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Hello everyone wish u all happy independence day I am back with another chapter today is my birthday so I thought to treat u all I’ll upload 2 episodes today so have fun
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At mm
All were worried for ragini doc was checking her swara was sitting next to her holding her hand dadi was caressing her hairs all were having tears seeing her condition my mind was disturbed she didn’t recognise any of us and she said about her husband she married but whom and who’s this sanky
Whole family was their when we heard a voice it was very familiar
The voice was calling “ragini” who was he
We all rushed down swara and sumi ma were with ragini we all reached down I was totally shocked to see sanskar bhai their along with arnav bhai and a kushi babhi I didn’t understand anything
“sanskar tum yaah” chachi asked
Bhai seemed to be very angry his eyes were red
“ how dare u enter my house” papa said this boiled bhai’s anger
“I have no interest to be in your house mr.durga parsad maheswari” he screamed he seemed to be frustrated
“then what are u doing here” papa asked in cold tone
“ I am here for some one whom ur son forcefully brought here” he said
I was dumbstruck was he talking about ragini yes he was talking about her
“ragini ragini where are u” he again screamed
Do he know her

“bhai how do u know her” I asked
“ I don’t feel necessary to explain u” bhai said
“ what are u doing here beta and how do u know my daughter and why laksh is calling u bhai” shekar uncle asked
I guess swara didn’t tell him anything about sanskar bhai
“he’s my son shekar ji and sanskar how do u know ragini” chachi asked but bhai was bot paying a bit attention towards us he was about to go upstairs
Papa stopped him
“sanskar stop know right their u have no right to be here” he said
“I am not interested in arguing with u just tell me where’s ragini” he asked
“first tell us how u know her” chachi asked
“she is sanskar’s wife so he has full rights to know about her” kushi bhabi said
We all were dumbstruck to know that I was totally broken ragini married bhai how can she do that no that’s not true she can’t

When I opened my eyes i was in a room then everything flashed to me how laksh brought me here that girl(Swara) was sitting next to me holding my hand and dadi was next to me they were crying I was unable to bear those tears before I could speak anything I heard sanskar’s voice he was here for me
But I heard him saying that he was not interested to be here I guess he was arguing with them oh no I quickly got up dadi stopped me
“ ladoo where are u going u need rest” she said but I was least interested in their care the only thing mattering me right know is sanskar he’s here
“swara stop her” dadi said
Oh so she’s swara she tried to stop me but I was in no mood to listen to them my head was paining things were seeming blur to me but some how I managed and got out of room swara and dadi followed me I was unable to stand also I managed to come on stairs and I saw sanskar their I called him before I could move towards him I was losing my balance everything was becoming blurr around me

I reached MM as soon I got to know laksh had force fully taken ragini with him he brought her here my temper was out of control I was in no mood to argue with anyone I just wanted my ragini where was she I screamed no one was ready to say where she was I
I heard ragini’s voice she was standing on stairs seeing towards me with lot of love she was trying to move towards me she was about to fall unconscious I ran to her and held her I was shocked to see blood was oozing from her mouth arnav and kushi rushed to me
“sanskar we need to take her hospital immediately” arnav said
I picked her and we immediately rushed to hospital I was worried for
Whole maheswari family and gadodia followed us kushi informed kabir
She was admitted in ICU dr.kabir came out
“kabir how’s she” I asked
“ sanskar I already said u to take her away from this place she got a brain stroke she need to be operated immediately” kabir said
I was scared like hell
“rag…….ragini how’s she” I asked In trembling voice
“ I won’t lie she’s critical” saying he left
I was shattered I collapsed on chair near by ragini no she can’t leave me she has promised me no nothing will happen to her sanskar stop being stupid nothing can happen to her
Arnav placed his hands on my shoulder I immediately hugged him tight
“she would be fine na”I asked
“ yes” he said
We broke the hug kushi hugged me
“she would be fine” she said I was assuring my self nothing can happen to her
“ what has happened to her” laksh asked I was not in a condition to answer him
I was not understanding anything ragini fell unconscious and sanskar bhai brought her here how bhai is related to her what has happened to her I asked him but he was not reacting
Kushi stood up all of sudden she came in front of me and slapped me
“what’s ur problem why can’t u let her leave in peace” she screamed
What have I done
“because of u today she’s in this condition she was about to start a new life but u, u always ruin her happiness” she said what because of me
“kushi what has happened to ladoo how come u here will u plsz explain what has happened to her” dadi asked
Kushi was teary she hugged dadi
Kushi explained us about ragini’s arrival at Mumbai and how she met bhai their friendship and ragini’s accident she lost her memory she didn’t remember anyone except sanskar and after that her condition and all
I was shocked like hell she met with an accident and she lost her memory and because of me she’s here today she fighting btw death and life because of me and ragini and bhai are married
I was shocked to learn about ragini’s accident she has lost her memory she don’t remember us then I saw towards sanskar who had his face closed in palms he’s ragini’s husband I was totally confused and shocked i am sacred for ragini how is she she would be fine na
I slowly moved towards sanskar he looked up to me he was not showing any emotions
“ she would be fine na” I asked
He held my hand assured me through eyes that she would be fine
Everyone was shocked to learn about ragini mom slowly moved towards me and hugged me
“she would be fine na mom” I asked
“ yes”
“she promised me that she’ll never leave me” I said
After a while kabir came out we all rushed to him
“kabir” I was unable to complete
“ nothing can be said she has operated but these 12 hours are every precious to her anything can happen in this time she may even fall in coma I am not sure about anything” he said
I got angry I held his collar
“how dare u say so nothing will happen to her do u understand” I warned him
“sanskar leave him” arnav said
I left him in rage
“ how can he say like that” I yelled
“ we know na nothing can happen to her relax” he assured me but my heart was sinking in pain will she leave me no can’t she can’t

Percap: what will happen to ragini …………………………………………..

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