swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-25)


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recap: sanskar in Kolkata his accident ragini got attack ragini and kushi at Kolkata
at hospital
ragsan standing and are hugging eachother sanskar is consoling ragini
“ragini relax I am fine its just minor accident see I am absolutely fine” he said she tightened her grip on him tears were rolling from her eyes sanskar was worried for her he was unable to bear her tears
Scences shift to arshi
“Kushi how did u get this hurt” arnav asked
“ arnav u leave this ragini got attack” she said in almost sacred tone
Arnav was totally shocked
“we need to do something and while coming to hospital she said she was feeling unesay in this place she was getting panic and nervous but for sanskar she managed to come here” kushi said
“kushi relax we’ll do something first u get bandaged to ur wound it seems deep plsz” arnav said in worry for her
“ arnav why are u not understading she got attack u remember na what doc said one brain stroke can kill her and her condition is getting worsened and this place is associated to her past which should not come in front of her” kushi almost screamed out of frustration
Arnav held her by shoulder
“ kushi I know but plsz relax getting angry or scared would not help we should handle it with calmness and we should inform sanskar before that plsz listen to me” he said
Kushi simply nodded kushi was getting aided for her wounds arnav was with her she explained him everything how ragini came to know about sanskar’s accident her attack how she got wound and then rest
Arnav was hell shocked to learn everything he decided to tell sanskar as soon as possible but how
He then planned that he would ragini out and then kushi can explain him
They both headed towards sanskar’s ward
Ragsan were still hugging eachother
“ragini” he said softly
She didn’t reply
Sanskar realised that she was unconscious he was shocked he was not understanding anything he immediately called doc he made her lie on bed doc was checking her
Arshi reached their they were shocked to see ragini’s condition
Sanskar was sitting next to her holding her hand
“sanskar how did this happen” kushi asked
“ don’t kushi we were hugging then I realised that she’s unconscious” sanskar said tears rolled down his cheeks he held himself responsible for her condition
“ she’s fine know may be because of stress she fell unconscious she’ll be conscious soon” doc said
“ sanskar I need to talk to u right know” kushi said she seemed very much worried
Sanskar and kushi went out arnav was with her
Kushi explained him everything whatever happened sanskar was totally shocked they called ragini’s doc and explained him all situation
“mr.sanskar I advice u to meet dr.kabir who’s right their in Kolkata I’ll contact him and explain him ragini’s condition”
“thanks doc”
Sanskar and kushi went to meet dr.kabir they were in his cabin kabir came kabir and sanskar were shocked to see eachother they hugged kabir and sanskar were college friend
“sanskar how come u here dr.gupta informed me that her patient’s husband would come to meet me but u”
“ yes I am here for ragini she’s her patient” sanskar said
“ragini yeah he said this name only and wait who’s she u married and didn’t inform us when did u marry dude omg this is really shocking news ” kabir said in excited tone he hugged sanskar in excitement
“wait don’t put too much pressure on ur brain let me explain”
Sanskar explained him everything about ragini’s condition and how an accident changed everything and about her past connected to kolkata
“ sanskar I think u should take her away from this place as soon as possible she already got attack and one shock would prove very dangerous to her” kabir said
Sanskar nodded
“sanskar she must be operated as soon as possible and don’t worry she’ll be fine” kabir assured him
After meeting kabir sanskar and kushi returned to ragini
Sanskar was deeply thinking something
“ we need to talk” he said all headed out he took a long breath
“ we are leaving to London today itself” he said
“ I’ll book our tickets” arnav said
Arnav booked plane ticket sanskar was in some tension kushi saw it
“tonight were are leaving” arnav said
“ sanskar are u sure” kushi asked
“ yes I am sure and her operation will also take place their I can’t risk to keep her here anymore this place is associated to her past and I can’t take chance to risk her life” sanskar said in determined tone
“ we are with u” ksuhi said side hugging him
They went in arshi left sanskar was sitting near ragini soon ragini got conscious she opened her eyes and saw sanskar next to her
“are u fine how are u feeling know” he asked helping her to sit
“fine” she saw her surrounding “what I am doing here” she asked
“madam u came Kolkata I was on hospital bed but know u are what an bonding of us na if one gets hurt other feel pain I got hurt and u r admitted here” he said playfully
“ shut up sanskar u know how sacred I was and u” she said making angry face
“oh………. my angle got angry” he said pulling her cheeks she got irritated “u know u look more cute when u get angry” she saw towards him with love and hugged him tight
Sanskar reciporated
“ I was sacred sanskar I was sacred to lose u promise me u’ll never leave me” she said still hugging
“ umm………. let me think who will bear a lady Hitler a zalim ziddi kadoos wife” ragini looked up to him giving him death glare he hugged her back “just joking and why should I leave u if u ask also I am not going to leave u because I love u u r my life ragini and I can’t live without u”
“ I love u too” she said
Arshi entered
They coughed ragsan realised her position
“ congratulations u both discharge” arnav said giggling
“its not funny” sanskar said
“ I know but seriously what a couple u both are sanskar got hurt and ragini is admitted here right know” arnav said
Ragsan looked towards eachother and then arshi they busted in laughter
“ shall we leave we have go to hotel pack u both’s luggage and leave as soon as possible as we have do checking we’ll get late” kushi said
“ are we going back to Mumbai” ragini asked
“no we are leaving to london” sanskar replied
“ why we were going next week na then all of sudden” she asked
“ woh I can’t tell u right know but we have to leave”
“ ok I am with u ” ragini said giving a broad smile to him sanskar was very happy that ragini supports him always
They headed towards their hotel had some rest packed their luggage
Swara and laksh came to know about sanskar’s departure
Swalak decided to meet him once before he left
Sanskar and arnav were waiting for ragini and kushi to come
Sanskar seemed some what worried arnav saw it
“sanskar what happened” arnav asked
“ don’t know arnav why I am feeling guilty that I am taking her away with me away from her family I am being selfish yaar if she every gains her memory will she forgive me for this”
“bro I know ur sad but what ever we are doing its for her its situation demand so don’t feel bad everything would be fine” arnav said assuring him
“ I know but from the time she came here I am sacred I am sacred to lose her I can’t bear it arnav I can’t bear if she leaves me” his eyes were almost teary
“ sanky have u gone mad nothing will happen like this u love her she loves u no one can separate u both stop thinking unwanted” arnav said
“ yeah but why these feelings yaar I am just scared for her I feel like something will happen”
“ yaar stop saying filmy dialogues nothing will happen ok tell me when u are with her will u let anything wrong happen to her” sanskar simply nodded
“then why to worry everything would be fine” he reassured him while they were talking
Swara arrived their sanskar was hell shocked to see her their swara approached them sanskar asked arnav to stop ragini if swara saw ragini it would create a huge problem arnav left
“swara u here” he asked
“ wo sanskar I thought to u meet u last time I couldn’t meet u at hospital also ur wife came na” she said
“ yeah wo we are leaving to London”
They were talking to eachother
Scenes shift to ragini and kushi
Arnav was doing circus to stop her
“arnav bhai what’s u r problem why are u irritating me” ragini said annoyed
“ areh yaar yeah I remember some people said me that their a lake near temple some distance from our hotel people say whatever we ask their we get”
Ragini got excited hearing it
“ really can we go their”
“ yes offcourse” he said
Ragini started to move kushi pulled him back
“ what’s worng with u”
“ wo ragini’s sister swara is here to meet sanskar”he said
“ what” ksuhi was shocked
Ragini turned and didn’t find arshi their
“arnav bhai come fast na” ragini said
“ yeah coming” he screamed
“ we have to handle her” he said
Arnav took ragini and kushi from otherside of hotel swara didn’t see them but someone else saw them
Laksh had come to meet sanskar he was at parking lot he was shocked to see ragini their
“ragini” he whispered
“ did I really see her and what she’s doing with arnav bahi wait is she really ragini yes she was ragini only do swara know about it”
He followed them
Arshi and ragini reached that temple
Arshi were praying in temple ragini headed towards lake alone without informing arshi soon she reached their threw coin
“god plsz always keep my sanskar safe and happy” she prayed and headed back laksh saw her he ran towards her and immediately hugged her ragini was shocked she pushed him
“ how dare u hug me” she screamed
“ragini I know u are angry with me plsz forgive me” laksh said pleading her
“ who the hell are u and how do u know my name” she asked in angry tone
“ragini plsz don’t joke that u don’t know me”
“ see mr I don’t know who are u and first answer me why did u hug me” she asked
“ plsz ragini don’t do this with me I know u r angry but plsz don’t joke that u don’t remember ur laksh plsz” he said holding her shoulders she freed herself
“how many times shall I tell u I don’t know who u are”
“ ok u don’t know me fine” he held her hand and started pulling her
“ leave my hand u beast I said leave me I don’t know who are u plsz leave me” ragini was trembling to free herself from his grip but laksh held her hand tight
Scenes shift to arshi they were searching for ragini they didn’t find her their
“arnav I’ll check near lake and u go to other side of temple” kushi said
Both aparted their ways
Kushi reached that place she saw ragini being pulled by someone she was shocked
She ran behind them but it was already late laksh forcefully made ragini to sit in car and drove off kushi saw his face and was hell shocked
Arnav came their
“kushi I didn’t find her” he said
“arnav I saw laksh forcefully taking ragini with him” she said
“what” arnav was shocked
Scenes shift to swasan
They talked for a while and then she left
Swara came out of hotel she was waiting for taxi she got laksh’s call she was hell angry seeing his call
She angrily picked his call
“ what’s ur problem mr.laksh maheswari and why did u call me” she screamed
“swara plsz don’t get mad at me and plsz listen what I am saying” laksh
“ what’s left for u to speak” she said she was about to cut the call
“ its about ragini” hearing ragin’s name she stopped
“what u wanna talk about her” she aksed in cold tone
“reach with ur family to MM as soon as possible” he said
“ why I come their” she asked
“ if u wanna know about ragini then plsz reach their as soon as possible ”saying he cutted the call
“what he wanna talk know and about ragini why he asked me to come with whole family to MM what’s he planning” she thought
Scenes shift to raglak
Laksh was driving ragini was sitiing next to him he had held her hand
She was try to free herself
“what the hell is ur problem where are u talking me plsz leave me” she said
“u’ll get to know soon”he said
Scenes shift to MM
Laksh informed whole family to be present at MM
Soon gadodia’s also reached their
Maheswarii family was shocked to see them
“ laksh called us he said he wanna talk about ragini” dadi said annoyed
Soon laksh reached their
He forced ragini to come in
He had held her hand tight
“ plsz leave me where have u brought me” ragini said
Whole family was shocked to see ragini their
Scenes shift to arshi they came to sanskar and informed him everything he was mad at laksh
“laksh maheswari how dare u” he screamed “I’ll not leave u” he said
He drove to MM along with arshi he was driving at full speed to reach as soon as possible he worried for ragini how would she react seeing all
I don’t know who the hell is he, he brought me some house I was feeling as I know this place I have been here before also why this strange feeling
Ragini was not understanding anything
“ where have u brought me” i was about to go out he stopped me
Tears were flowing from everyone’s eyes why was I affected by these tears who are these people
“let me go” i screamed he pushed me toward family i was about to fall an old aged women held me by my shoulders
“ ladoo” she said I was not understanding anything why did this lady address ma that but why I am feeling that I was called by this name after seeing her some flashes of some old lady giving arati to a girl were coming to my mind I was unable to see that lady and girl
Why I am sad seeing her tears who is she to me who are they
I stood up I wanted to know why was I brought here how do they know me
“why u brought me here and who are u” I asked him in angry tone
“ok fine u don’t know me but u don’t know them also” laksh said he held my hand and brought me in front of that old women
“ u don’t know this women who raised u who gave u all motherly love u don’t remember ur dadima” laksh said I was not understanding anything my dadi ma
I heard some female voice from behind she said my name
(its swara)
She came and hugged me tight don’t know why I was feeling good who’s she why I am feeling that I know her some flashes of two girls hugging were coming to my mind I was unable to see who were they why such images are coming to my mind after seeing all of them why
She broke the hug tears were flowing from her eyes she cupped my face
“ ra…..ragi…..ragini my ragu where were u, u know how much we were worried for u how can u leave me ma baba dadi everyone like that” she said
What I left them when I was slient everyone was talking to saying me why did I leave them know I was crossing my limits I couldn’t take it anymore its affecting me I can’t take I wanna go to my sanskar
“ enough” I screamed “see I don’t know who u all are let me go I don’t know who are u so plsz let me go” I pleaded
“plsz don’t joke ragini” that girl(swara) said
I am not understanding anything
“ I am not joking I don’t know who u all are plsz let me go plsz see my husband would be worried for me plsz let me go to him plsz” I said I was at verge of crying
I forcefully brought ragini she was not ready to recognise me I thought she would be happy to meet her family but she didn’t recognise them too has she lost her memory but I was hell shocked when she mentioned husband she’s married but to whom and why she’s behaving so what has happened to her I am not understanding anything
“laddo asse mat kar harme sath” dadi pleaded
“ I said I don’t know u all” she screamed she was crying she was frustrated she held her head
“plsz let me go” she was feeling unconscious she was closing her eyes “ to san………….san ………. sanky” saying she was unconscious we all rushed to her I picked her and took her to room upstairs followed by all who is this sanky how is he related to her
Precap: sanskar at MM
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