swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-20)

Gues I know I am late I am extremely soory for that but I am helpless my monthly test are going on and I don’t want to score less so full busy in studies I am unable to update I’ll update my next episode on first august it would be maha episode or I’ll try to update fats if I get time hope u understand me love u’ll I am so happy after reading ur comments thank u’ll for liking my ff special thanks to all who commented and my slient reader thanks to u too and plsz comment hope u like the episode thank u all
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Episode start with sanskar in his room thinking about ragini
Its very difficult to take any decision marry ragini yes I loved her and I wanted to marry her but the situation know is absolutely wrong what should I do if I marry her and later she regained her memory wouldn’t she question me that why I married her at present she thinks me as her husband but its wrong should I tell her that we are not married but I can’t do that her condition can get worse what should I do oh god help me
It was pleasant morning I got up early in morning I got ready I went down and prepared breakfast for all I was wondering where’s sanskar because he gets up early and goes for jogging but today why he didn’t come still was he not feeling well I thought to check him I entered his I took a quick glance and didn’t find him he’s bed was neatly arranged as no one slept their know I was sure where he would be I headed towards his study room . his room is attached to study room I entered in their he’s sleeping on couch covered himself with some files probably he was studying them and fell asleep like that only I walked towards him and took those files carefully I thought to wake him but then stopped my self seeing him sleeping so peacefully he was looking so cute and innocent his smile was so adorable i slowly leaned close to him and pecked on his fore head I came a bit far from him he woke and saw me in front of him
“ why did u sleep here” I asked him

“ sorry” he rubbing his eyes “ I was just studying those files and don’t know how I fell asleep here” he said
“ its ok fresh up I’ll bring coffee for u” I said leaving out
After a while I entered his room with mug of coffee for him
He freshed up and was sitting on couch I gave him coffee his eyes were showing that he wanted to ask me something but was unable to ask so I sat near him
I gentely placed my hand on his shoulder and asked him “ do u want to ask anything or say something” he was seeing me with surprise
I was just thinking to ask her about our marriage she came in with coffee I was lost in my thoughts she forwarded me coffee I took it I didn’t get courage to ask her but don’t know how she read my mind and asked me I was surprised and didn’t know how to react so I placed my coffee mug aside and took her hand in my hand
“ why do u trust me so much” I questioned
She was shocked by my question it could be clearly seen in her eyes
“ because u are my husband” her reply
“ nurse said that I am ur husband and u believed her why” I my next question to her
“ what happened to u” she said standing up
I held her wrist
“ plsz answer me” my request to her
She came and sat next to me

“ u know when nurse said me that u r my husband I was unable to understand anything I didn’t even remember who I was but ur name ‘sanskar’ I was remembering how I also don’t know but I remembered I was having doubt that she’s lying so I thought to test u and I screamed and when I did so u were the one who rushed in first I was shocked what to do or not and ur care towards me it could be clearly seen ur eyes that u love me lot then also I was unable to believe it I was just thinking about it what how why and so many questions but at that night when I saw got night mare and I got sacred and u were the one who consoled me I found peace in ur arms and from that time I started trusting u, ur care and love for me proved that I was right In trusting u I my self was confused that why I do that thousands questions comes to my mind about my family ur family where are they what happened in past why are u away from them how we got married many but at that night when u didn’t return I got my answer that I love u and another name for love is trust and I do it completely I trust u sanskar that u can never be wrong and coming to us we are married but I don’t remember my past but my present and future is with u and I want that because I love u and I can’t live without u” ragini said
Sanskar’s eyes were teary he hugged her she hugged him back
“ I love u” he said
“ I love u too” she replied back they were in hug for long and then aparted
“ I want to ask u something” he said
“ not again but u can” she said giving a cute and sweet simile to him
“ can we start our life newly everything newly far from here in London will u come with me will u like to spend ur rest of life with me will u marry me” he asked
Ragini didn’t except this she thought he would again ask some philosophical question but she was happy
“ yes” saying she hugged him again both were happy but ragini was in doubt
“ but why in London” she asked
“ because of my business expansion I have to go and I want u to come with be with me we can start everything fresh” he said cupping her face

“ ok when we are leaving” she asked
“ after a two weeks” he said
“ ok” she said giving him a warm smile
“ but before that their is something related to u” he said
Ragini was confused he understood
“ ur operation will be held in next week and today evening we have go to hospital for some test” he said
Ragini didn’t understand anything
“ shall I ask u something”
“ u can” sanskar assured holding her hand
“ from the time I came back I know their something wrong with me at starting I was feeling tremendous pain in my head I was unable to understand anything and two back also I know something happened and I did it when I woke up u said that I feel unconscious due to weakness ur hiding something from me and this operation” she asked him teary
“ their’s nothing like that I promise after this everything would be fine” she assured her
“ why u love me so much I don’t remember anything lost my memory and I sometimes act as mad I know that then why” she asked
“ because I love u and u love me to ur are my hope my angle my life I can’t live without u” he was saying ragini has her eyes down he cupped her face “some one said me know that another name for love is trust do u trust me” she nodded “ then belive their nothing as rubbish ur thinking its just for ur betterment know no more crying and all its like tv serial drama and u bechari bhau ” he said wipeing her tears
She laughed a bit at his comment
“ ok get ready we have to go”
“ ok” she said standing up she was about go she pecked on his cheeks and went to her room
Sanskar was smiling thinking what she did
He came to arnav and kushi’s room
“ what have u decided” kushi shot question at him
“ aram se what so hurry” he said
“don’t test my patience and answer me” kushi said in anger tone
“ ok I have decided or we have decided to marry eachother” sanskar said
Both were happy
Kuhsi hugged him
“ I am so happy today finally u both are getting married wow” she said
“ don’t be soon” he said
“ why” kushi’s question

“ we’ll marry but after he operation and by this operation that she regains her memory back if it happens then its her decision to marry me or not and if she doesn’t gain her memory back as decided by both of us we’ll marry and shift to London where we’ll start our new life” sanskar said
“ are u sure and ragini” kushi asked
“ I have talked to her about this operation and she has agreed for it and about our marriage and shifting to London” he said
Arnav hugged him
“ whatever may happen we are with u” arnav said
All were happy
In evening we went to meet doc I was standing out waiting for doc to come out she was taken in for test I was worried like hell after a while doc came out and said us about the operation happening after that she would be fine her attacks would stop and her memory they couldn’t say about it she may gain it back or may never but I was sure about my decision
After returning from hospital we went for dinner date we were happy
The next day I was completely busy with my office work I was shifting I had lot of work to do a good news kushi and arnav were also accompanying us arnav’s parents were in London so he’ll be with his parents
All of us were happy in evening when I returned home
Ragini hugged him
“ congratulations sanky” she said I was confused
“ areh ur company is in list of top ten companies of india and ur getting youngest business men award I am so happy” she said
I was happy but more to see my angels happiness
“ congrats sanskar” kushi said
I was happy

“ I am so excited u’ll be getting award wow I have to do lot of prepration after all I am SR’s wife” she said
“ I am not going to take award” I said really I can’t
“ but why” she asked
“ because the award function is next week and next week is ur operation and I want to be with u whole time and most important no one has ever seen me they know me by SR and don’t wanna come in front of media so no” I said
“ this is not done u know how much I planned I am not going to listen u are going to receive this award that’s final” she said
“ but angle try to understand ur important to me than anything” I said
“ no means no and u should not have any problem because this award function will be in delhi and we are going delhi for my operation u can be with me whole time and also attend this function plsz sanskar for me can’t u do this much for u r pretty cute lovely beautiful wife” she said making pout
“ anything for u” I said
She hugged me tight

Precap: sanskar in Kolkata and ragini too

Credit to: crystal


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