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Sanskar’s prov
I want to return to Kolkata but not like this but as a storm that destroys DP and laksh I am waiting for right time to come
Its not so far it’ll come for sure
At sanskar’s house
Sanskar was staying in a big mansion arnav his best friend kushi was his fiancé arnav’s family was in London arnav was handling his family business in India and was board member of sanskar’s company and he was adviser of sanskar and sanskar treated kuhsi as his sister they shared a good bond kushi was working wth sanskar , sanskar was staying in big mansion kushi’s house was a street away from his
Kushi was staying with her mom and dad most of the time his dad was out of station kuhsi informed them about ragini’s arrival they treated ragini as their daughter only they were staying in Kolkata only it has just 4 years that they shifted to Mumbai ragini and kushi were always in contact they shared each and everything with eachother
At Karama industries office
Sanskar’s cabin
Sanskar was screaming on his PA
Sanskar: what the hell is this
PA: sory sir
Sanskar: u r fired
PA: sir plsz sir
Sanskar: I don’t want usles persons like u in my office
Get out
Arnav came their
Arnav: removed one more PA
Sanskar: he was uselss
Sanskar called lisa lisa was working in his office
Sanskar: lisa I want a new PA asap
Lisa: yes sir
Arnav: u don’t worry I’ll see to that
Ragini’s prov
I am travelling an unkown fear was taking birth in me don’t know why but I was happy that something I was doing for myself I reached Mumbai I took my luggage and moved towards the entrance I was feeling something different
The time was 8pm it was already late
When I kept my first step I was having a different feeling as someone is waiting for me everything is going to change what was that
My eyes were searching for kushi I took a quick glance all over then my eyes fell on kushi who was waving her hand she quickly came and hugged him
“ how r u” she asked
“ fine and what about u” I questioned her
She broke the hug
“ as always fit and fine but engaged” she said in sarcastic tone making sad face
“ so would mrs.kushi singh raizada can we go” I said teasing her she was blushing hearing that
“ ok ok come lets go” she said smilingly
“ oh ho someone is blushing ha” I said she was blushing even more
“ plsz stop it lets go its getting late” she said
We left for her house
I met her mother we all had nice chit chat then we had dinner
We all were talking in hall then someone came in
“hi kushi” he said smilingly
I was amused who was he
They hugged I was seeing them
“ arnav meet him she’s ragini” kushi said
“ oh so he’s arnav jiju” I said
“ hi ragini” he replied forwading his hand
“ hello jiju” I said with warm smile shaking my hand with him
“ u can call me arnav” he said
“ no I’ll call u jiju only” I said
“ no” he replied
“ gues stop it ragini u can call him anything as u wish even u can call him monkey donkey anything” kushi said teasing him
“ that’s not fair yaar he’s ur would be how can u” I said in concerned tone
“ finally I got some one in my team wow” arnav said in excitement
“I am ur side jiju” I said to tease kushi more
“ u r my friend or his” kushi said mocking to be angry
“ I am ur friend only yaar” I said
“ and my sister what say ragini” arnav said
“ ha u r like my brother arnav bhai” i said he gave a side hug to me
“ plsz stop this behan bhai drama” kushi said
“ragini I don’t understand that how can so sweet girl like u can be friend of this kushi” he said teasing her
“ oh hello what u mean by that ha I am not sweet “ kushi said
“ I didn’t say anything u’ll only excepted that ur not sweet “ he shot at her back
“ u r so mean” kushi said going towards sofa she sat their as to be so angry arnav went to her he say next to her they were fighting so silly arguments they both were cute couple I must say made for eachother after some time they both were laughing and enjoying
We all had nice chit chat

It has been two days that I am here we went for Mumbai darshan arnav bhai also came with us I enjoyed my lfe I am happy that I done something on my wish I am happy
Today I am nervous today is my interview for my job I needed this job at any cost I can’t stay depended on anyone
Kushi ensured me that I can
I some how gathered courage I reached karma industries office
I was waiting for my turn I was nervous who ever wnet in came out with disappointment know it was my turn
I entered in I was surprised to see arnav their
He was too equally shocked
“ plsz take a seat ms.gadodia” he said
He was trying to be professional so I too co-operated with him
“ congratulation ms.gadodia u got the job” he said
I was so happy
“ thank u arnav bhai opps sorry sir” I said I was so happy
He came forward and hugged me
“ r u sure u can” he said in nervous tone I thought he was teasing me
“ r u trying to doubt arnav singh raizada’s sister” I said
“not at all I am happy but u have to sign this contract that u’ll not leave this job for 6 months” he said
“ I agree” I said in confident I was so happy
“ so from when I can join” I questioned him
“ u r appointed as SR’s PA”he said
“SR……….” who was he I asked him
He gave a warm smile
“ owner of karma industries MD so u have to work with him” he said
“ oh I am lucky to work with him” I said
“from tomorrow u can join if u wish” he said
I left I was so happy

Arnav came out to me
“ congrats ragini” he said giving me a side hug
“Thank u bhai” I said
“ ok I need party”he demanded
“ ok but what” I questioned I was nervous I didn’t have more money so what should I do
“ at present I’ll give for sister’s success when u r salary comes I want a party from u” he replied
I amused without my saying he understood my worry wow so good brother
“ I am lucky to get u as my brother” I said almost in teary eyes
He understood that we called kushi we trio enjoyed whole day
The next day it was my first day for office
I was happy I wanted to remain confident what ever may happen
Arnav bhai took me with him
We reached office all greeted him
He called lisa
“ lisa take her to sanskar’s cabin……” he said
I was having many doubts in mind
“ hi lisa I am ragini” I said
“ nice to meet u ragini come with me” she said
“ ragini I have some work u go with her” he said
I simply noded
I went with lisa
When we were moving I heard some employee saying “ that new PA she’ll also run away or be fired like others”
“ god save her” these comments were making me nervous but I decided that what ever may happen I’ll be strong
She expailned me my work then all stood I was shocked what happen to all then I saw a handsome young man entering the office while he was SR walking towards his cabin he was so rude and arrogant after he went in his cabin he called some employees and shouted at them he’s so arrogant how can anyone handsome like him be so rude what rubbish I was thinking I came out of my thoughts when lisa called me
She took me to his cabin
He was busy in some files turning to other side
“ sir she’s ur new PA” lisa said
“ oh” he said he was still busy in his files
“hello sir I am ragini gadodia” I said making my introduction in confident way

Sanskar’s prov
I was busy when lisa came with my new PA her confidence made me turn no one dare to talk with me with so much of confidence I turned around kept files on table an took a quick glance of her she was beautiful
“liked u r confidence ms.gadodia” is said
“ thank u sir” she replied
“ lisa I hope u made her understand her work” he asked
“ yes sir” lisa said
“ I hope u do u r work well ms.gadodia” I questioned
“ yes sir I’ll do my work with full dedication and hard work” she said
I was impressed
“ get to u r work” I ordered
She went out
I was smiling she was beautiful and confident I liked it
What I praised some one what’s wrong with me
I took kavitha’s photo I was sad remembering her

Ragini’s prov
I got to my work I was sitting in my cabin it was just next to him I could clearly seen him through glass window most of the time I has my graze on him the whole day he was working so hard he didn’t even to bother to have his lunch arnav bhai went to his cabin he talked with him so nicely he had lunch with him
I had many question relating to him I tried to ask lisa but she denied to answer I thought to ask bhai but at home all were calling him SR but only bhai was calling him sanskar or sansky why……………. who was he
When ever I see him I think I know him he’s like DP uncle yeah his attitude was like him a lot …………………….

Precap: ragsan nokh jokh

Sorry guess actually I was having fever so I am unable update I am staying in Bangalore the weather here has changed all of sudden and I am sensitive towards cold so I got fever i am sorry for this short update I’ll try to give long update next time I’ll upload my next part tomorrow sorry for this in convince
Plsz pardon me and plsz comment…………………….

Credit to: crystal

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