swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u…………….(epi-10)

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At ragini’s room
Sanskar was sitting near her holding her hand she was lying on bed doc checked her
“what happened to her doc” sanskar questioned
“ nothing to worry just because of tiredness she fell unconscious I have given her injection she gain consciousness soon”
Doc gave her injection and he left
After some time she gained consciousness
When she opened her eyes she saw sanskar sitting near her he was holding her hand she smiled seeing him
“ he looks so cute” she said in mind
He saw her

“ r u fine do u need anything” he asked with great concern
“ I am fine” she said assuring him
He made her eat food and take tablets and he left from their
The next day
It was arashi’s marriage at night
Arashi’s marriage was taking place
Sanskar and ragini were standing near eachother
Arashi were taking rounds of fire all were showering flowers on them sanskar for was throwing on ragini
“ sanskar” she said givng him angry glare
“ what” he questioned as if nothing happened he was acting normal
“ what r u doing” she asked showering flowers on pairs

“ nothing” he said while throwing flowers at her
She threw flowers on him
“ what was that” he questioned
“ nothing” she replied in same attitude as he did
He throwed all flowers that he had on her
“ this is too much” she said cleaning her self
“ no much no wuch” he said giggling
“u r very bad I hate u” she said
“ but I love u”
She was shocked for what he said he was too amazed that what he said she was happy from in but didn’t show that she was giving amusement look to him
“I mean as a friend” he said covering up
“ ok” she was avoiding eye contact with him
“ I have some work I’ll come” he excused himself
She was smiling at his act
After a while it was arashi’s reception all were busy their

The hall was beautifully decorated round tables with chairs and stage where the pairs were their meeting everyone all were congratulating them
Ragini thought something she took a big plate full of spicy food sanskar saw her
She sat on chair to eat
She was about to take the first bite sanskar came near her and took that bite from her hand
“sanskar what’s this” she was very angry on him
He moved a bit away a took the chair from near and sat close to her he changed her food plate with another one
She was shocked to see that
“ what’s this” she said pointing towards the plate
“ food for u”
“ no I’ll not eat this how can eat this type to food today their’s so tasty food all r having that I too want to eat that ” she said making pout face
“ u can’t”
“ all r having that why not me and this food I can’t eat it” she asked in angry tone
“ others r not sick as u so they can have it but u can’t” he said while eating food from her plate
“ uh… cheater it’s for me” she was trying to take that plate from him but he was not allowing
She truned her face to other side she acted as she was very angry sanskar saw that
“ ok u can eat it” she immediately turned towards him with a great big smile on her face and excitement he continued

“ but only this gulab jamun” he said her face expression turned to sad again but she was happy that at least she can eat something good
“ ok” she said with small smile on her face
They had lot of fun
The next day
Arashi were going for their honeymoon in evening ragini was feeling bored
So she decided to meet sanskar
At sanskar’s house
Sanskar was busy in arranging his room
Ragini directly went in she saw many new cartoons many items were wrapped
He was busy in arranging his things ragini saw him he was getting confusion in how to arrange his cupboard ragini saw his confusion
“ may I help u” she asked
He heard her voice he turned a big smile appeared on his face seeing her
“ u here” he asked
“ umm…. I think I can help u” she said moving close to him she took clothes from his hand and started arranging
“ what r u doing here” he asked
“wo I was getting bored in house so I thought to help u” she said while arranging cupboard she finished it

“ ok” he said
They took a quick glance of whole room
Both strated to arrange the room
Sanskar was admiring her he was lost in her she was doing her work he was imaging her doing all his works and he troubling her she getting annoyed both laughing and having fun he was lost In his dream world that had him and ragini
Ragini saw that he came to his sense when ragini shaked him
“ sanskar” she said while shaking him
“ ahh……..” he said coming back to present
“ where r u lost from that time I am calling u” she questioned going back to her work
“ nothing” he was avoiding her
Both were doing their work
Ragini got a photo she was shocked to see that
Sanskar saw that
“ ragini give that to me” he asked her
Ragini was still shocked to se rp’s and sujitha’s photo with sanskar and uttra
Sanskar took that photo from her he kept that in cupboard
“ sanskar whose photo was that” she aksed with great courage
“ that of my mom dad and sister” he said
Ragini totally shocked to know that he was rp’s and sujitha’s son
“ they r u parents” she asked him shockingly
“ ha why r u getting shock they r my parents living in Kolkata” he said while checking his phone he got a phone call he attended that
Ragini was shocked

“so SRM means sanskar ramparsad maheswari he’s sujitha chachi’s son laksh also never told that he has elder brother no one mentioned about him he wants revenge from them how can it be what’s happening” she was thinking in mind
After he finished phone call She saw him very happy
“what happened sanskar” she asked
“ wo for the time I was waiting has finally come I got what I wanted and know its time for all those to pay who snatched my kavitha from me” he said having anger
“ I am very happy today” he continued
Ragini was shocked his revenge he being son of rp and sujitha everything was running in her mind
“ ragini I am feeling hungry lets go for some restaurant ” he asked her
“ his revenge I have stop him I can’t let him he’ll ruin his own family” she was thinking in mind
He saw her lost
“ ragini where r u lost” he asked
“ nothing” she was avoiding his gaze
“ I said lets go to restaurant” he asked
“yeah” she replied
Both went to restaurant for lunch

Ragini was slient whole time he was speaking many things she was just observing him
“ in so many days I never saw him so happy he looks so good” she said herself
She was smiling seeing his innocence
Sanskar saw her smiling seeing him
“ ragini where r u lost” she came out of her world “I know I am handsome hot but that doesn’t mean u just keep watching me” he said teasing her
“ no nothing” avoiding eye contact with him
Both finished their lunch
Outside the restaurant
Ragini was standing alone sanskar went to bring his car from parking
He was heading towards their
Ragini saw a truck heading towards him in full speed

She screamed to stop him but he was talking on phone so unable to hear she ran toward that direction the truck was about to him ragini pushed him aside the truck was about to hit ragini she in fear closed her eyes the truck hitted ragini and she was thrown in air she fell on ground she was lying in pool of blood sanskar was shocked by everything it all happened in fractions of seconds she couldn’t do anything he screamed her name he ran towards her she was unconscious many people surrounded her he picked her up in his embrace and took her to hospital

Precap: ragini in critical condition

New twist

Credit to: crystal


  1. Megha

    Wow! That was one fine episode. I loved it, right from the start till the end. Ahaan…sanskar confessed his love for Ragini but then “I meant as friends!” 🙁
    Bad boy!
    Ragini was happy about it so she’s in love with him as fell.
    Sanskar not letting Ragini eat spicy food was fun and when he imagined Ragini doing things for him and they kind of living together was awesome.
    The accident part is still scary ? but i think it might motivate Sanskar to confess and coming to the new twist you mentioned…
    >Is Ragini going to loose her memory? Thinking that she’s still engaged to Laksh. This might bring out the truth in front of Sanskar that Ragini knows Maheshwari family. He might feel betrayed that Ragini didn’t told him that even after she had seen his parents photograph.
    >Or is Laksh coming there looking for Ragini, confessing his love for her, making Sanskar angry. This will also lead to Sanskar feeling as if Ragini had betrayed him for the reasons mentioned before.

    The episode was fantastic as usual. Continue soon. <3

  2. Yeah…..its really good nd plz dnt briing memory loss track dear…….anyways its ur ff u can do anythng i jz poured out my opinion

  3. PP

    Awesome Amazing Superb epi
    Hope Ragini will be safe
    Loved Ragsan scenes so much
    Waiting for the next one……….

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