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recap: sanskar knowing ragini’s truth
scencces start from sanskar’s house
ragsan were hugging eachother standing at the entrance
sanskar was know more confused what should he do then he realised ragini’s grip on him became lose he aparted from hug he was shocked she was uncousious in his arms he tired to wake her
but no use when he touched her forehead he felt her temperature very high
“ oh no she has fever” he said
Without wasting a minute he picked her in his embrace and headed towards their room he made her lie on bed and asked kushi to call doc
After a while doc came he was checking ragini sanskar was sitting next to her holding her hand in his
“ doc what happened how Is she” he questioned
“ she has high fever how can u be so careless u know her condition she fell unconscious because of stress u should take her more care I have given her injection but I suggest once she is fine get all these tests done” doc said
Doc left sanskar didn’t understand anything many thoughts were running in his mind
Kushi called him out

At hall
Arnav kushi and sanskar were present their
“ sanskar what have u decided” kushi questioned
“ what do u mean” sanskar asked
“ I know sanskar u r confused at the moment but I want to say something to u I know u felt hurt that ragini hided this from u but for her , her past became least important when u came in her life I know u r not understanding anything but just think she forgot everything even who she’s is but she remembered u r name can’t it mean that u were more important for her I don’t know what she was feeling before but know she loves u so don’t take any decision in hurry its not just ur life but her’s too , u are her life know so its up to u what u chose” kushi said
Sanskar was more confused know a moment back he was thinking to use her for his revenge and know
He silently headed towards his room he stopped listening to arshi’s convesation
After sanskar left arnav placed his hand on kushi’s shoulder
“ don’t worry everything would be fine” arnav said
“ hope he don’t take any wrong decision I fearing if he use her for his revenge” kushi said
“ don’t know but ragini’s condition is not good lets hops for the best”
Kushi hugged him

“ why does it happens with her only before laksh played with her emotions and know sanskar” tears rolled from her eyes
“don’t worry nothing bad can happen wuth good people everything would be fine” aranv said consoling her
Sanskar heard their conversation
He was feeling guilty for his thought for using her for revenge
He went to his room he took out kavitha’s photo from drawer and sat on bed
“ why does it happens with me the person I love the most why does they leave me first u and know ragini I can’t balme her too their’s no fault of her’s their she don’t remember anything but laksh she loved him I felt hurted when I got to know that does she loves me know what should I do I felt bad for her when I got to everything about her she faced so much lost her mother at childhood she united her father with his love gave her mother’s place to some one and sacrificed her love for her sister how can any one be so big hearted I don’t understand
When I think all this I feel that she deserves all happiness I can’t use her but then also what should I do” he was talking all this to kavitha his eyes were moist he close his eyes when he opened he saw darkness all over his room and some light some one heading towards him he was unable to see that person’s face that person came very close to him
“ kavitha” he said tears rolled from his eyes
(its his imagination or u can say his heart speaking to him or any dream)
“what happened sanskar” kavitha asked she wiped his tears
“ why did u leave me” he asked
“ I had to go if I didn’t go how could ragini and u be one” she said
Sanskar didn’t understand anything
“ I know u r confused what to do or not in life never loose hope and from revenge u can get nothing just listen to u heart it’ll help u to take decision I am always with u another name for love is scarifies trust ur heart and urself ” saying she pecked on his fore head and she disappeared
“ kavitha” sanskar screamed but then he realised that she was not their it was his dream
Sanskar got his answer

From this revenge three life’s would be destroyed his ragini’s and laksh
He never cared for laksh but he cared for ragini she deserves happiness what was her fault in all this and at present she needs him the most he can’t leave her his life got hope and aim because of her he loves his angle whatever may happen he would never leave her they can live their life happily he chose his love he wiped his tears kept kavitha’s photo back in drawer and headed towards ragini’s room
He went and sat next to her after some time ragini got conscious she opened her eyes and first thing she said was “ sanskar”
She saw sanskar next to her sanskar saw her awake before he could say anything she hugged him tight sanskar to hugged her back
“u’ll never leave me” she said
“promise I’ll never leave u” he said fighting his grip
Arshi were seeing everything they felt happy for them
Scenes shift to Kolkata
Maheswari industries office
Laksh is seen screaming on his employee he was removing all his frustration on them
After a while he took ragini’s photo out of drawer
“ where r u see what I have become after u left plsz come back to me I love u” laksh said tears rolled from his eyes remembering his moments that he spent with ragini
Scenes shift to karma industries office Kolkata branch
Swara had joined karma industries( sanskar’s company)
She was head of the branch their she was in some meeting
After he work finished she headed to badi

At badi
Dadi and dida were fighting their bengalan and mawaran fight was going on
Swara entered she was very much frustrated seeing all
“ stop it” she screamed
Both were quite
“ what this daily same fight don’t u people get bored by all this” she asked
“ shone all this was started by this mawaran” dida stopped seeing swara expression “ I mean u dadi”
she completed
“she’s leing ask her what she did” dadi said
“ oh god I’ll become mad in btw in u too , u plsz continue” saying she left
Many things changed In this time swara started behaving more mature she lost her charm her smile she was no more that bubbly swara dadi dida Shekhar sumi every one was trying their level best but no use she was blaming herself responsible for everything she held herself responsible that because of her ragini left them
She went to her room
She stood in front of her’s and ragini’s photo
“ where r u plsz come back I am feeling so lonely u promised that no one can separate us we r swaragini then plsz come back unite swaragini back have u seen how much dadi baba ma everyone has changed plsz come back we r missing u” she said tears rolled from her eyes
She felt some one’s hand on her shoulder she turned and saw shekar who was also having tears she hugged him
“ why she left us baba” swara said
“ don’t worry shona our ragini our ladoo will soon come back she has promised na” shekar said
Scenes shift to Mumbai
Sanskar’s house
Ragini was resting her head on sanskar’s chest he had encircled he in his arms
Ragini felt something weried some one calling her some strange connection with some one
But she didn’t bothered more
She was happy being with sanskar

Precap: some fun ragsan………….

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