swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-15)

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life is unexpected anything can happen anytime anywhere
sanskar had lost his hope in life but ragini gave him new hope to live . some times we don’t understand why things happen but what ever happens has a definite reason and cause which reveals later
ragini was sleeping in her room sanskar had also slept near her he woke up when he heard in phone voice he got up with sudden jerk then he realised that ragini was sleeping in his embrace without disturbing her he moved out he picked the call
“ sir we got all the information that u wanted of maheswaris” the caller said
Sanskar had totally forgot about his revenge from them he was so busy with ragini that his thing went out of his head
“ ok we’ll meet tomorrow at my office” sanskar said
“ ok sir” the caller cutted the call
After attending this call sanskar was in great dilemma he was very worried
One side his revenge for kavitha’s death and other side his love
ragini what must he chose before ragini came in his life taking revenge was only his motive he had only one motive and hope to live that was destroying maheswari’s but know many things has changed
she knew about his revenge ragini lost her memory she don’t remember anything about her family him nothing

But the thought about her family was making him more confused where was ragini’s family why she was here he never got a chance to ask her nor she said anything about her past may kushi knew but at present its not her matter but his what was more important revenge or love
His confusion was more and no solution
He dozed off on sofa thinking about all
The next morning ragini woke up she didn’t find sanskar she freshed up and came down she saw sanskar sleeping their a smile appeared on her face seeing him
“ he looks so cute and innocent in these days I realised how much he loves me and I am really very lucky to have him” she was thinking in her mind
She thought not to disturb him and went to kitchen she prepared breakfast and coffee for him

She went near him
“ should I wake him or not” she was thinking
“let me wake him” she thought
“ sanskar wake up” she said asking him
“ let me sleep na and u also sleep” he said in sleepy tone he didn’t know where he was
“ sanskar plsz wake up other wise u’ll get late for office” she said making him sit
“u’ll not let me sleep” he said pulling her towards him
She fell on him with sudden thud when her wet hairs fell on his face he realised what he did when he opened his eyes he was memerised to see his angle she was looking so beautiful and wet hairs had increased her beauty some hair strands were disturbing him to see his angle he slowly trucked those hairs strands behind her ear ragini felt an electric shock when he touched her face their were very close to eachother
Got disturbed by kushi’s voice who came out of kitchen and was shocked to see scenes
“ sorry I’ll come later” she said leaving
Both composed each other both were embraced avoiding eye contact she ran from their he was scratching his hair smiling thinking about recent happenings
Sanskar then realised that he and to go office to meet some one
He immediately went to his room
After some times he came for break fast kushi and aranav teased both of them very badly
Sanskar was about to leave when he turned to ragini she understood what he was going to tell
“ take care of urself don’t skip medicines have them on time don’t take stress don’t do more work assign them to servants and plsz be careful” ragini said imitating sanskar he smiled at her act
“ anything more” ragini aksed
“ take care” he said planting a kiss on her forehead
And left for office
Their was something that was troubling both of them

At office
Sanskar was smiling thinking about his moments with ragini he got his answer at present ragini was more important nothing was more important than her and ragini had also asked him to think about this revenge plan once again when he told her about all so he decided to think for once again
Ragini had become his life and know she was everything to him
He entered his cabin
After some time a man entered he was the dective (kartick) that sanskar had appointed to get all information about happenings in Kolkata
“what u want to tell kartick” sanskar asked
“ sir what information u asked I have it” kartick said
They moved towards conference hall where no one was allowed in
Sanskar was seated their kartick showed some pictures on projector screen
“ sir she’s swara gadodia whom ur brother” he stopped seeing sanskar’s anger “ I mean laksh maheswari was about to marry” he said
“ what do u mean by that” sanskar questioned
“ sir at first laksh marriage alliance was fixed with swara gadodia’s step sister laksh was not happy with that alliance he didn’t want that marriage family forced him to get engaged to her later due to some misunderstanding their enagement broke laksh fell in love with swara but swara was not ready for this marriage has she knew that her sister loved laksh truely
but his sister convinced her to marry laksh and she too agreed laksh and swara were getting married but swara’s sister was not happy and she couldn’t take that any more has she loved laksh truely she couldn’t see him getting married to her own sister so on their marriage day she left her family and where she went no one knew” kartick said
Sanskar was angry on laksh as he broke some one’s heart played with some one’s emotion
“ how can laksh do that anyways what happened after that” sanskar asked
“ sir before a day of marriage laksh realised that he didn’t love swara he loved her sister only he was just confused btw his feelings on marriage day he said he can’t marry swara as he loved her sister gadodia family helds laksh responsible for all their sorrows because of him their both daughter’s future had got spoiled” kartick said

“ interesting so gadodia family can help me wait u said swara’s step sister what that means” sanskar asked
Kartick explained about how swaragini united their familes all that story
Sanskar felt sorry for swara’s siste(ragini ) as how can she be so golden hearted so much happened with her
Then kartick showed gadodia family’s photo
“ sir he shekar gadodia swara’s dad and she’s sharmistha gadodia shekar gadodia’s second wife and swara’s mom” kartick showed shekar sumi’s photo
“ sir she parvathi gadodia and he’s deandayal gadodia shekar’s parents ” showing dada dadi’s photo
“she’s janki gadodia shekar’s first wife who’s dead” kartick showed janki’s pic
And then ragini’s
Sanskar was shocked too see her pic
“and she’s ragini gadodia daughter of janki and shekar step sister of swara who was engaged to laksh and whom laksh loves” kartick said
Sanskar was shocked to know about ragini his ragini she hided everything from her she hided this big fact from her

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragsan scenes were so cute???
    Now what would be the reaction of Sanskar
    Interesting and excited
    Eagerly waiting for the next one…………..

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