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Hello everyone I am back with another part hope u’ll like it and sorry for delay but I am helpless hope u all understand thanks for ur all lovely comments and support that u showed to me sorry for not replying individually love u all

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ragini was sad about the recent happenings though she never said but her eyes said everything it showed the deep sorrow thousands of questions which she wants answers she wants to know about her past she wants to question that she’s being taken away from her family whom she met recently but she never questions me why she loves me so much I am being selfish here but I am helpless I can’t live her for herself also may because I can’t live without her or may I am addicted and possisive for her may be I am fearing that may I lose her this fact can’t be denied that she ever loved laksh once what if she agains her memory back and leaves him he can’t let that happen

Things are not in the way that I ever wished to but I am helpless I can’t live sanskar he held my hand when I had no one beside me he loved me he took care of me and most importantly I cann’t question him I love him I can’t live without him
We were in badi leaving for airport in just an hour my whole family was with me I am most happiest person in world know I have everyone around me who loves me but why I am not happy why I feel that their something that I know but I don’t know why do I feel pain in my heart when I see laksh and swara why………………………………….

I got a call I picked it
“wanna know why u husband I mean so called fake husband wants to take u away from ur family” the voice said I was angry listening to it
“who the hell are u speaking and how dare u question my sanskar” I screamed
“relax angry women I speaking truth” the voice said
“relax my foot and first tell me who u are I swear if I found u I’ll break all ur teeth” the voice said

“ I am well wisher and ur sanskar is separating u from ur family because he fears that he may lose u because u and laksh were once lovers and u were going get married”
“what nonsense are u speaking” ragini screamed
“don’t believe ok ask u dearly sister swara or ur bfff kushi anyone that’s the truth dear” saying he cutted the call
Who the hell was he what was he speaking is that truth if it is then how did I and sanskar get married why sanskar Is away from his family is that reason why my heart is aching ok was for this reason that laksh reacted on that day do he still love me how can he I am married to sanskar then why is this only our families are hiding from me is this a reason that why sanskar is away from his family if me and laksh were ever going to get married of we loved then also at present I love sanskar how can he think like that doesn’t he that much faith also on me on his love why he did this to me why I wanna question him I want answers to all my questions
Swara was in my room
“swara I wanna ask something”

“yeah laddo u can” she said
“u should not lie u will tell only truth” I said in determined tone
“what had happened ragini”
“first promise me that u’ll not lie” I asked her placing her hand on my head “u have my promise”
“ok I’ll not” she said
“ did did me and lak…………. laksh were ever going to get married” I asked
She moved back
“what are u asking ragini” she said turning aside
“swara u promised me plsz tell the truth” she didn’t say anything
“u slinece is telling that its truth its truth” I was left back I was totally broken knowing it tears flowed from my eyes swara eyes were moist she looked towards me
“its past ragini” she said I was not in a mood to listen to anyone I just moved out swara called my name I want answers to my question he should answer me today why were we away from our family who’s that girl whose photo I saw in his cupboard is he’s cheating me I went in search of sanskar he was talking to dadi

“sanskar I wanna talk to u something important”I screamed dadi excused herself
“what happened ragini” he asked me
“u lied to me u lied to me about everything u lied why sanskar”
“what do u mean by that” he asked
I was taken back by her questions
“u lied why we are away from our family who was that girl whose photo u had u lied about everything why sanskar why…………………” she screamed tears made their way from my eyes she came to know about everything about everything I moved close to her I tried to console her but she jerked me
“I am sorry” I said
“don’t u trust me don’t u trust our love that u thought that I’ll leave u why sanskar why” saying she left she left

I was not understanding anything she came to know about her past or she didn’t had anyone manipulated her I went to swara she said me that ragini got some one’s call after attending it she questioned her about her and laksh’s marriage I was taken back some one manipulated her who I could be who why would he do so what will he get who can be benefited by all this who
The only person who never wanted me and ragini be together who would be benefited by this was laksh he has to pay for it

Precap: ragini missing

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