swaragini…love has no definition (one shot) part 2


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One shot continued……
Sanskar: so you have forgotten me so easily.
Swara: no i cant forget you but i cant sacrifice laksh for you.
She leaves.
San: but i know you are not happy with him. I will make you mine swara . You are forever mine.
At home.
Swara: where is laksh. He has still not came.
Door bell rings.
Swara opens.
Swara: oh finally. I was waiting for you only.
Laks : i got busy in meeting.

Swara: is there any problem. From morning you are not talking with me properly.
Laksh(thinks): swara its not your fault . Its my plan to unite you with your true love.
Swara: have you said anything.
Laksh: no.
Sanskar: swara do u remember this.
He shows her a watch.
Sans: this watch u gave me on my birthday.
Laksh: o wow its amazing.
San: afterall its my swara’s choice.
Swara looks shocked by hearing my swara..
Laksh thinks that now he his sure that he is on right path.
Sanskar: i mean she is my best friend.

Laksh smiles.
They r sitting on sofa.
Laksh stands and moves from his seat to room. And sanskar sits there.
Swara was watching movie and thinks that laksh is sitting next to him and holds his hand.
Laksh seeing this smiles.
Swara: i am sorry.
San: no problem.
Swara: where is laksh.
San: he has gone in his room.
Swara: i will go and check.
She was about to go when sanskar holds her hand
Swara: what r u doing sanskar .
San: say u love me.
Laksh comes at that time.
Swara: laksh vo..vo..
Laksh: i dont need any explanation …..swara if u dont wanna go ahead in this marriage. The. Tell me we will take divorce..

Swara: what are u saying laksh.
Laksh: i am saying right. Btw. I m not interested and i have signed the divorce papers.
Swara cries: laksh plz dont say so plz laksh.
Laksh leaves .
He goes to his room and cries holding their photo.
Swara is also crying in hall.
Sanskar: swara if your husband dont love u . Come back to me. I love u . I really love u swara.
Swara: sanskar what do u think . Everything will go the way u want. Earlier u rejected me and now came to destry marriage life.
San: its not that . I love u.
Swara: love is not just told or spokr. It is something which is undescribable. It has no definition. In love u care for someone. You dont leave them alone. You are attached to the person. Your happiness lies in her happiness. Love is just not a game or a trophy. Which u wanna win. Its a feeling for the person you love. Love has no definition. It is you who describes it in your words,according to your needs or choice.
Sanskar maybe i never loved u ..it was just my liking. Beacause i have got that feeling when i met laksh. I LOVE HIM .
Swara saying this goes to her room.
Sanskar cries.
Swara: laksh i am sorry plz dont do that.
Laksh: swara u love sanskar. And i have no rights to come between u.
Swara: who told that i love him.
Laksh: i have seen and heard it too.
Swara: u r mad. I loved him but now i just love one person. Whom i will always love.
Laksh: who.
Swra: you

They hug each other …..
Sanskar smiles seeing this….
Guys i know this was just a common story. But every love story has different feel. Love makes life…..but many lifes r too destroyed by love….
As i said love has no definition. I would say it is not definite.
Keep loving…

Credit to: silent reader

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  1. Yeahhh
    ….this is.amazing yaar..I loved it…keep writing.
    ..nice story I love it..when I was reading the first episode i ‘m really confused.but now I’m not at all confused…god bless u..

  2. Awesome im very happy that u thought to write about swalak im seriously vwry happy and yaaa plzzz write one more plzzz yrrr

  3. nice just loved it

  4. Thank you very much. Indeed love has no definition. The people who r in love define it in their own way. Thank u v much for sharing ur so sweet thought through so sweet story..amazing!

  5. Awesome keep it up

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