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I was still unable to believe what was happening first I saw bhai, he then slapped me, he hate us so much and next what I never excepted SR was none other than sanskar bhai he relieved his identity he was owning karma industries and swara was working for him in a single day we all got so many shocks we returned home whole family was still in shock but chachi seemed dame angry she should be after all she was kept away from her son we reached MM dad was about to head upstairs when chachi broke silence
“know are u happy na bhaisa” she screamed dad stopped their and he turned towards her
“ ohh I am sorry I mean sad u didn’t except that my son would reach here u must be very sad na” she said
“sujitha chup karo” chacha screamed
“why ji why should I be silent ,all this years I was kept away from my son I never complained but know its too much he didn’t committed any big crime then also he was thrown out of this house why” chachi yelled we all had are heads down she was right bhai was never at mistake
“and laksh also did wrong but he was not thrown out of this house why always my son has to face all this why”
“ what do u mean by that” atlast dad spoke in cold tone
“ don’t force me to tell what and all laksh did he spoiled two girls life”
“ sujitha” mom tried to say her something but tears were rolling down her eyes
“ na jiji not today I am going to meet my son” “and I would not stop if anyone tries to also” she said looking towards chacha
It was excepted all these years chachi was didn’t allowed to keep any contact with bhai I have seen her crying late nights always worried about bhai she headed out and I followed her
“ I’ll drop u” I said she was noded and then we drove to bhai’s hotel
Wounds fill with time but some are such that they can never be healed I wanted to meet mom hug her tight tell her how much I missed her all those years but I knew reality that I can’t and she would never go against her family and I never wanted to hurt her about all this
We were boarding the flight tomorrow I never excepted mom was here I hugged her tight tears rolled from my eyes and she was too crying
“ I missed u” I was manage to say only this much
She broke the hug
“ don’t lie if u had missed me then u would have come to me long back but didn’t” she said
I cupped her face
“ I am sorry” and wiped her tears
“ u don’t look good while crying ur all makeup gets spoiled” she laughed a bit
“ u would never change” she said I saw laksh but I didn’t wanna pay any attention to him I took her to my room
“how are u and kavitha where’s she” mom asked
I was silent what should I tell shall I tell her everything
“ sanskar tell na” she aksed
“ she’s no more mom”
“ what do u mean I didn’t understand” she asked
“ she’s dead mom she’s no more in this world”
“ sanskar how all this happened”
I explained her how on our marriage day she was killed and everything after that what happened except about ragini
“ this much happened with u and u” she hugged me again
“ I am sorry that all this time I was not with u my chora” she said
“ its ok mom”
We talked for a while

The next day
It has been only a day that sanskar went to Kolkata and today he’s boarding flight but why I am feeling so uneasy I was one who forced him to go their then too why these weird feeling I get I know he didn’t wanna go Kolkata why I am totally unware about the reason but I feel theirs something that I know but still I don’t know it why did I lose my memory and my head from morning its paining a lot I don’t know why but since morning I am having tremendous pain as I was having in after accident but it has been so long and today again and this sanskar is not picking my call making me feel more worried where is he what is he doing I am getting so much anger I swear let him come back I’ll see him I’ll not leave him so easily

I had some work left in office so I amd arnav decided to go and finish it our flight was 11 am and know it was 9am it hardly required us one hour we headed towards office I had called swara
She was looking dull we had a normal conversation
We finished our work also while and I left the place I waiting for arnav to come i was standing in front of my office building I saw ragini’s miss calls oh my god she would be mad at me that I forgot about her oh god she’ll kill me for sure
I was about to call her when I saw a man I was totally shocked he was here swara came out
I headed towards that man seeing me approaching him he started running I ran behind to catch him as I was about to catch him I saw a car heading towards me in full speed before I could understand what was happening I was hitted by that everything seemed going blank around me I heard swara calling me but it soon faded and I closed my eyes

I didn’t except sanskar to call me he was plolite and gentle as always in his talks but I was disturbed and laksh was a sole reason for all this I hate him hate him to core but why my heart is not ready to belive whatever sanskar said may be he’s right but what if he knows only half truth may be their’s something more that we don’t know why my heart says that laksh can never do that why ? I have thousands of questions but no one can answer me I wanted to talk to laksh but my mind didn’t allow me I got sanskar’s call we had some work in office after completing he left soon he left some files their I headed out to give him but he didn’t pay attention towards me he ran behind some one who was he why did he ran behind me I too ran after them then I saw a car hitting him he was lying in pool of blood I was shocked totally by time arnav sir too came following us we took him to hospital immediately he’s in OT
Doc came out we rushed to him
“ doc how’s he”arnav asked
“ nothing to worry its some minor injuries he would be fine soon” he said
He felt a revile after hearing it
Arnav sir was talking to his wife

I was sitting in hall I was feeling so worried I thought to talk to kushi I headed towards her room she was talking to some one
“ what sanskar’s accident but how” I heard her conversation I was totally shocked sanskar’s accident but how
“ plsz take care of him” “ don’t worry I’ll not ragini I make some excuse” “ plsz take him care” “ ok bye”I heard what she was telling

I was talking to arnav he said sanskar met with an accident I was shocked he asked me not to tell ragini anything as she would be worried after talking to him when I turned I saw ragini standing their tears were rolling from her eyes
“ ragini”
“ how’s is know how did this happened” she asked
“ don’t worry he’s fine” I managed to say
“ I know ur lying to me u r hiding from me plsz tell me how’s he” she pleaded
“ ragini believe me he’s fine know” I said wiping her tears
“ no I don’t trust u I know ur leing” she screamed
“ why would I lie to u trust me he’s fine” she was getting violent I didn’t except this in all this months it never happened
“I want to go to him I’ll go to Kolkata” she said
I was very hard to console her she started throwing things around she threw a vase that hitted on my head sanskar was not here and without him I can’t manage her
“ listen to me listen to me ragini” I was trying to get hold of her
“ I wanna go to him I want to go to my sanskar” she was screaming
“ ok fine we are going to Kolkata to sanskar I promise I’ll take u to him plsz clam down”
she was relaxing
I immediately got the flight ticket and with in some minutes we headed towards airport and soon we boarded flight I was unable to inform arnav as my phone broke I was tensed for ragini she got attack again our biggest fear was coming true her operation should happen as soon as possible more delay can harm her a lot she may lose her mental balance and her life was also at risk a small brain stroke could kill her may lead her to coma why does it happens with her why

When I opened my eyes I found myself in hospital what was I doing here then it striked me I was running behind that man and the suddenly a car hitted me
Soon arnav came in
“how are u bro” he asked
He helped me sit
“ I saw kartick” I said
“ what” he was shocked
“yeah I missed him just missed him” I said anger occupied me I missed him why what was he doing here I should find him as soon as possible
“ sanskar relax we’ll find him” arnav ensured me
“ we have to and we’ll” I said
After a while he left I was resting
After some hours
Doc checked me he said we I can soon get discharged soon I was sitting on bed taking tablets soon I heard some one’s voice ragini no how can she come here how I think I am thinking too much
Soon my ward’s door opened and I saw ragini I was totally shocked what was she doing here she got to know that I met with an accident
She runned to me and hugged me tight I too hugged her back she was crying
I saw kushi standing at door she had some injuries on head and arms what has happened
She said me to clam her
“ ragu clam down I am fine” I said
She broke the hug
“ idiot u know how much I was worried for u I hate u sanskar how can u do this with me” she said playfully beating me
I pulled her in a bone crushing hug she hugged me back

Precap: ragini and maheswari , gadodia’s face off

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