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And I know it may be boring so plsz sorry for that I want to start main part of stroy and don’t wanna drag about ragini’’s condition hope u enjoy it
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It had been a almost one week that ragini returned back to home know she was staying in sanskar’s house kushi and arnav had also shifted their
one or the other was always with her during this time she got many attacks but sanskar was their to take her care a new bond had grew btw them ragini trusted sanskar more than anyone she didn’t allow anyone to come near her except sanskar
Sanskar was too tensed about her health she was sometimes acting as kid who wants her demands and wishes to be fulfilled everyone was very caution while talking to her once after returning from hospital she got attack in which she harmed herself after that sanskar was taking her more care
One fine day
He was making her eat food but she didn’t want to eat
“ sanskar plsz I don’t wanna eat it pls” she requested
“ no ways ragini be a good girl and eat it” sanskar was trying his best
“ no I’ll not” she said crossing her arms
“ u’ll eat or not”
“ no means no………… before she could complete sanskar putted food in her mouth
She was angry on him
“ this cheating” before she can complete she again fed her
“ everything is fair in love and war” sanskar said making her eat
“ ur a big cheater I hate u kadoos ” she said annoyed
“ but ur my angle na so eat it”

A smile appeared o her face listening to angle but she hided it acted as if she’s angry
He saw her smile
“ ok but I thought that I’ll give this chocolate to my angle but if she’s angry what can I do” he said standing to leave
She held his hand
“ ok I’ll eat”
Sanskar smiled at her he made her have food
They were close to eachother when ragini got attacks sanskar could only calm her
But poor guy faced many troubles ragini wanted to listen to stories at night so that she could sleep sanskar had to tell her stories one day when he was sitting in garden ragini and kushi were playing something flashed in her brain she called sanskar as if something happened hearing her sound he quickly ran to her he was standing close to pool ragini pushed him in pool she burst in laugh kushi too joined her ragini played many pranks on him ragini saw suji’s ram and uttra’s photo she asked sanskar about it he said they were his parents ragini was confused that why he doesn’t stay with his parents she asked him but got no answer
He loved the time he spent with her. she was not understanding anything at starting but know she started behaving normal she didn’t allow sanskar to be away from her she started taking care of him his things his likes dislikes everything starting days it was very tough for sanskar to manage her but with kushi’s help he was able to do so
He had to manage both ragini and his office work he can’t neglect that too when he went to office kushi was with ragini. Ragini once saw kushi taking care of arnav giving him coffee when he returned from office doing his most of work she also started doing all those works slowly slowly she was becoming normal

One day
Sanskar was searching for some file those were very important for him but he didn’t get then he saw ragini playing she made paper aeroplanes of those pages sanskar got really very angry because it was very important in frustration he scolded her ragini was crying sanskar was feeling guilty for what he said but was helpless at moment because of his work hr left for his office whole day he was unable to concentrate on anything he was worried for her feeling guilty for what he said
Ragini was too sad then she thought to ask sorry from him she prepared all his favourite dishes taking kushi’s help
Sanskar returned late at night ragini slept their on sofa only sanskar saw her sleeping he felt for what he did he kissed her on forehead and was about to go
Ragini heard woke up hearing foot steps and she held his hand
“ are u angry on ur angle” she said making innocent face he turned his face towards her
“ not at all can anyone be angry on angle and my angle is best of all so how can I be” he said
“ sorry because of me” before she could complete he placed his finger on her lips
“ sh…… and I am sorry for shouting at u” sanskar said
“ no it was my fault I am sorry”
“ ok no more sorry and why were u sleeping here” he asked
“ wo I was waiting for u”
“ for me but why”
“ to ask sorry”
“ for that u were waiting”
“ yes know come lets have food I am hungry”
“ u didn’t have ur food why, had to take medicines na why u sikped them”
Ragini closed her ears
“ plsz after dinner give lectures I also know u too didn’t have food so know lets have” ragini said He made her eat food ragini too feed him they were enjoying each other’s company
Sanskar with great difficulty convinced her to go hospital for her checkup he promised her outdating after this check up so she agreed
At hospital
Ragini’s check up was going on sanskar was really in tension
After some time ragini came out with doc he sent her with nurse for some test doc asked sanskar to come with him

At doc’s cabin
“ what happened doc” sanskar asked
“ plsz be seated mr.maheswari I’ll tell” doc said sanskar took his seat
“ is ragini fine” sanskar asked again
“ their’s lot of improvement in this week I must say u have taken a great care of her actually I wanted to talk to u about her further treatment” doc said
“ what doc”
Doc showed him some x-rays of her brain “mr.mahewsari see this in this region their is a blood clot at beginning we thought their’s one but their r two one can be melted by medicines but the other one has to removed by operation if its not removed on time her life would be at risk”
“ when can this operation be done doc”
“ till know we never saw such case their’s a doc in Kolkata who can help us u can take her to Kolkata for her further treatment” doc said
Sanskar was shocked by the place name Kolkata he never wanted to return their but ragini
“ is their any other way I mean I can’t take her to Kolkata can u arrange that doc here” sanskar requested
“ we have to do this operation as soon as possible I’ll try” doc said assuring him
Sanskar thanked him and came out but Kolkata he can never go their but for ragini no he can’t
Sanskar came out he saw ragini sad
“ what happened angle”
“nothing feeling weak after test”
“ shall we go home” he asked
“ no……… u remember na what u promised me” she said
“ I know but if u r not well then how can we”
“ I am perfectly fine and can anything happen to me when u r with me” she said sanskar became a bit emotional
“and plsz can we go” she asked
Both headed out they went to mall did shopping, had great fun , saw moive, dinner and last beach were their were walking hand in hand ragini rested her head on his chest
The night had increased the beauty of sea and both couple were looking adorable and their love was immortal
Both were happy with each other forgetting what was happening what had happened and what will happen

Precap: a big shock for sanskar

Gues I know it may be boring and not up to mark but I want to move to main story so plsz bear it hope u like it and plsz comment

Credit to: crystal

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