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Hello everyone sorry for being late but I am helpless I am busy with my studies I have exams next month so preparing for that busy with studies tution and all hope u forgive me this is a small episode or I can tell teaser hope u like it and I am soory…………………… again I’ll try to update next part soon but it may take time soory…………………. once again love u all …………………………..

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I am very happy today finally I got everything I am with my family ma baba swara dadima and sanskar I don’t know what was my past what had happened nothing but I am happy being with some one who loves me so much I don’t know why sanskar loves me so much but I know i one thing that what ever may happen no one can separate us I am sad because know I got my family and I am going far away from them I am going with sanskar I am angry on him how can he do that to me sometimes his behaviour forces me to question him but I am unable to do so my heart stops me he has done some magic on me that my heart always trust him from the time I am here some sort of weried feelings I have I don’t what but I feel unesay when I saw laksh first time I felt as if I know him their was something btw us ever I don’t know how was our relation in past
Sanskar’s whole family loves us so much they care for us but why we not stay with them what’s their that he’s hiding from me everyone are trying to hide from me
Laksh was in his gym punching the punching bag hardly he was carzy at that moment
Why did this happen to me why why does destiny always play such games with me when ragini loved me I was not ready to accept her and know when I realised that I love her I can’t leave without her she loves some one else that some one else is none other than sanskar bhai why does it happens with me why am I unlucky at love why the first time I fell for a girl she cheated me she left me alone because of that betrayal I was unable to love anyone then swara came in my life she supported me in everything she was my best friends but because of my foolishness she’s not with me I hurted ragini a lot until I realised that I love her it was late
I can’t see her with anyone else even if it’s bhai I can’t saying he punched hard
He was sweating badly the anger he had was clearly visible in his eyes it was some sort of madness that he got
At a isolated place outside the city we can see a house it seems to be totally burnt (the one which they showed during that kavya darma malhotroes house)
A man well dressed enter in each time of house seems to be totally destroyed no one was resding their for many years it was full of dust he enters in their was a photo kept on table he picks it and wipes the dust it’s a pic of a young girl and boy
The man caress the girl’s face his eyes were moist
“I am back angle ur bhai is back I’ll destroy these maheswari’s I’ll full fill my promise I’ll no one can stop the destruction of these maheswari’s no one” he says wipeing his tears he came out of house sat in his car and drove it to some big mansion he enters in
“hello sir” he greets an middle aged man who was seated at sofa
“my boy how are u” he greets him
“what’s the next plan sir” the man asks
The other man lets out a small laugh
“more than me I think ur interested in taking revenge from maheswari” he says
“yes I am but not as much as u are I have joined u just know but u have did so much with them u killed kavitha and provoked sanskar that DP maheswari was behind that u planned so well that no one could ever think that it was u sanskar became biggest enemy of his own family he’s behind them to take revenge to destroy them ” the man said
The other man let a evil laugh
“ thank u young man for prasing me still their lots to be done with them” he said
“what’s the next move what we should do” the man asked
“we need to stop sanskar from going to London”the other man says
“ok but how” the young man ask
“that I will tell u” we can hear another voice from behind a girl comes to them
“u’ll call ragini and say that sanskar is cheating her he’s hiding that his brother and she were lover and he separated them” the girl says
“ but what will happen by that” the young man asks
“she’ll question sanskar and they will not go and sanskar will held laksh responsible for all this both brothers will have war for their lady love ragini” the man says
“poor girl she doesn’t even know what’s happening two brothers will fight with each other for her she lost her memory na or we can say that because of wrong medicines given by us to her during her road accident she lost her memory” the girl says letting a evil laugh both man join her
“yeah ur right” the young man says

Percap: who are these enemy what will happen………………………………………………

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    Wrong medicines given means they are following her or Sanky
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