swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-11)

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Sanskar drew his car at full speed he took her to hospital he was screaming on everyone to call doc
He made her lie on stretch they were taking her to OT he was moving along with them he was holding her hand

“ nothing will happen to u” he was saying her he was fully sweated tears were flowing from his eyes he can’t imagine himself without her he couldn’t lose her kavitha also left him she can’t nothing can happen to her he was assuring himself
He got arnav’s call he informed him about ragini’s accident soon arshi reached hospital kushi was crying seeing her friends condition
For kushi ragini was more than a friend she was her support system she was like her sister she couldn’t see in that condition

Sanskar was know a life less body he was mumering only one thing
“ nothing will happen to her, she would be fine soon”
Aranav couldn’t see his that condition he kept his hand on his shoulder sanskar saw him he immdeately hugged him tight
“ nothing will happen to her na” he said while still hugging
“ ha nothing can happen to her we r their na we will not let anything happen to her” he said assuring him running his hand over his back consoling him
They broke the hug

All were tensed the atmosphere their was very sad
Ragini’s condition was getting worsened
Doc rushed in her ward
“ oh no her bp is getting low her condition is getting worse” he was giving her injections
But treatment was not working on her doc was very much tensed
He came out of OT
All runned to him
“ doc how’s she know” sanskar questioned
“mr.maheswari she is in very critical condition we may not be able to save her” doc said
Sanskar was boiling in anger

“ how can u say that do anything save her” he said while holding his collar
“ mr.maheswari plsz leave me” doc was pleading but sanskar was not ready to listen to anything
“ sanskar leave him” arnav said he freed the doc
“ how can he say that” he screamed

“she is not responding to any of treatment” doc said
“ doc plsz do anything but save her don’t worry about money but plsz save her” aranav pleaded him joining his hands
“we r trying our best we need to do her opereation” doc said
“ do anything but save her plsz doc save her” sanskar pleaded him
Doc left ragini operation was taking place sanskar all were tensed for her
Sanskar saw god’s idol their he went towards that
He joined his hands

“ I stopped believing in u when I lost my love today I am standing here joining my hands to pray for someone she became my lhope to live life plsz don’t do this to me I lost my kavitha I can’t lose her plsz save her u can’t snatch her from me I lost my everything I lost my kavitha I never questioned but her plsz save ragini I can’t live without her plsz god plsz ” he was praying for her well being
After some hours doc came out of OT
“ doc how’s she” kushi questioned
“ I’ll not give u wrong hopes she’s out of danger but”

“ but what doc” sanskar questioned
“ if she didn’t gain conscious soon she may fall in coma” doc said
“ what do u mean by that” arnav shouted
“ mr.raizada try to understand few days before she met with an accident she got severe hurt on her forehead those wounds didn’t get healded also today’s accident has caused serve injuries on her forehead we r trying our level best if she didn’t gain conscious in few hours she may fall in coma I’ll not give u wrong hopes pray to god that she gains conscious soon” saying this doc left
All were tensed
Ragini’s condition was not at all improving
All doc’s were also tensed
Their was lot of tension
After some time doc came out of her ward
“doc what happened” all questioned

“sorry to say but she’s in coma”
“ what the hell r u speaking” sanskar shouted this can’t happen
Sanskar couldn’t control his emotions any more he entered ragini’s room with thud arashi followed him
He went near her
“ ragini open ur eyes stop ur drama right know how much will u trouble all of us ha ragini r u listening to me” he screamed he started to cry
He went near her he held her hand
“ ragini plsz wake up fight with me call me kadoos monkey plsz wake up I can’t see ur slience plsz open ur eyes prove this doc’s wrong they r saying that u r in coma but I know u can listen to me plsz open ur eyes don’t do this to me don’t leave me like this” tears were flowing from his eyes
“enough is enough I can’t take it any more u have to wake up for me for ur family for everyone u can’t live me like this u can’t do u understand that u can’t u have no right to leave me u know how much I love u open ur eyes ragini …………” he screamed at her
Tears were flowing from arahi’s eyes seeing his state

Their was moments in ragini’s hand sanskar didn’t notice it
“ragini I love u plsz don’t do this to me” he cried keeping his head on her chest
Ragini slowly opened her eyes kushi saw it she showed to aranv
Both were shocked
“san….. san… sanskar” ragini said in weak voice
Sanskar raised his head up he saw ragini gained conscious
Aranv immediately called doc
Doc was checking her in
All were waiting outside sanskar was happy that she was fine

Doc came out
All rushed to him
“this is true miracle I have never seen anything like this after going to coma she came out of it she’s fine know but unconscious at moment she’ll fine soon” doc said he left from their
Sanskar hugged aranv tightly
“ she fine she’s alright I am so happy” still hugging
“ ha sanskar ur love bought her back she’s fine” aranav said
All were happy waiting for ragini gaining her conscious

Precap: ragini’s condition……………………...

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    Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika
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    I know that Ragini got into an accident and I shouldn’t be dancing ? but what to do, I cant help but sing, laugh and dance after Sanskar has confessed his love for Ragini!!
    The update was emotional overall, Sanskar’s emotions were beautifully described. the way he was afraid of loosing Ragini…haaayyyeee…he’s so caring. ??
    Okay so Ragini is out of the coma and she called out Sanskar’s name so memory loss isn’t the option. ☺
    In the precap you again mentioned Ragini’s condition, is there something wrong?
    Continue soon. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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