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So I am here with another episode as my promise know its ur responsibility to comment suggestions ideas criticism everything is welcomed my silent readers plsz comment happy independence day once again love u all sorry for not replying to all ur comments personally thank u all for ur wishes for my birthday I am blessed to have such lovely friends love u all

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At hospital
12 hours for me were like 12 centuries every minute was like thousand years the thought to lose u was killing me I was scared I know she’ll not leave me she loves me nothing will happen to her kabir came out
“she’s out of danger she absolutely fine” he said I felt reveille “ and will soon gain conscious ” he said I was happy I went in she was unconscious I slowly sat next to her I held her hand
“ I was scared to lose u I was scared” tears rolled down my cheeks
It was early morning sanskar was next to ragini whole maheswari and gadodia family was their itself but still she didn’t get consciousness
I noticed slow movements of her hand slowly she opened her eyes I called doc immediately
We all were waiting for ragini to gain consciousness soon she got doc was checking her sanskar was nervously moving from here and their kabir came out all rushed to him
“kabir how’s she can we meet her” sanskar shot question at him I was amazed to see his love for ragini he truely loves her that care love affection protectiveness that sanskar shows for her its truely adorable this guy is amazing I am happy that their some one in ragini’s life who loves her immortal
He rushed in when kabir said they can
We were standing at entrance sanskar immediately hugged her tight they looked really cute I don’t what will happen in future but I wish my ragini always stay happy
When kabir said we can meet her I immediately rushed in she was sitting on bed my steps slowed I slowly went next to her she immediately hugged me I held her tight
“why u left me sanskar I was sacred” she said
“I am sorry for that I never leave u” I said
“ I love u”
“love u too” I said breaking the hug I planted a kiss on her forehead
Whole family entered in she was sacred she held my hand tight
“ how are u ragini” swara asked
“fine” she said firmly laksh came in front
“I am sorry ragini for whatever I did I am extremely sorry for that” he said I was burning in anger how cool he’s behaving trying to be innocent everything has happened because of him and he I about to speak ragini held my hand I saw towards her she signalled me no
“its ok laksh I am sure u didn’t hurt me intentionally” she said what she upto
“thank u” he said passing a smile
I saw many questions in her eyes
“sanskar wo” she was unable to say
“ u wanna know who are they right” she nodded
“I’ll tell u” kushi said
“u wanted to know about ur family na” she asked
She simply nodded
“they are u family ur ma baba dadi and ur sister swara” kushi said
Their was a shine in her eyes
“ and they are ur family” she asked me pointing towards maheswari
I nodded unwillingly
“I am sorry for my beahvaiour I didn’t know that ur my in laws” she said
“its ok beta” come came in front and caressed her face
“ur are sanskar’s mom na”she asked innocently
“yes but how do u know” mom asked
“ I saw ur picture that sanskar had family picture” she said
Mom looked towards me I nodded she was very much happy
Whole family talked with her
I was with her whole time I didn’t leave her alone neither she allowed me she has started trusting her family swara and she developed a close bond soon ragini was getting discharge by noon
I talked to arnav and kushi and decided to leave to London as soon as possible we were having our filght the next day

Precap: will ragini agree to go London with sanskar………………………

Gues sorry for short update but bit busy hope u understand thank u all and love u………………….

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