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Episode 1

Ragini wanted answers to all her questions but to get them
She returned back home
Today kushi’s mum had called arnav’ bhai’s parents for dinner at their place I left the office some what soon I reached kushi’s place I helped her mum to do all arrangements everything was done
His parents arrived their I met them they were so good I mingled with them so soon we all were having nice chit chat after a while I went to my room
sanskar reached kushi’s place as both arnav and kushi had requested him a lot when he reached their he felt a strong connection but what was that he was unable to recognise that
By accident kushi pour juice on his dress
“ sorry sorry bhai” she said
“ its ok” he replied “ I’ll go and clean it” he went towards guest room
he knew her house’s each corner most of the time he was here only with them he moved up all of a sudden light went off it was a power cut he was standing their only
When light went of ragini came out of her room she saw a shadow and moved towards that someone was standing their she was confused who was that everyone was down who can be here he was standing near aunt’s room she thought for a while if it was someone from family why would he stand out
Thief he was a thief she slowly moved towards him she took the vase which was their
Sanskar was standing near kushi’s mom room he was waiting for power to comes suddenly he sensed some one close to him when he turned around some one hitted him so hard
At that time lights came
“ och……………………” he was screaming in pain keeping his hand on his head it was really painful
“ who the hell r u” he screamed at that person he didn’t see who was that because he was having his was head down
Ragini saw him she was shocked to know that he was sanskar did I hit so hard she was thinking then she saw his pain
“ sorry sorry” he heard a familiar voice he turned his head up to take a glance of her she was wearing a beautiful white anarkali she was ragini holding a vase in hands she was looking worried when he saw her he was bit shocked by his expression changed he forgot his pain for a moment she was seeing him as if he was some ghost
“ ms.gadodia what the hell was that” heyelled at her
“ sorry sir and by the way what r u doing here” she questioned him
“ I should ask u what r u doing here” sanskar said he was still having pain it was bleeding
All rushed their
“ what happend sanky” arnav asked him
“ see what she done” he replied showing his wound
“it was ur fault “ she said
“ what my ur were the one who hitted me ms.gadodia” he said
“ wait u know each other” kuhsi questioned
“ ha my new PA” he said
“ oh I see” saying this kushi moved towards him
“its bleeding did it hurt lot” she asked him in concern
“ yeah and this is all because of her” he said he was in full anger
“ sory sir I thought It was a theif” she replied her eyes were almost teary
Those tears made him weak he was effected
“ its ok” he said
“ come with me I’ll apply ointment” kushi said in concerned tone
He went with her she applied a bandage their all left
he was sitting in guest room when he was drinking water by accident that glass fell from his hands it was broken after some time she entered
he saw her
“ sorry sir I didn’t do it intentionally” she said
“ its ok” he replied then he saw her moving towards him their were glass pieces she was about to step on them he pulled her towards him both fell on bed she was on top of him and he was lost in her eyes she could feel deep pain in those eyes both were in that positions for sometime both were disturbed by kushi’s voice
They composed themselves and went down
all were having dinner whole time sanskar’s gaze was on her
After dinner all were sitting their sanskar kushi and arnav were talking to eachother
Ragini was thinking about him:
What he really is I don’t understand he behaves so rude to everyone and here he’s so good even he’s smiling on silly jokes made by kushi
Any ways he looks cute while smiling
I was watching him
The next day
ragini got ready and went to office
He didn’t come still she went to keep a file in his cabin she entered while keeping that file by accident a photo which was their fell from her hands
she bent to pick at that time he stromed in
When sanskar entered in his cabin he saw her picking kavitha’s photo he got really every angry he was furious that how can she touch his things
“what the hell r u doing with my things” he screamed at her he moved towards her and pick the photo she stood their
“ how dare u touch my things” he was yelling at her she in fear was taking back steps
“ sorry sir wo” she said but before she could complete he cutted her moving close to her she was moving back wards finally she hitted the wall he blocked her way by his hands
“ stay away from my personal stuffs” he said her almost warning her
She looked up in his eyes
“ it was already fallen down I was just picking it up and yeah I came here to keep that file” she said
Her attitude it was making him crazy it was something that attracted him towards her still no one dare to speak with him like that he left her
“ sorry sir” she said before leaving his cabin
No one dare to talk with me like this and this girl
Ragini was cursing him in mind
Kadoos don’t he know how to talk to girls I hate him he’s really weird one side he behaves so good and other I don’t understand him
She was doing her work but most of the time her graze was on him
She was observing his activities his attitude
When she looked in his eyes they were telling about the pain that he had whose photo was that
she came out of her thoughts when he called her
“u have to complete all this files by today” he said
“what so many files” she said In amusement
“why if u can’t do then leave the job” he said
She was fuming in anger by this comment
“ it’ll get completed sir by today itself” she said in too overconfident manner
“ too much confident is not good for health” he shot at her
“ its confidence and I’ll complete them for sure “ saying this she went to her cabin
Sanskar wanted teach her a lesson for messing with him so he gave her more intentionally but
She was not reday to bend What a girl she’s he was seeing her activities she was completing her work while working her hair strands were disturbing her she tied them up her childish behaviour putting pen in her mouth she was crazy really when ever she saw towards him he turned around she was struggling a lot to complete her work even she sat on floor
a smile appeared on his face seeing her don’t know why
It was already late she came in cabin
“ sir work is completed”she said
“good u can leave” he said
After she left wait he saw the time it was 10 pm already it was not safe for her to go alone and street her house was the way was not at all good their he thought to drop her he hurriedly took his car keys and went back of her
She was moving near parking area he saw her suddenly she disappeared
“ where did she go” he said himself he was searching for her

When ragini came out she felt some one following her so she hided their then she heard his voice she was worried she picked a rod from their and she saw that person close to her she was about to hit him when some masculine hands pushed her against the wall he was holding her hand tight she was shocked to see him sanskar

Sanskar saw her standing their so he moved close to her at the right time he saw her having rod in her hand he helded her hand tight and forced her against the wall their they were so close to each other
They were having a cute eye lock
“ sir u here” she said
“ yeah wo I thought to drop u” he said
What drop me she was confused by his behaviour?
What was he really his acts made her think he was quite all time he was driving she was just glaring at him
“ have u taken any supari to kill me” he said to lighten her mood
“ what” she asked him in amusement she was shocked she didn’t except this from his side
“ ha when ever I see u try to hit me r u here to kill me” he said
“ no I am really sorry for that” she said in worried manner
“ its not ok” he said
They her reached home she quietly got down and went in before going
she thanked him and said bye she said those words without her sense he was having a bright smile on his face
sanskar after dropping her headed towards his house
he was lying on bed sleep was far away from him he was thinking about her
sanskar’s prov
When she was going in I was feeling bad I wanted her to turn and say something and when she turned and said bye I smiled unknowingly I was happy without any reason
Her presence around me Is making me to forget kavitha what has she done to me
Precap: some masti
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