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Hello everyone I hope u remember me sooorrrrrrry for not updating fast I am trying my best but still sooorry for that
Recap: ragini’s accident
Sanskar’s love confession
At hospital
Arnav and kushi were still in shock pf sanskar’s confession but happy
Outside ragini’s ward sanskar hugged arnav in excitement
“ she’s fine I am so happy” he said hugging him
Aranv hugged him back
“ see I told na and see I was right u love her but feared to express that I am so happy”
They broke the hug
“this is because of u,if u didn’t make me realise that thier’s something btw us I would have never understood that thank u so much”
“ It was my duty” he said
FB shows
after arashi’s marriage
At arnav’s house
Aranav called sanskar to talk something important to him
“ bro what happened why u called me in hurry Is everything fine” he asked approaching him
“ I need to talk about ragini” arnav said
Sanskar was somewhat shocked and feared
“ ragini what about her”
“I’ll tell before that I want to know something from u” he said
Many thoughts were running in sanskar’s mind that what he wanted to speak about ragini what he wanted to know what’s happening he was in great confusion
Arnav wanted to tell him about ragini’s past before that he wanted to know what sanskar feels about her he wanted to make him understand that their’s something more btw them is he conscious recent happenings btw them is he aware about his own feelings or not he saw his confusion
“ relax come sit” arnav said letting him way towards sofa
He too took the seat both were facing eachother
“ I know u r worried that what I wanted to speak but its serious and its about u not only u but know ragini is also related to u its about her and all those who r related to u and her”
“ I am not understanding anything about me ragini and all who’s related to us its great confusion”
“ I know ok tell me what u feel about ragini” he asked
Sanskar was totally confused
“ what” he asked him making confused face
“ just tell me what she’s for u”
“ do u mean by that she’s just a good friend like u” he said
“ just friend” he said raising his eyebrow
“ ha what happened” sanskar questioned back
“ok no more confusion let me come direct to point”
He was serious know sanskar understood that
“ do u love her” he questioned
Sanskar was totally shocked he was numb
“sanskar answer me”
“ no I mean we r just friend nothing like that and how it can be I love kavitha and ragini she’s just friend” he was covering up
“just friend no one will jump in fire for just friend no one would be so worried about just friend no one would care so much about what she eats to what’s she do no one would get jealous by seeing friend with anyone and u as much I know u, u love her and that’s true” aranv said
“u r thinking to much their nothing like that” he said standing up from his place he was heading out he didn’t wanted to face any more question from him arnav stopped him
“ their r many things but problem is u fear to express that u fear to lose her sanskar u love her” he said holding his shoulder
“ u should go to kushi she must be waiting for u its ur first night” he said avoiding him changing topic
“ bro think about it once” he said
Fb ends
Kushi gave a side hug to sanskar
“ I am very happy know everything is getting in its place” she said
“ um………. hope she’s fine” he said in concern towards her
“ can anything happen to her when we I mean when u r with her” she said lifting her eyebrow to him
sanskar understood that she was angry for hiding the fact that he love her
“ sorry but I to didn’t realise it the fear that I’ll lose her made me accept that I can’t live without her because I love her” he said
Kushi understood his situation all were happy
All were waiting for ragini to gain consciousness
Sanskar convinced aranav kushi to go home he was with ragini
After they left he entered her ward she was still unconscious he went and sat near her he held her hand in his he kissed her hand
“ u really scared me today I can’t imagine my self without u I fear of losing u made me realise that I am in love with u I love u ragini I don’t know what u feel for me but I don’t know how to express I am lacking of words to express my emotions at moment plsz wake up soon” after saying he kissed on her forehead and left from their
After some hours she gained conscious arashi too returned by know
Nurse was in her room
Ragini slowly opened her eyes she saw the surrounding nurse noticed it she called the doc doc was checking her arashi and sanskar went in
“ how r u feeling know” doc questioned
“ where I am why I am here” she questioned
“ u met with a accident so u r here” arnav said
“ accident what accident when who r u ” she questioned
Aranv was shocked
“ what u don’t remember me” aranv questioned
“ who r u who am I” her head was paining she held it “ ah………… my head its spinning”
“Ragini” sanskar was caring for her
“plsz u’ll go out I need to do some test” doc requested all left
Sanskar and arashi all were tensed
“ how can she can’t remember me” arnav questioned
“I am not understanding anything she called my name and know she forgot u that means she forgot me too how can that be” sanskar was questioning all were tensed
After a while doc came out all rushed to him
“ doc what happened to her” sanskar questioned
“ mr.maheswari she’s suffering from amnesia she has lost her memory” doc said
All were super shocked
Scene shift ragini’s room
Nurse was doing dressing of her wound
Ragini didn’t knew what was happening
“ what’s happening here who were they who am I” she questioned
“ u r ragini” nurse said
“ I am ragini but why don’t I remember anything” she asked
“ because u lost ur memory” nurse said
“ so I don’t remember anything” she said
Scene shift outside ragini’s wards
All were shocked
“ but doc how can that be I mean she said my name how can that be possible” sanskar asked in great worry
“ mr.maheswari after seeing her reports I was fearing about this and that only happened she got many injuries and most r internal thier’s a small blood clot in her brain her condition Is very critical little stress can harm her a lot” doc said
Again a big shock to all
“ till when she can get her memory back” kushi asked
“ I can’t say anything know we need to do some test anything can happen” doc said
Scene shift to ragini
Ragini was not understanding anything
“ and those who were they” she questioned
“ see their” ragini saw in that direction
Nurse pointed towards sanskar “he’s ur husband and that(pointing towards arnav ) he’s ur brother and (pointing towards kushi) she’s ur bhabi”
She said
Ragini was in great confusion and then she remembered sanskar name
“sanskar” she said in low tone but nurse heard that
“ha that’s ur husband name sanskar” she said
“ u take rest” nurse said going out
Scene shift to sanskar and arashi who were talking to doc just then nurse came out
“ doc plsz do anything but make her well” sanskar said
Nurse was smiling seeing his concern
“ doc I have dressed her wounds” nurse said then “ and sir don’t worry ur wife will get well soon” she said seeing towards sanskar
“ wait she’s not my wife” sanskar said he was shocked by her statement
Nurse was shocked “ what’s she’s not ur wife and I said that u r her husband”
“what the hell u have done” he screamed
But suddenly they heard ragini’s scream they all ran in
Precap: ragsan fun moments
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Credit to: crystal

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