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After dinner kushi talked with ragini she said her everything
Me and arnav were waiting for her to come
We were in arnav’s room
Their she comes
“ what she said” I shot question at her
Seeing her expression it was clear that their was something serious
“ kushi tell na don’t trouble us” arnav pleaded
She came near me
“ how can u do that sanskar” she said
What I was totally shocked what I have done that my angle is stressed how I have hurted her oh no is she angry on me for shouting at her what have u done dude I was thinking
“ what have he done” arnav asked
“ ask him only” kushi said
“ areh tell na sanskar what u did” arnav’s question
“ I also don’t know” I said making innocent face
“ u don’t know or don’t wanna admit” kushi asked
“ don’t puzzle us tell it clear” arnav’s question
“ sanskar tell na what u did” kushi said
I was getting more confused
“ I don’t know will u plsz say” I asked as if I don’t know anything right I didn’t knew or I was not sure
“wiffey will u explain me” arnav asked
“u know what ragini said me” kushi narrated what ragini shared with her

FB starts
Kushi came in ragini’s room she was sitting simply near window she came and sat next to her
“ ragou what happened” kushi asked
“ nothing” ragini said
“ don’t lie I know their’s something hurting u, u can share with me” kushi requested
“their’s nothing like that” she said standing up
“ why will u share with me who I am nothing to u If u considered me as ur friend u would shred with me but u don’t consider so what can I do I thought u as my best friend but u don’t consider me as ur friend” kushi was doing emotional drama fake tears
Ragini truned to her
“ oye drama queen stop it ok u know na ur my best friend I trust u more than anyone even sanskar” she said
“ really” kushi said as a innocent kid
Ragini was touched
“ really” she came sat next to her
“ ragou u can tell me what’s troubling u” ksuhi assured her
“ sanskar” she said
“what but how I mean”
“ I knew it u would react like this so I was not saying”
“ just tell me what he did I’ll not leave him see what I do to him tell na ragou what happened” she asked
“ his behaviour I don’t understand him”
Kushi was looking questioningly towards her ragini saw it
“ he behaves strange some times he act as if I am nothing to him and sometimes shows all his acre and love for me I know he loves me but then why he behaves as if I am a ghost”
“ I am confused strange behaviour when he behaved so plsz tell” kushi asked
“ ok” ragini started narrating

Fb start
It was early morning sanskar was bathing in bath room at that time ragini came in his room he was in ragini thought to keep his clothes ready she was taking them out of cupboard at that sanskar came out he was only in towel he didn’t notice that ragini was their
He was brushing his hair
He stood in front of mirror at that ragini turned sanskar’s back was visible to her sanskar saw her through mirror and was shocked to see her he immediately turned
“ ragini u here what r u doing here” he questioned at her
She started moving towards him
“why are u behaving so its my room also and I can come when ever I want to”
Sanskar heatbeats were rising seeing her coming close to him
“ ok do u need something” he questioned
“ why if I want something then only I can come what” she was very close to him
“ ok u go I want to get ready for office” he said
Ragini came very close to him
She was holding his suits
She encircled her arms around his neck they were very close to eachother sanskar was losing his control over himself seeing her so close to him
“ why are u so unromantic” she questioned moving more close to him
Sanskar knew some more time he would end up which he would regret he quickly aparted from her took his clothes from her hands and ran back to bathroom leaving her shocked
She was every angry with his this behaviour
Fb ends

Kushi was shocked she was controlling her laugh ragini saw it
“ don’t laugh ok I know it may sound funny but why he does so” she said
Kushi understood that she was feeling bad
“ ragou it happens sometimes but that doesn’t mean u take stress for that” kushi said
“ not only this many times he did so”

Fb start
Sanskar had planned to take ragini for dinner she was getting ready in her room he was waiting for her since long so he decided to go and check her
Ragini was getting ready she was wearing a black saree with deep neck at back she was unable to tie her blouse dori
Sanskar entered in
“ ragini how much more time yaar” he said coming in
Ragini saw sanskar
“ thank god u came plsz help me to tie this dore” she requested
Sanskar was shocked
“ what me”
“ ha u only why can’t u help ur wife” she questioned
“ wait let me call ksuhi” he was trying to escape
“ stop their only what’s ur problem just help me” she ordered
“ummm….” he was thinking something
“ sanskar tie this know we are getting late if u want me to come for dinner then just do it” she said she was really every frustrated from morning he was avoiding her
Sanskar slowly moved towards her and helped her
She asked him to fill her foreline with sindhoor she escaped saying important phone call
She was angry on him their date was good but she was feeling bad for the way he behaved

The next day
Sanskar was getting ready for office
His shirt botton broke
Ragini at that time came in she saw it
“what happened” she asked
“ nothing this button came off” he said keeping button aside
“ no problem I’ll stich it” she said
“ no problem I’ll change”
“ I said I’ll” ragini said in angry tone sanskar knew if he argue with her she would get more angry
So he kept quite
Ragini stitched this button to shirt she was very close to him sanskar cloud feel her breath
She cutted the theread with her teeths coming almost close to him
He was numb didn’t know how to react or what to do he ran quickly from their
Fb ends
“ so this was troubling u” kushi asked
“ yes why does he do so what he always says that I am his angle but then why he runs away from me when ever I go close to him he runs as if he has seen ghost I know he loves me but then why does he does so I want to be with him but he” ragini was full frustrated
“ relax sometimes husbands behave so he’s worried about u he’s don’t want to risk ur health he cares for u I can say u r lucky ur husband care for u so much for him ur are important” kushi said
“I think u r right I am just thinking too much I feel” ragini said
Kushi made ragini take tablets and made her sleep
Fb ends

Arnav brust into laugh
Kushi also laughed sanskar was feeling embarrassed
“ gues plsz stop laughing its not funny its serious and its because of u two only ” sanskar said
Both stopped laughing
“ what we did” arnav asked innocently
“ don’t act innocent who said to romance” his reply
“ its not us its u and don’t blame us ok” kushi said covering up
“ oh ho so boldness really great” sanskar tried to pull her leg “ ah see some one’s cheeks are red”
“ stop it plsz” kushi said
“sanskar u love her then why are u ignoring her ” arnav asked
“ arnav I love her that doesn’t mean u know na she lost her memory she thinks me as her husband which I am not so she thinks herself as my wife so she may but I know truth so how can I” sanskar said
“ I have solution for this problem” ksuhi said
“ what” sanskar’s question
“ marry her” kushi said
“what I can’t” sanskar said
“ but why” arnav’s question
“ how can I marry her she lost her memory if some day she gains her memory back she would question me that why did I marry her after knowing everything what would I answer her then have u ever thought” sanskar said
“ it’ll never happen and I know ragini she’ll understand and main thing u love her and she loves u so why can’t u both marry” kushi suggested
“ I need to think” sanskar said
“ learn something from him arnav how much he loves her and u” kushi said
“what do u mean I don’t love u” arnav asked pulling ksuhi by her waist they were having cute eye lock
“ guess I am here only if u want to romance go to ur room and do” sanskar said
They aparted from each other
Kushi left
“ wasie sanskar how were u able to control urself seeing her so close to u” arnav asked mischievously
“don’t ask it was really difficult for me” sanskar’s answer
“ umm plsz think about it again what kushi said it was not a bad idea
Arnav left sanskar was in deep thoughts

Precap: sanskar’s decision

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