swaragini:(ragsan) anything for u… (epi-32)

Hope u remember me just joking Hello everyone sorry for delay but I am busy with studies and all other stuffs thank u for all u r comments I am very happy for that thank u guess love u all
As I entered in badi their was a total different scenery all people staring at me as if am a ghost arnav bhai was worried I was too as I entered in house I saw dadi and baba sitting worried
“dadima baba” I called them they saw towards me
“what has happened” I asked them dadima saw towards me with care
“will anyone tell me what’s happening” I asked them again
I was sure that they came to know what sanskar did I was worried
“this much happened with u” dadi ma said caring my face
“ dadi what’s worng” I asked
“sanskar lied to all of us he lied about ur’s and his marriage” baba roared from back
Ma placed her hand on his shoulders
“what are u saying baba” I asked
“ragini beta u lost ur memory u don’t know anything he’s acting he used u r condition to take revenge from maheswari family” baba said
Oh no they came to know why god
“baba u have mistaken”I tried to justify
“ha beta we had mistaken about him we thought he loves u and is best for u he would take care of u but he”baba stopped
“baba he loves me turely I know that plsz stop all this”
“no beta u r mistaking about him”I cutted
“baba I got my memory back and I know what’s happening”
“where’s is he” I turned towards arnav
“bhai we need to find him”I said I was about to head out dadi stopped me
“u r doing a big mistake”dadi held my hand
“not today dadi” I said freeing myself
We searched him but failed miserably I know how he can react we are fighting with a enemy about whom we don’t know anything

Arnav bhai got to know about where’s he. He was at maheswari’s office a urgent board meeting was called and arnav had to be their
We reached maheswari office seeing the scenery around i was sure how serious were things here know arnav bhai left to talk to sanskar and I headed towards laksh’s cabin he was yelling at some one on phone
“why are u not understanding our problem” “oh common some time back u were ready to help us anytime know help us” “what hell is ur problem and how dare u” he screamed he saw towards me and cutted the call
“how is the situation” I asked
“what do u think after seeing everything here bhai Has called a board meeting for the MD post of company he’s not leaving any stone unturned” laksh said
“I know but”
“but ur helpless right and what can I except all this is forcing me to think that ur too with him otherwise why didn’t u stop him” he asked
“if I ahd knew about it I would have definitely but I don’t know why’s he is doing so”
“oh plsz do u think I am a fool u called me saying that’s their is some one who is doing all this to take revenge from our family and on other side u r so called fake husband I behind destroying his own family whom he held responsible for death of his love kavitha ragini stop all this drama of being so caring and mahan”
“Laksh act as a mature man can’t u see what’s happening”
“ok fine I understand what’s happening but why don’t u try to give this same logical reasons to bhai and make him understands what’s wrong” he yelled
I was about to say some thing but some one came and called laksh he left with anger
I was totally shocked before we could react or think about anything or find about that enemy things went ot of our hand I need to talk to sanskar he can do anything

I didn’t wanna talk about why I did what’s the reason or anything related to ragini or anything arnav came to me to talk about it but I totally refused i feel pitty on myself what life I got the person I love either leaved me or cheats me
At borad meeting
I kept all possible aspects why which I would become MD laksh and bade papa tried everything but were failing miserably
“what’s their to think anything more about all this” I asked the board members
“sanskar we are happy that ur too know owner of this company but mr.durgaparsad all his own has handled this company for such long period then why to take his position” one of the member said
Bade papa smiled a bit to him slowly everyone were supporting him
“oh common don’t be so silly think about it time has changed and old things should also change” I smirked
“sanskar u can’t go against of company’s rule” bade papa said
“I don’t need ur advice atleast” I said In loud tone
“u can’t speak to papa like that” laksh the saviour of bade papa said
“If he can do and talk like he wished then I can too and why should I care about him” I said arnav held my hand to clam me
My secretary started explaining them about their profit by me being MD everything was coming my side they needed a break to think about it all started leaving the hall laksh adrash bhai badepapa and arnav were their I was about to leave
“u can’t do this sanskar” he said
“I can do anything mr.durga parsad maheswari”I said
“why are u doing this what’ll u get by all this” he asked
“same question to u what u got by throwing me out of house what u got by killing kavitha” I yelled at them
“sanskar u thinking wrong papa didn’t do that” ardarsh bhai tried to justify
“oh plsz don’t try to hide his deeds”
“bhai u’ll get nothing plsz stop all” laksh said
“again justification are u guess not tried about all this”I asked them
“why are u no able to see the truth”bade papa said
“I am seeing truth only I mistaked about u people but now I know what’s truth” i said I saw towards the entrance ragini was standing their seeing her my anger wanished but them those pictures I left the place in anger
Ragini followed me
“sanskar listen to me”
“what’s left”
“u’lll get nothing by all this think once plsz”she pleaded
“and will u plsz tell me why should I listen” I demanded
“because I love u” she said
“oh plsz stop faking all this I know u got u r memory back and u still love that bastard laksh” I said in rage
“u r mistaking I love u why are u not trusting me” she said
“trust do u know meaning of it” I said holding her tight by shoulders
“sanskar its hurting” he held her still more tight
“this pain is nothing in front of what u gave me” I said leaving her
“sanskar u r misunderstanding”
“yes I misunderstood u I trusted u I fell I love with u but what u did”
“atleast tell me what I did”
I smiled a bit u don’t know what u did I showed her photos that kartick sent me

I was totally shocked seeing those photos
“know don’t tell me its fake” he said
“no they are not but they are not true”
“ok they are not true ok tell me didn’t u go to meet laksh” he asked
“some one is misguiding u”
“tell yes or no” he screamed
“yes I went but” he cutted me
“yes u went to meet him u didn’t think necessary to tell me that ur memory was back” “ wait a minute on that fire accident night I said u about my revenge oh great so that means u were fooling me from that time u r were trying to change my revenge motive ur were trying to save laksh oh man how stupid I am I fell in ur trap u r such a gold digger” before he could complete I slapped him he was shocked how could he speak so rubbish about me
“just stop it sanskar”I yelled
He left the place in frustration what’s happening I knew that he need me I can’t leave him I followed him he banned his car in frustration I held his hand and he jerked it and sat in his car I immdeately sat in his car
“just get out” he yelled
“no I won’t” I said looking straight in his eyes “I won’t leave u never ever”
His eyes showed me pain anger love all mixed emotions he drove the car at high speed I was getting very nervous I was scared he could do anything in his anger he drove car crazily and stopped abruptly he got out of car it was almost dawn we were at beach he went and sat on stone I came out I was feeling sad for him I took out first aid box from car and went to him I sat next to him and held his hand to apply ointment but he pulled back I held it again
“let me apply this otherwise the wound would get more deep” he didn’t resist
“this wound will heal but what about the wounds that are on heart and what about those that u gave me” he asked
Tears rolled down from our eyes I didn’t know how to explain him how to make him understand that I love him
“I’ll heal those with my love” I said seeing straight in his eyes
He went and stood in front of sea I went and hugged him from back he tried to pull me away but I held him tight
“sanskar plsz trust me once I love u”he said
“I want to but my mind is not letting me u cheated me ragini u never loved me all this was fake” he said
I was heartbroken knowing that he didn’t trust me anymore
“I love u and I can do anything to prove my love for u” I said
He laughed a bit
“these words doesn’t suit u” he said
“what’s wrong with u why don’t u believe me yes its true that I went to meet laksh but I had some reasons and when I got kidnapped I got my memory back” I tried giving justification but he was not ready to believe
“ok tell me what I can do to make u believe that I love u” I questioned he thought for a while
“ok are u ready to do anything to again my trust” he asked I nodded
“ok marry me right know” he said I was shocked I didn’t think that he’ll say so I was confused what should I say dadima , baba, ma what will be their reaction
“what happened u can’t na because u still love that laksh I knew it” he said
“ no I don’t love him he has no place in my heart and my life and about ur proposal I am ready to marry u”
He was shocked

Precap: some more drama……………………………….
And some revelations………………………..

I know u people would be hell angry by all this but trust me this was important
Plsz comment guess
Love u all……………………………….

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