her way
“ let me go” she said in confident way though she was afraid she was trying to be strong
“ what’s so hurry darling” one goon said he was trying to touch her
“stay away from me warna” she said jerking his hand away
“ waran kaya ha “ one of the goon said coming near her she was moving backwards she hitted one goons front she was totally afraid she was sweating

One of the goon was about to touch her when he heard the sound of punch on one goon it was sanskar he was very furious
He fought with all of them he bet them so much until they turned black and blue
During this one goon injured his hand by knife ragini saw it she became panic all goons ran from their
Sanskar pulled her in car he made her sit and he went to driver seat he putted hi belt
“ sir” ragini was trying to speak something but he cutted
“ don’t u have any mind who said to come behind me ha” he was shouting at her
“ sir plsz listen to me” she was trying to say something but again cutted
“ what if something happened to u, r u mad why can’t u use ur brain stupid girl “ he was screaming her she was getting angry he was not ready to listen to her
“ sir will un listen to me”she screamed he was about to say something

She cutted
“just be quite and listen to me if u open u r mouth see what I do to u” she said in loud tone warning him
Sanskar was quite

She took his hand
“ ur hand is bleeding can’t u listen to me” she said blowing air to his wound she was having concern for him he was very much affected by this an smile appeared on his face seeing her concern towards him
She took the first aid box from car and applied ontiment on his wound
She was applying it slowly
“is it paining “ she asked him
He noded in neagative

After that he drove the car back to Mumbai

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