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Hello everyone sorry for delay actually I was admitted in hospital for malaria fever just some days back got discharge still feeling very weak
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Recap: ragini lost her memory

Scenes starts in hospital ragini’s ward all rushed in hearing her scream
All entred in full rush sanskar was ahead of all ragini was sitting on her bed perfectly fine sanskar rushed to her and with great concern he asked
“ are u fine”
Ragini was not understanding anything seeing his care she was all confused what was happening she didn’t remember this man he’s her husband seeing his care she was sure of thing that he loves her a lot
“ I am fine” she said
“ why did u scream ragini” doc asked
“ wo w o I was just testing whether he’s really my husband or not” she said pointing towards sanskar
Sanskar was furious she had scared him to hell
“ are u mad u know how much we were worried for u u scared me to hell and u ……….
He saw her innocent face all his anger vanished “ never do that again” he said to her
She had her head down “ I am sorry”he saw her and melted by her innocence
“ just take care” he said leaving out followed by arnav. Kushi was with her only
Kushi easily managed ragini she became close to her in low time
Outside ragini’s ward
Sanskar and arnav were talking to doc what can be done
“ doc she has misunderstood us she thinks that I am her husband which is not true can we tell her truth” sanskar asked
“ mr.maheswari I can’t really tell u anything after seeing her reports no shock she should get if we tell her truth her condition can get worsen and may lead her to comma again we can’t take risk of telling her truth” doc said

Arnav understood what sanskar was feeling the doc excused himself arnav and sanskar were standing their
“ sanky relax” arnav said placing his hand on his shoulder
“ what should I do arnav” sanskar asked
“ u love her can’t u act like her husband until she gets fine when we can tell her everything and it doesn’t effect her I know u r not understanding anything know but at present she’s important nothing more” aranv said assuring her
“ umm I know but still” sanskar was still in a dilemma
“ can’t u do that much for u r love people promise to bring stars from sky and u” aranv said
Sanskar smiled paildly
“ anything for her……….”
After some time sanskar went in ragini’s ward he saw her doing antiques for medicines then he remembered last time during that fire accident in hospital how ragini was not willing to take medicines a smile appeared on his face seeing her
Kushi was trying her level best to make her eat medicine but no use
“ ragini plsz don’t act as a kid and take it” kushi said making her eat tablets but she truned her face everytime
“ u said ur my friend so why r u forcing me plsz I can’t” ragini said
“ I am ur friend so only I am telling will u have it or not” kushi asked her in warning tone
“a bigggggg nooooooooo” ragini said making pout face
She saw sanskar

“ sanskar plsz help me” kushi asked
“ umm let it be na if she doesn’t want to take nurse u give her injection” sanskar said
Ragini was shocked and kushi smiled ragini quickly ate the medicines
Both kushi and sanskar smiled at her
After a while kushi left ragsan were alone sanskar was taking her care
She was not eating food he bribed her by telling her to give chocolate and ice cream but she was not ready after very much efforts he made her eat food and take tablets
“ know give me chocolate as u promised” ragini demanded
Sanskar didn’t have chocolate
“ragini u had food and tablets know na tomorrow pakka” he said
“ u promised me I want it know” she started to act as child sanskar felt something weried in her behaviour before also he observed but didn’t pay more attention but know she was getting violent
She started to throw things around her listening to sounds arnav rushed in he was super shocked
“ragini relax I promise I’ll give u tomorrow” sanskar was trying to calm her but all in vain aranv called doc he rushed in all were trying to hold her but she was overpowering all she was mentally unstable
“ah………… my head its spinning” she said holding her head she was feeling tremendous pain unable to control it everything seemed fainted to her everything was looking like spinning she could hear name and sanskar’s image was blur to her and she fainted sanskar held her in his arms
Doc checked her and he was holding her hand tight tears were flowing from his eyes seeing her condition aranav was standing near him
“ doc what happened to her” arnav asked in broken voice sanskar was really very worried for ragini
“ mr.raizada I already said u about the blood clot and it is all because of it sometimes she would behave as mature and sometimes as a small innocent kid she should not get violent she needs great care” doc said

“ but doc their must be some cure for it” arnav asked
“ their is mr.raizda by medicines she can be cured these attacks would stop but not permantely we should do operation and remove clot but” doc stopped
“ but what doc” sanskar asked raising his head to him
“ we can’t be sure that after this operation she’ll regain her memory it can be completely destroyed without doing operation their are 30% chances that she can gain her memory back but after operation their is no chance and this operation is also important because as time would pass her condition would get worse” doc said
This was the biggest shock to both if operation is done she’ll never gain her memory back and if not done her life would be at risk it was really a tough situation unable to understand what to do
“ but one thing can be done” doc said
This words of him ever giving new hope to sanskar that his ragini can be fine
“this operation anyways couldn’t be done know we have to wait for a month if during this time these attacks reduces completely then their are 90% chances that her memory would again back” doc said
A smile appeared on his face yes his ragini could be cured she would be fine and be with him again
His happiness was beyond anyone could imagine his love would be fine he can’t bear if he loses her he lost his everything but he can’t lose her
After while ragini was sleeping peacefully sanskar had also slept their in her ward on sofa their was a slience when sanskar woke up hearing ragini’s screaming
She started to scream getting up from her sleep all of sudden
“ no no………… plsz save me fire fire” she was screaming
Sanskar went near he tried to clam her but was unable to he screamed that brought her to reality
Ragini was sweating very badly

She saw sanskar and hugged him sanskar hugged her back he caressed her head
She was helding him very tight she was crying
“ ragini relax see I am here only” he tried to calm her
She buried her head on his chest
He broke the hug and wiped her tears
“ bad dream” he asked she simply nodded
And hugged him again
“ I saw fire every where around u and I was also their” she said
Sanskar then remembered that fire accident in which ragini got injuried
“ shh……. relax nothing to worry everything is fine its just a bad dream” he tried to calm her after a while he made her drink water and made her sleep she was not ready to leave him he was near her only she slept resting her head on his chest and holding him tight sanskar too held her in his embrace both dozed off

Precap: ragini troubling sanskar……….
Some fun

Credit to: crystal

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