swaragini – love: it just happens (Episode 3)


At London
Ragini returns form office and is shocked to see all arrangements a bollon balst on her sumi swara and sid wishes her happy birthday
Ragini gets a bit happy seeing all that
Ragini: thank u she hugs sumi and swara
Swara: di I am so happy today poor lucky
Ragini: what happened to him
Swara tells her everything
Ragini: every bad swara what u did with laksh
Suddenly swara phone hears
Its laksh
Swara: why he’s calling me
She picks the call
Swara: lucky what happened
Man: mam its laksh sir’s PA
Swara: what happned
PA: mam from after noon he’s missing
Swara: what
PA: ha mam from when u left he’s too missing
Then they hear some noices and sees laksh on his kneels

Swara comes their
Swara: what is this lucky
Laksh kneels down and propses her she is hellshocked r u mad
Laksh: ha meri jaan tumre payar me
Swara: I think I am dreaming its a very bad dream I’ll faint she about to fall when laksh holds her
Laksh:swara r u fine
Swara sees ragini sid and sumi laughing
Swara: gets up what the hell is this laksh (she yelled at him)
Laksh:then what u thought I’ll propose u in my dream also I can’t think about that who will propose chipakali like u
Swara: ha I am chipkali then u r monkey flirting monkey
She chased him
Swara: u really gave a heart attack today to me
Laksh: oh hello I did everything for ragini to make her laugh
Raglak have side hug
Sid: swara ur face was seeing like so funny ur expression were unbelievable swara
Swara: ha make fun of me u know I was feeling like someone stabbed me I can’t even imagine me and that too with this monkey no never ever
Laksh: who wnna be with u see urself
Swara: very funny
Ragini: plsz yaat its my b’day don’t spoil it they cut cake ragini applies cream on laksh’s face laksh appiles cream on swara’s nose they have cute fight
Laksh and ragini dances on song buddu sa man ha sid and sumi joins them laksh and swara keep on pulling each others leg they have lot of fun

After party all went to sleep laksh and ragini r sitting in balcony having coffe
Laksh: so ragu why don’t we go for some holidays I am bored yaar
Ragini: nice idea but sory I am bit busy I have to go ,pairs and then Australia this week
Laksh: no problem I’ll accompany u to Australia its perfect place what say
Ragini: thank u laksh u made this day special fro me
Laksh: then me to thank u
Ragini: for what
Laksh: for coming in my life ur really speacial
Ragini: I should say that
Laksh: hey bhawagan u know what ur becoming boring these days
Ragini: boring and me ha she beats him play fully
Laksh: ok ok sory
Ragini: thank u
Laksh: plsz not again u forgot the rule no sory and no thank u
Ragini: ha u r right
Laksh: u look good while similing
Ragini: thank u and what about ur bro and sis
Laksh: u know na bhai is in London he hates to come to india and uttra she is their to support bhai
Ragini: u love u r bhai more than anything na
Laksh: ha that’s true but u know what I feel guilty beause of me somewhere he is away form dad
Ragini: why don’t u try to talk with him
Laksh: I have tried many times but both dad and bhai r stubrun its not so easy but I have to decided that I’ll convince them for sure
Ragini: all the best then
Laksh: yeah …. ah I rember swara’s production house what about that ha
Ragini: yeah a good news after a month I am coming to india
Laksh: really permanently na
Ragini: no but it may be
He hugs her tight

Ragini: ok ok know I am sleepy good night
Laksh: good night
Laksh’s prov
Ragini u r so good u don’t show or share ur problems with anyone u care for all why ur so good how can anyone be so caring and good after having such a bitter past also u r so strong u r family at a young age u achieved so much I still remember the day when we met

4 years back ragini who ran from her marriage after going to hong kon she came to delhi where she met laksh first time after at a orphanage she was so good helping to all
Laksh was totally lost actually hehad ragini before also at Bangalore during an inter school competition but they didn’t talk but in delhi they talked
They became good frnds they also shared their screts with laksh’s help swara became a big designer for ragini he helped her
Fb ends

Laksh prov
U r really sweet mature minded adeveture loving person can bring smile on anyone’s face I don’t know how can anyone be so good but u r I am really lucky to have u as my frnd
At swara room
Swara prov
I am happy that laksh is di’s frnd he really care for her he helped me too and know for my production house he’s still helping me I don’t about his family problems di knows he share everything with her and I share my all scerts with di and next him I don’t know why but I trust him he loves his brother more than anything can do anything for him he’s a bit filrt so big filrt but then too a good frnd he can easily bring simile on anyone’s face sanskar hid elder brother I like him so much I saw him many times laksh introduced me to him but still I didn’t have any formal talks with him why destiny plays such games i feel that he has great pain but still yeah that’s true I like him a lot but will he ever love me or even like me don’t know if their anything like destiny and if he’s their in my destiny then nature will surely do something and bring us close I’ll be waiting for that
Ragini’s prov
Laksh is a good frnd he helped me a lot and my sis too whenever he’s around me a simile comes on my face I am really greatful that I have him as my frnd with whom I can share many things

At London
Sanskar prov
Destiny I hate this word becuse of it I lost my everything my mom my family I hate u dp I just hate u because of u I lost my mom I can never forgive u
Ragini’s prov
Destiny I have started trusting it that my fate can never be so bad I am sure that soon someone will come who will change my meaning towards that I’ll be waiting for that don’t know why but I want to trust it
Laksh’s prov
I feel myself guilty that my dad and bhai hate each other destiny has played such a worse game with us that bhai loves me and uttra but don’t know ,When would these relations get better plsz god send someone who can help us to sort everything out who can make my bhai’s life happy who can become his life who can change him

Sanskar’s prov
I don’t except anyone to come in my life I hate these realtions

Preacp: ragsan meet………………….. swalak nokh jokh and masti

Credit to: poonam

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