swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 8


Thanks for your valuable comments…..pairs will be revealed in 11 th episode..
Todays episode.
At swaragini house.
Swara: di have u taken your medicines..
Rag: yes shona…
The door bell rings…
Swara: who is there..
No one answers…she opens the door and sees laksh there…
Swara: sir aap.

Laksh: yes i came to meet ragini..where is she..
Swara: she is inside..plz come sir..
Laksh: hi ragini.
Ragini: hello sir.
Laksh= is ur leg fine now..
Rag: much better.
Lksh: good.
Rag: sir would u like to have tea ir coffee..
Meanwhile swara comes with coffee.
Swara: rag your coffee and sir yours..
Lksh: thank u.
Laksh: btw..ragini r u not getting bored …especially in night.
Rag :i was getting bored but sanskar came and we enjoyed a lot..
Lksh- sanskar that promotion guy.
Swara: yes sir.
Laksh: btw..miss swara u have to give presentation to clients…so be on time.
Swara: of course sir.
Laksh= so miss rag now I will leave u take care…and get well soon…we all will wait for you..
Rag smiles…
Laksh goes..
Ragini sitting on table keeps on smiling thinking about Laksh….
Swara: di…
Rag keeps on smiling..
Swara: diiiii……..

Rag: yes why r u shouting…
Swara: i am shouting….ok…
Rag- u r late for office ….now leave.
Swara: o yes i forgot…bye di.
Rag: bye.
Swara takes her things and rushes to office.
In office…
Outside conference room
Laksh: so miss swara ….nervous or excited…
Swara: sir nexcited…
Laksh: what is nexcited..
Swara: nervous+excited= nexcited….
Laksh: ok..
Swara: i m little little nervous as well as excited…
Laksh: best of luck..
Swara: thank u .
In conference hall.
Client1: so lets start…
Laksh= yes…miss swara( he signals swara to start..)
Swara gives the presentation…
Everyone claps..
Laksh: now i will be showing u our schemes and our t&c…
Laksh tells everything….while laksh was explaining..swara was lost looking at him..
Client: we need 2 mins time…

Laksh nods…
They were discussing…when a girl comes in the hall.
Girl= swara maam ..a girl has came and is asking about u..some nisha..
Swara was about to go when recalls that she is in meeting again sits down….
Swara- tell her i will come in 5 mins.
Girl: ok mam.
Laksh sees this and signals swara to go…
Swara becomes happy and leaves…
She goes to meet nisha.
Swara- hi nisha….how r u…( nisha is swara’s friend)
Nisha: very good..
Swara: how come u r here?
Nisha: i want a job….its very important…
Swara: so u wanna work here.
Nisha: yes..if u can do anything..
Swara: i need to talk to sir..
Nisha: fine…u plz do something..
Swara- u wait here …i will go and talk to him.
Nisha nods.
Swara goes to laksh’s cabin.
Laksh: miss swara come in..
Swara smiles and goes in.
Swara- sir have the clients given us the contract.
Laksh: yes …and all because of u…
Swara: thank u sir…btw…i came to ask that a girl has came and is in search of job…if we can help her..
Laksh: yes ….we have one vacancy….

Swara: may i call her sir.
Laksh: sure…
Swara: thank u sir..
She goes and calls nisha.
Swara: nisha see answer with confidence..
Nisha nods..
Swara: u just wait for a sec.
Nisha looks at laksh…
Nisha thinks: omg…he is so handsome…now i want this job only…
Swara: nisha lets go.
Nisha: yes.
They go in.
Laksh: so u r nisha..
Nisha: good morning sir.
Laksh: its 1 pm..
Nish: sorry…good afternoon sir.
Laksh:so i am giving u this job…miss swara will see other formalities.
Swara: sir u will not even see qualifications.
Laksh:what i told …u will see other formalities.
Swara smiles and nods…
In swara s cabin.

Nisha: swara may i tell u something..
Swara: ofcoursr.
Nisha: swara yeh jo tera boss h yeh kitna handsome h…ek baat bata tujhe nahi laga kya..
Swara: ye kya bakwaas kar rahi h..kaam par dhyaan dena.
Nisha nods.
Swara: kal se kaam par aa ana
Nisha: thank u.

She keaves
Swara: keh toh sahi rahi thi…
Swara hits her head…
Swara: kuch bhi..

Precao: not decided….

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Credit to: shloka

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