swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-18) part 2


Hello everyone thanks for ur comments and support really I am very happy after reading ur comments they support me a lot I am trying my level best to be regular hope u enjoy it

It has been a week after that incident many things changed btw us ragini was truely my lucky charm after she came in my life everything is going best the deal for which we were struggling from a year we got it because of her it was her idea that helped me her ideas suggestions are too good I must say she has a good business knowledge I had seen her work before and I was impressed by her dedication I never remembered my family in this time my family who didn’t even care to know that I am alive or dead but still I don’t know why I refer them as mine I hate them but I can’t deny that I miss them I used to talk with mom at starting until bade papa came to know after that never I miss her care her love I know she too misses me

I don’t understand how ragini can read my mind she’s different she don’t remember anything but still she knows how to handle me without my saying any word she can understand what I feel I am really blessed to have her in my life
In this week a new relation has formed btw us more than friends how can she love me so much selflessly cared for me so much everything seemed prefect until yesterday she got attack again in this one month it never happened she was perfectly fine but suddenly she got attack I don’t know why at present I am in hospital in doc’s cabin waiting for her reports and thinking about what happened in all this week

Doc came I greeted him
“ ragini got attack because of stress” doc said
I was bit shocked stress and her in this time we tried our level best to not stress her but then
“ but how can be I mean” sanskar was stumbling
“ their’s something that troubling her try to talk with her and ask her may she tell and her health has improved a lot but this sudden attack can harm her” doc said I simply nodded
What could be that’s troubling her I was thinking
“ ragini needs more care we should not delay for her operation” doc said
“ when I can be done” I questioned

“ may be within next week until that she should be stress free if she’s stressed then after operation she may loose her mental balance also so u should take her more care” doc said
After talking to him I left I was just thinking that what’s troubling her she’s stressed but why I talked with arnav and kushi about what doc said I thought myself to talk with her
She was in garden watering plants sanskar tried to know but no use

I was watering plants in garden I was feeling relaxed so much happened in this one month I lost my memory in accident I didn’t even remembered who I was but know I know who I am ragini sanskar maheswari really I am blessed to have him in my life he loves me so much I don’t know how can this man love me like this I feel hurted when ever I see in his eyes their’s lot of pain in those eyes what’s that I couldn’t understand I saw some girl’s photo in his cupboard but I never asked him because I know it would hurt him why is her photo their many questions come in my mind but I stop them seeing his care and love for me whatever may be his mine our past but the present is that I am his wife and he loves me a lot I am his present
I feel guilty because of me he’s suffering so much I don’t even know how we met what was our love story or anything about him I tries to know about his likes dislikes by kushi and arnav bhai they helped me i enjoyed doing all his works I tried to take his care but comparing to his love mine is nothing

why is he away from his family I tried to know but never got a answer I was too worried that where is my family too didn’t they care for me where are they sometimes I feel some one remembering me calling me some strange connections but I don’t understand what they are
After that day’s incident I saw a new shade of sanskar I saw naughty sanskar
One morning it was breakfast time everyone was their he was in hurry as always I forced him to have his breakfast I didn’t want him to skip it that day I was wearing a new sarree I loved it the most but this idiot he was so much hurry that he thought my saree pallu as a towel and cleaned his hands from it when he realised it he ran from their I was really every angry on him how can he at evening he took me out I was happy

We went to amusement park also we enjoyed all rides the most funny was only for me was haunted house for him it was very scary I he screamed so much in that I felt that my ear drums would burst seriously what a man he seems so strict but he’s cute small child from in I fell more for him during these days then the most funniest of all was the moive incident I was laughing remembering that day we had planned to watch movie at house we were in his room he was teasing me saying that I shouldn’t watch reomantic moives what if I couldn’t control and something happens to him but oh my god he was sheding tears seeing a romantic movie and guess which DDLJ
Funny na he was saying me that I would become emotional to tease me he bought a tissue box but later I was the one who was passing tissues to him
Later we had pillow fight because I teased him he chased me in whole house we were in garden he pushed me in pool know I was chasing him like tom
I am very happy being with him

But then yesterday I don’t know what happened to me sanskar said me that I was just unconscious because of weakness but I didn’t belive him I know their something about me that he hiding but what it can be
I came out of my thoughts when I heard car’s sound he came back
After a while he came to garden talked with me he wanted to know something but I was not understanding anything

Precap: reason……………………..

Credit to: crystal

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