swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-21)

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we were going to delhi tomorrow
I was tensed yeah I should be after all i am getting award for my achievements I was worried about media’s questions and more of ragini her operation was going to take place after two days in delhi
Today we are living for delhi and tonight is award ceremony more than me ragini is excited I am happy seeing her I entered in house arnav kushi and ragini were in hall
Arnav and kushi were arguing about luggage their sweet and cute nokhjokh and ragini was busy in handling them
She screamed aloud
“ stop it”
Both of them became quit I was getting laugh seeing them but controlled
“u both are worst than kids even kids are far better than u both u both are worst than that”
She was giving them big lectures turning to other side arnav saw me he pleaded me with his eyes I was giggling seeing their condition
I came in hall as I don’t know anything what’s happening very innocent
“ragu what’s happening” I aksed her very innocently

I was scolding arshi for the behaviour I was dame angry on these both but it vanished as I heard sanskar’s voice don’t know what magic he has seeing his smile curve came on my lips automatically
“ see na sanskar these two are always fighting and I become suffer between these two” I said
“ about whom u are talking” he asked
“ what I am talking about these arshi” I turned to my shock both of them were not their they vanished
I heard sanskar’s giggling I gave him death glare
“ its not funny ok” I said
“ yeah it is” saying he brust into laughter
I too joined him
“ u know it seemed lady hitler doing ataychar on two innocent” he said
“ they are not innocent ok” I said
“ we are” I heard a voice from behind it was arshi they came with bowls of ice cream I was angry but seeing ice cream it vanished
“u both are too much” I was trying to fight with them but I took ice cream sat on sofa folding my legs and eating ice cream all gave me unbelievable look because my mouth was full of ice cream
“ what” I questioned
“ if u all want to eat u take those other bowls don’t stare me like this” I said
All laughed seeing me
We all enjoyed a lot

We were eating ice cream and talking
I got a call I headed out to attend it
I was shocked after the phone call
Arnav also came to me in hurry
“ u got the news” he asked
“ yeah” I replied
“ so what know” his question
“ I am not going their” I said
“ are u sure” he asked
“ I can go their but I don’t wish to retrun their” I said
“ I am with u” arnav said

We joined ragini and kushi and had some great time I was sitting in my room doing my work ragini entered in she was having some sarees in her hand she stood in front of me
“ sanskar what shall I wear” she asked
“ anyting as ur choice” I said without looking at her I was too busy in work
“ sanskar are u listening to me” she yelled
I immediately closed my laptop and asked her
“w hat happened”
“ I am not understanding what should I wear for ur award show this green saree or this pink one their lots of confusion and I don’t want any problem tomorrow plsz help me na” she asked
I wanted to tell her about we not attending it
I took the saree from her hand kept them aside made her sit and held her hand in mine
“ ragini we are not attending it” I said
“ but why” she asked
“ because the venue has been shifted from here” I said
“ so” she asked me in curious
“its going to be held in Kolkata” I said
“ we can go what’s the big deal in that” she said
“w e are not going”
“ why” she aksed making a pout face
“ angle after two days its ur operation we can’t go” he said cupping her face
“ ok its my operation I can’t u but u can go and receive award”
“I am not going anywhere leaving u” I said
“ ok take me with u” she said
“ which I can’t” I replied
“ then u go” she said
“ I don’t want to leave u and go anywhere its final that no one is going” I said
“ why are u so stuburn” she asked making pout
“ I am helpless at moment and for me ur important than anything else this award business everything” he said standing up he was about to go she held his hand
“ plsz sanskar receive this award for me plsz” she pleaded
“ no angle” she stood up came near me and cupped my face
“ I want u to get this award I want the world to know u by the name which I know sanskar not by SR plsz sanskar for me get this award” she said
“ but angle I can’t live u alone and”
“ sanskar kushi and arnav are with me why are u getting tensed belive me I am fine and its matter of few hours not that u’ll not return to me and don’t worry if u didn’t come back to me na I’ll come to u, mr.sanskar you are not going to get rid of me so soon ” she said
“ but still” I tried to resist
“oh ho can’t u do this much for ur angle” she said in angry tone
“ok fine” hearing she turned she had bright smile on her face for which anyone fal in love with her and I also fell for ut “ but” I was trying to say something but she hugged me tight
“ I am so happy sanskar thank u for agreeing ” I teightened my grip on her hugged her tight
“anything for u angle”
“ I love u sanskar”
“ love u too”
I agreed unwillingly to her I am going to Kolkata

Precap: swasan meet and sanlak face off

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