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She is very stuburn I hate myself for going away from her why to get that award because of her I am really worried for her I am in flight just in some hours I’ll be in Kolkata I left this early morning and award ceremony is at evening I have some other office work also
I am just thinking know how my life changed after she came in my angle my love my ragini know I can’t imagine myself without her I want to live my every moment with her be with her my whole life start my day by seeing her angelic face and end by her beautiful smile after kavitha dies I became complete work holic taking revenge from maheswari’s was my mean motive but know she is my life she changed me she changed everything i am thinking how we met first our silly fights nokh jokh our moments everything it seems so divine the time I spent with her is moments of my life
I fear of losing her I fear to be away from her I fear I can’t imagine myself I would die without her
I came out of my thoughts when I heard announcement that flight landed in “kolkata” I never wanted to return here ever but today I am here because of someone
I headed out of airport as I was heading out my phone ringed seeing the name a curve appeared on my face obliviously because its my angle
“ have u reached how was ur journey are u fine na are u still in airport” she was questioning me continuously I was smiling like a mad she was not letting me speak
“ hello sanskar are u their”
“ yeah”
“ then why are u not answering me” she said in anger tone
“ did u let me” I said letting a laugh out
“ ok don’t laugh how was ur journey”
“ it was good I am just heading out of airport”
“ ok”
“ and u don’t forget to take ur morning medicines and plsz don’t trouble poor kushi for taking medicines”
“ ji pati dev aur kcuh”
“ yeah I love u”
“ love u too take care I’ll call u later tom and jerry have started fighting” she said
“ ok see u soon”
“ bye” saying she cutted the call for a moment I forget everything
I headed out of airport I took a quick glance of my surroundings this city seems as beautiful as it was the cool breeze of morning give me peace its 10.30am of morning the weather is so pleasant and then I saw driver having name plate of “SR” I headed towards my car
The driver drove me to my hotel I was sitting back of my car seeing through window this beautiful cityt where I spend most of years of my life where I was born grew my schooling college and kavitha everything started here
This city seemed to be changed a lot I was thought soon we reached our hotel I made check out and headed towards office
It has been more than 2 month that I have joined karma industries the owner of our company “SR” he’s very talented its true I have never seen him nor any his photo I believe only some our major clients have seen him no photographs no media interaction nothing our company is among top ten companies of county and “SR” is going to get award of youngest business men award the ceremony is going to be know held in Kolkata and he’s here soon going to come here meet all of us I am excited we are going to meet him in small age he has set up karama industries and in few years he has achieved so much
But having everything but one part of me is missing I miss ragini everything has changed in these months I hate laksh because of him all this have happened I hate myself for ever loving him I hate him because of him today ragini is away from us I’ll never ever forgive him I hate u laksh I hate u laksh maheswari
I came out of my thoughts hearing the noises that SR is here
I heard some employees saying that SR is every handsome hot know I also want to see him
I soon reached office my new secretary pooja was already here
I am laughing at this thought I still remember ragini’s reaction when she got to know that my new secretary was a girl she was jealous she even forced me to change my secretary I met almost everyone here
I was in my cabin pooja came with some one seeing her I was totally shocked “swara” what was she doing here
“sir she’s our branch manager swara gadodia” pooja introduced
I just shook hands with her oh so she’s here I was totally blank how to react I soon composed my self she don’t know me I know her I mist be careful we discussed about random thinks I must say these gadodia sister’s are very talented I am impressed by swara
She left I am thinking about all happenings what ever happened with swara was also not right she too faced soo much because of laksh how’s ragini’s family do they miss her are they worried for her I must enquire about it but how I need to know about ragini’s family I know my family don’t care for me but I think her family may be worried for her I and ragini are starting a new life away from all but ragini’s family have right on her they have right to know about her what should I do some how I should get to know about her
I called swara in we talked about some major projects and I made her agree to come to award ceremony with her family she unwilling agreed I headed out It was 4 pm I thought to drive myself while I headed out I took driver seat I was driving this city is same as it was nothing changed but I am not the same I got angle’s call while talking to her my car hitted some one I putted break all of sudden I didn’t see the person
“ angle I’ll call u later”I cutted the call and headed out
My car hitted some old lady I helped her
“ I am sorry anuty I was talking to someone I am really sorry” I made her stand
“ are u ok” I questioned
“ yeah beta I am fine”she said
“ can I drop u where do u stay” I questioned
“don’t worry beta I’ll go my house is nearby” the old lady said
“no no I’ll drop u plsz” she agreed finally
I was driving to her place
“ I think u are new here” the old lady said
“ nothing like but just returned here after a long time” I said
Soon we reached her place its some kali badi
I helped her when we were heading in I heard someone’s voice
“ dida”
Yeah its swara and she’s her dida
“dida are u fine na” she questioned
“ yeah shone I am fine this young man helped me” she pointing towards me
“ sir u here” she questioned
“ yeah woh my car was about to hit her”I said
“ do u know him” dida asked swara
“ yeah dida he’s my boss u remember I said about “SR” he’s” she said
“ oh I see” she said “ nice to meet u beta”
“oh bengalan what happened” I heard someone’s voice from behind
It was ragini’s dadi
“ nothing marwarn meet him he’s swara’s boss” dida said
I met everyone of their family
“ beta plsz come in” sharmistha aunty said
I agreed
We were in shekar auncle dadi dida everyone talked to me ragini’s family is very good as she’s
By mistake some coffee fell on my suit because of swara
“ I am sorry sir” she said
“ its ok swara where’s washroom” I questioned she showed me the way I headed towards their I left my cell outside in a room
“SR” sir helped dida I am very much impressed by him dida even tried to teased me saying he’s so hansome and hot yeah he’s by mistake I pored some coffee on him he went to clean himself when I was passing by my room I heard some phone’s ringing it was sir’s phone I thought to see who it is
It was flashing “angle” I moment I thought to leave it but then I picked the call I heard someone’s voice it was very familiar
“ sanskar where are u why u cutted my call all of sudden are u fine na” some girl’s voice who’s this sanskar
“ I think u have called on wrong number their no one here sanskar” I said
Ragini checked her phone
“no its sanskar phone only and by the way who are u” ragini asked
“I am sorry this is “SR” number I think u have mistaken” swara said
“ yeah I know its SR’s number and ur SR is only my sanskar know will u tell me where’s he is and who are u”ragini asked
“ woh I am his employee and he’s at my place know can I know who are u” swara questioned
“ I am his wife” by the time sanskar came out he saw swara with his phone swara seeing him handed the phone to him “ragini sanskar maheswari” ragini said but swara didn’t hear the name as by the time phone was with sanskar
“ yeah what happened angle” I said
“ where are u sanskar” ragini questioned I saw swara questioningly
“ angle I am some here out I’ll call back u soon bye” I cutted the call
“ sir u r name is sanskar” she shot question at me
“ yeah” I said
“wow u have such a beautiful name sanskar then why everyone knows u by SR” she asked
“ some personal reason” I said
Then I took a glance of room it had many pictures of ragini and swara’s I headed towards one of photo
“who is she” I asked pointing towards ragini
“ she’s my soul sister ragini” and in low tone “far way from us” swara said her eyes were almost moist
“ I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u”
“ its ok sir” wiping her tears
“ where is she” I questioned
“ don’t know far away from us we miss her a lot but she’ll come back soon” she said
I was feeling guilty that I am taking their ragini far away from them I am becoming selfish
“ sit what happened to u where are u lost” she asked
“ nothing anyways can we be friends” I asked
“ yeah sure”
We shook hands
We heard dadi calling us
“ sir lets go” she said
“ wait first of all stop calling me sir know we are friends”
“ ok what should I call u then”
“ sanskar like all my friends call me”
“ ok sanskar lets go” she said
I was for some more time with her family and soon headed towards hotel I had to receive award the fist thing I did after coming out was calling ragini as excepted she was dame angry on me she gave me big lectures It was really every hard to explain her but she understood
Soon sir left I was standing out seeing him going dida came to me
“ he’s very sweet na” she asked
I was not in my sense
“ yeah”
“ so u like him” she asked
“ yeah” she was having a bright smile then it flashed me what I said
“ no I mean yes but has a friend” I said
“ ok u like him as a friend what’s the problem In giving a try who knows u both may be perfect for eachother”
“ umm but dida he’s already married na so nothing can happen like that”
“ oh my fish his bad luck that he married some one and he lost u” dida said
“ dida u also na u r too much” I said
We laughed and headed in I got ready I had to attend the award function
When I entered my hotel room i saw some one their “arnav” what was he doing here
“hey bro” he said
“ what are u doing here” I shot
“ don’t ask me its because of ur angle ragini she forced me come here”
“but why u came here”
“ according to her u are alone here u have no one by ur side she can’t come so I am here for ur support”
“ umm I want to tell u something”
“ yeah what” he asked
“ I met swara and her family” I said
“ who’s this swara” he asked
“ duffer ragini’s sister” I said
“what when how” he asked
I explained him everything
“ I am feeling guilty yaar I taking ragini far away from them they have right on her I have seen them missing her I don’t know what to do yaar” I said
“ bro relax we’ll think about all this later get ready we have to go to get the award”
“ umm ok”
Percap: sanlak face off sanskar meeting whole maheswari family
Ragini in Kolkata

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