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Why is life so complicated why do the person we love goes far away from us when ragini was with me I valued her I had fallen for her long back but my ego never allowed me to accept that I love her I realised that I love her but its too late don’t know where’s she how is she know I can only do is regret for past
Life changes so fast laksh maheswari who was known as lucky who enjoyed life to fullest who never cared for what he did who never cared to look back is regretting for what he lost I really miss u ragini in these two months I have completely changed I am no more that lucky but a rude arrogant man its because u left me plsz come back to me plsz
Today is a sepical day dad is going to get award for his long achievements whole family is going to attend this award show I wish how it would have been if u were her

Its hard for me to be in this place every time i am here it reminds me of all those incidents or I may tragedy happened with me I feel bad that today I am getting award but my own family is not with me I feel sorrow what it what had happened may not have happened then I would have been with my family with my ma badi ma dad uttra, where I am know where no one is with me I hate u dp maheswari and laksh maheswari because of u two I am far away from all my beloved once because of u two they hate me I would never forgive u never ever a tear escaped from my eyes
I came out of my thoughts when I heard arnav’s voice he was talking to some one on phone I immedetealy wiped my tears
“ ha ha I know” he was on call“ yaar what’s my fault in all this”
Through actions I asked him what happened
“ its because of u” he said to me
I didn’t understand anything
“ what I did” I asked him
“ why didn’t u pick ragu’s call see know she’s giving me big lectures that I can’t take care of u” he said
“ aranv are u listening to me” I heard ragini’s yell
“ handle her” he said handing me phone
“ I send u their to take his care what are u doing ha and don’t know which girl he visted I said u change his PA u didn’t do can’t u do that much for u sis I aksed u small thing take care of sanskar he needs our support and u”
“bhai are u listening to me” she said
“ sanskar” she recognised me
“yeah and how did u recognise me” I asked her
“ simple because I love u” she said

“ ahh…….. I know and why were u scolding arnav”
“ why he came their and what’s he doing and by the way why didn’t u pick my call u know how much worried I was u r so carless I hate u for this” she said
“ don’t u get tried by talking so much” I said
“ I am worried for u and u how can u make joke of it I’ll not talk to u”
She cut the call
I called her back

“ iss call ki sabhi line wyastha hai” she said
“wait I wanna talk to my angle”
“ didn’t u heard its busy and ur angle will not talk to u”
“ oh so much anger I am extremely sorry yaar I thought u will encourage me today so importat for me and u”
“ I am sorry sanky I didn’t mean to hurt u I am sorry I was just worried for u”
“ I know and I am also sorry”
“ and ahh ur emotional backmail will not work on me u come back then I’ll see u”
“ I am also desperate to come to u”
“ I know umm ok take care bye I think u should be leaving know bye and love u”
“ love u too” I cutted the call
I felt so happy that their some one who loves me so much
We headed towards the ceremony
I was bit excited nervous very emotions I was badly missing ragini and my parents
We soon reached the venue I was at parking lot but everything became upright down when I saw a person whom I hate the most “laksh maheswari”

I was parking my car when I saw sanskar bhai what was he doing here where was he in all this years thousands of questions were running in my mind we both saw eachother I moved towards him he seemed not interested in me
“bhai” this was only thing I could manage to say
I hugged him but he didn’t do he still hates us that he never supported him
“ bhai where were u all this years u know how much we missed u whole family have u ever thought of chachi she used to cry a lot that u left us” i didn’t except I got a sudden slap from bhai on my cheeks
“ bhai” I was shocked why did he slapped me do he hate us so much
“ don’t u dare to call me that again and mr.laksh maheswari u have no relation with u or u r so called family” he said his eyes were filled with anger
“but bhai” I tried to say something but he stopped
“ didn’t u heard I have no relation with u and I don’t want to cerate a mess here so better mind it” saying he left he just left why hate me so much why did he say like that why

I never wished to see him but today I saw him he hugged me as nothing happened I was raged by that only and on top of that he called me bhai it made me recall all those things that happened with me in all this years he was was the one who informed bade papa and bade papa made kavitha killed because of him I was away from my parents why do he show the fake care I hate it at a moment I melted but then what he did was unforgivable what was he saying that everyone missed me in all this years no one dare to know that where I was they even didn’t allow mom to speak to me until bade papa came to know we were speaking but after that never I know how much my mom miss me how much I miss her why do he always make me remember everything why
I entered in venue I saw whole my family I couldn’t take it anymore I just headed out from their
Arnav saw me going out
I was In garden sheding tears for whom I got ragini call I didn’t want her to know that I was sad
“ ha angle tell me” I tried to act cool
“ sanskar u cried u are sad are u fine na what happened sanky” she said
This made me forget everything being far away from me she knows that I am sad
“ yeah just missing u”
“ I know their something more u are hiding from me know I am not with u that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything sanskar I don’t know what is it but u have to be strong for me”
“ thank u angle and yeah I am fine don’t stress so much just sad missing u badly”
“ ahh me too kash I was their with u but know also I am their with u”she said
“ how”
“ buddu I am always their in ur heart” she said laughingly
“ I know and u’ll always be their”
“ I love u sanskar”
“ love u too” after talking to her I gave me courage I just wnet back to venue
I was sad that why bhai slapped me do he still hate me that I told dad about that he love kavitha bhabi and where’s kavitha what’s happening I was heading in and I saw swara what was sh doing here I apporoached her but she seemed not interested in it how can she be afterall what I did to her was not at all right but I couldn’t cheat her I couldn’t marry her knowing that I love her sister she was friend and I can’t do anything wrong to her
“ hi” I said simply
“ hi” she replied coldly
“ how are u” I was trying to casual
“fine” she replied she was not all seeing towards me
“ and u here” before I could complete she shot at me
“its none of ur business” saying she left I felt bad may be whatever happened but we were friends and I miss that friend of mine
I saw laksh whom I didn’t wish to meet the reason that I was not ready to come here was this I knew that he would also be their and I didn’t wanted to face him why do he always come’s in my life because of him so much happened and still I couldn’t tolerate him even for a second and he’s trying to be casual what does he thinks about himself he’s no one to be I answered him in anger and left the place and I am not understanding that why I am still thinking about him I hate him but how much I try to hate him I am falling for him why do I love him why I hate myself for loving him I hate u laksh maheswari I hate u
I was screeching for sanskar sir then I saw arnav sir who was a bit tensed I aksed him where was he he said he would come soon
The programme started

When I entered in the programme had already started I saw arnav and kushi so I headed towards them I saw my whole family my mom dad everyone i tried hard and controlled my emotions so coldly headed towards them trying to complete ignore them
“ are u fine sanskar” arnav asked
“ yeah” I replied them something flashed in my mind I said him something
“ are u sure bro” he asked
“ yes”
“ ok” saying he left
Soon the ceremony started bade papa got award for long achievements then it was me
“ know I reuquest mr.durgaparsad maheswari come on stage and give the next award” the achor said
“ the youngest business men award goes to mr.SR” the anchor continued “ in small time of span karma industries are among india’s top leading industries “SR” the owner and founder at a small age has achieved a lot I request SR to come up on stage and take the award”
Everyone attention were towards me media every one wanted to know who was SR I slowly stood up from my place then some one came to anchor and said something to her
“ I am sorry I mean mr. sanskar ramprasad maheswari to get the award”
This was the biggest shock to all and I was waiting to this I had a smirk on my face I said arnav to reveal my full name I received the award from bade papa who still couldn’t belive what he heard
I headed towards the mike
“ thank u all for giving me this award I thank to all who supported me my each staff member who’s efforts were behind this success thanks to my parents and special thanks to my beloved wife my love my life my angle” saying I got down from stage
All press reporters rushed to me
“ sir u r a maheswari why didn’t u reveal u identity all this time” a reporters question
“ I was waiting for right time” I said
“ sir who’s u r wife and where’s she why didn’t she attend this tonight”
“sir why are u apart from ur family” thousands of questions but I was ignoring all but then I saw swara I know she had many questions and don’t know why but I felt that she should know what’s happening here

Everything seemed going well bade papa got award and know it was sanskar’s turn
I was shocked to know that he was sanskar ramprsad maheswwari rp uncle and sujitha anuty’s son I never heard about him from anyone where was he all these years and why don’t he stay with them what has happened what’s going on then he approached me
“ I need to talk to u” he said
I simply nodded and headed with him he said me that he know that I am shocked I have thousands of questions that why was he away from his family why no one mention about him he said that he knew what happened with me and my sister what laksh did then he said that he loved a girl kavitha but everything changed when laksh said bade papa about his love when they both were about to marry and bade papa got killed kavitha laksh helped him in all this because of laksh he lost his love he was thrown out of house and kept way from his whole family and parents and he hate both of them to core I still couldn’t believe what he said that how can laksh stoop so low why he did that why

Precap: ragini in Kolkata

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