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sanskar was heart broken he felt has some one had stabbed thousands knife in his heart
a moment before he thought ragini was his life se was his hope to live life she was more important in his life than any thing and know everything shattered for him some one taken away his life his hope “his angle” no she was not his angle he sheared his every emotion with her but she never loved him only he loved her she cheated him she hided her past from him but why she did that after knowing what was his relation with maheswari’s also she hided from him why may she thought him as just friend not more but she had become part of his life he was heart broken their was a battle going btw his heat and mind heart says she’s innocent she loves him but mind says she cheated him
he was crusing the moment when he fell in love with her for her innocence he loved her she cheated him his mind was continuously screaming but deep in heart he knew he was not heart broken because she hided her past but “she loved laksh” was troubling him more he was unable to digest this fact that “his angle his ragini loved laksh”

he hated laksh to core because he feel him responsible for kavitha’s death and know also he’s responsible for his condition he was totally confused what to do or not
his mind won the battle ragini cheated him but he can’t stop himself from loving her in hs=is hate also their was immense love for her

scenes shift to sanskar’s house
ragini was worried for sanskar as it was already too late he didn’t pick her call
outside the climate had changed she was feeling something wrong worried for him she was feeling the fear of unknown storm that was heading its way towards them where was sanskar he was never so late was he still angry on her what was happening she was continuously praying to god for his safety she was fearing to lose him many unwanted and fearful thoughts were coming in mind don’t know why

she was cursing herself because she lost her memory she don’t remember anything and this man was loving her like mad always taking care of her standing her side when ever she needed him and at present she is just helpless couldn’t do anything she asked arnav to search for him
in all this she realised that she loves him their was a strong connection btw them

scenes shift to sanskar
he was unable to think anything just one thought had occupied his mind that she cheated him she hided this much big fact from him she knew everything

arnav was searching him as a mad he came to know that after meeting kartick he went some where, where was he no one knew

here sanskar was drunken he driving his car madly arnav was too driving his car searching for sanskar trying to find him
he called sanskar thousands times but he was not picking his call
sanskar stopped his car near cliff he came out of his car he sat on roof of his car seeing the sky where their were many clouds darkness was all over, his life was too in darkness and ragini was the hope of light his angle a smile appeared of his face thinking about her then sadness filled him knowing about her tears rolled down his cheeks he took a sip from bottle then he noticed his phone beeping he saw arnav’s name their he smiled sadly
he picked the call
“ thank god u picked the call where the hell r u man u know how much we r worried for u and ragini do u have any idea” he screamed
Sanskar was happy listening to ragini’s name
“ why do u care for me so much” he sarcastically
“ are u drunk where r u sanky” aranv asked
“ahh…………don’t know where I am where I was where I’ll be and why I am here” he said tears were rolling from his eyes
He was not in his sense

Aranv traced him through GPRS
sanskar was just thinking about ragini he loved her truely but what she did
he closed his eyes in frustration
aranv reached the place he was shocked to see sanskar in that state sanskar came to his sense hearing car’s sound he stood up from his place but unable to stand stable aranv saw him he rushed to him he was trying to make him stand
“sanskar what have u done to urself what was the need for all this” arnav said supporting him he took him to his car and made him seat he took driver seat
“ she cheated me yaar ragini…………… lov…….loves lak……… laksh she cheated” he was mumering and he dozed off aranv was totaly confused about what he was talking he called ragini and said that sanskar was with him
Arnav took sanskar to his home he took him to his room and made him rest on bed
What had happened why he saying like that he was totally confused he could get all those answers when sanskar would wake
The next day
Sanskar was in arnav’s house

It was pleasant morning to all but not for ragsan
Sanskar was peacefully sleeping the sunrays coming from window disturbed his sleep he was unable to remember anything he felt immense pain in his head he sat on bed he found himself some where else not in his house and room he took a quick glance to room thinking where he was then it flashed in his mind that he was in arnav’s house what was he doing here when did he came here how did he come here
His chain of thoughts were broken by the sound of opening door arnav entred in with a glass of lemon juice in his hand
Without uttering a word he passed the glass to sanskar he was confused but took it
“ drink it u’ll feel better” arnav said
He drank whole juice

“ how r u feeling know”arnav asked in anger but calm tone
“ much better but my head in still paining like hell” sanskar said
Arnav was nagry on him but didn’t wanted to make things more complicated he tried to handle it calmly
“what happened yesterday” he shot question to sanskar
Sanskar had forgotten everything about ragini and all then everything came in front of his eyes
His eyes reddened in anger and they were moist
Arnav sensed something wrong he came and sat next to him placed his hand on his shoulder
“ sanskar what happened plsz u can share with me” he said softly
“nothing yaar” sanskar said standing up
Arnav tried to know from him but he was stuburn know his anger arrosed he was trying to be clam but he was not ready to tell anything
“ nothing yesterday u were drunken u were murmuring one thing ragini cheated me she loves laksh
And nothing u know how much we were worried for u and ragini u know how much she was tensed” arnav shouted at him

Sanskar too got anger listening about her
“ don’t speak about her its all because of her” sanskar said in loud tone tears flowed from his eyes
“ sanskar what happened will u plsz tell me” arnav asked
Sanskar said about ragini and laksh about what happened in Kolkata what all and kartick said him he said everything to him
Arnav was totally shocked as he knew about ragini’s past he didn’t knew that it was laksh he didn’t know how to react
“know tell me what should I do” sanskar questioned arnav had no answer
“ sanskar I don’t what to say but still think about it again try to be clam and then take any decision” arnav said

Sanskar left his place
Arnav called kushi and informed about everything kushi was too equally shocked
Sanskar was driving his car to his place
He was thinking about arnav’s words
He thought to use ragini for taking his revenge she lost her memory and thinks him as her husband laksh loves her he could use her for his revenge motive she can help him
But then he thought was it right he loves her truely and may she too
What must he do
He was in hell confusion revenge or love
He reached his home

Ragini was in hall
As she heard door bell sound she immediately rushed to it
Sanskar was standing out as ragini opened the door he was in hell shock to see her, her eyes were red as if she didn’t sleep before he could say anything she hugged him tight sanskar didn’t knew what to do but he hugged her back
Still hugging
“ u know how much I was worried for u where were u” ragini said
He could feel wetness on his shoulder that were ragini’s tears
All emotions in him were coming out he was happy sad angry
He tightens his grip on her and few tears escaped his eyes both were hugging each others as if they found each other after years

Precap: sanskar’s decision……………..

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