swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 9

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Todays episode..
In office.
Nisha: swara will u drop me home…
Swara: but i will go from cab.
Nisha: fine so we will hire one cabto ur home and then from there my bro will pick me up.
Swara- fine…so lets go..
Nisha nods.

They were waiting for taxi….no taxi was stopping.
Swara: why is no one stopping.
Nusha: dont know what happened.
At that time laksh sees them and comes there with his car..
Laksh: so miss swara want lift..
Swara: no no sir we will managr.
Laksh: sit in..
Swara: but sir..
Laksh: what..
Swara : nothing..
Swara was about to sit on front seat when nisha sits there…
Swara sits at back..
Laksh: when will ragini’s be fracture removed..
Swara: very soon sir..
Laksh: good .
Laksh changes the direction of rear mirror to see swara..nisha sitting at front keeps on staring laksh.

Laksh: do u want anything …miss..
Nisha: nisha sir
Laksh: so ur surname..
Suddenly swara recalls when laksh said that she had a strange surname …and laughs..
Laksh: so here is ur destination miss swara.
Swara: again thank u sir.
Laksh: tell miss ragini to take care and get well soon…
Swara smiles.
He leaves.
Nisha: swara he is so good and cute.
Swara: what.
Nisha: nothing….btw…bro has came.i should leave now.
Swara: bye.
Nisha: bye.
Swara rings the door bell..
A woman opens it and swara hugs her…
Swara: mom…
( yes the lady is sumi……a sweet ,loving,caring mother)
Sumi= swara i am angry from you.
Swara: why mom
Sumi: u even didnt informed me about ragini ‘s accident.
Swara: mom vo..

Sumi: leav it …come in..
Swara : mom we missed u a lot.
Sumi: i too mised u both…
Rag: what is this ma…u forgot me .
Sumi: not at all….
Trio hugs.
In swaragini room.
Swara: di sir told u to get well soon.
Rag: he told for me…to me..
Swara: yes….i am going to bring water..
Rag was lost thinking about laksh……her phone rings..
Rag: hello …who is there..
Caller= your love.
Rag: what …
Caller: i saw u in hospital and now i love u ….i love u…
Rag: what r u sayinh..
Caller- i will meet u soon.he cuts the call.
Rag: helko ..who r u ..
She gets tensed….
Rag: should tell it to swara or not….no ragini not now….
Swara: what ragini..
Rag: nothinh swara good night.

Swara:ok gn.
In morning.
Sumi: so my princess r going offive.
Swara: yes mom.
Rag: we will meet u in evening mom.
Sumi: bye.
Swarag: bye mom

In office.
Nisha: hi swara.
Swara: hi.
Nisha= o hi ragini ..
Rag: hi nisha…swara told me that even u r working here.
Nisha: yes…..
Rags gets a bouquet ….
Rag: who sent this
Man: i dont know maam.
Rag: keep it here.
She finds a letter
O my love …u r simple….but special…..u r mine ….forever mine…..i love u…..i can die for u…..i will wait for u in park toda..if u will not come …i will kill nyself…….and blame you for my death….
Ragini gets tensed…

Precap: ragini taking swalak help…

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Credit to: shloka


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