swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 7

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Todays episode
In office..
Swara goes to laksh cabin..
Swara: sir …have u called me..
Laksh: yes ..i was asking that who will be working on promotion of our company…
Swara: sanskar ..
Laksh: r u sure he will be doing it properly.
Swara: of course sir..
Laksh: fine so tell himthat he has to go on a trip of some days …for promotion..
Swara: ok sir..
Swara: sir btw..sir what do h prefer tea or coffee..
Laksh: sorry …what did u say..

Swara: nothing sir…i should leave..
Swara was on the gate and was about to leave when laksh tells.
Laksh: coffee miss swara…
Swara smiles …and goes.
Laksh: this girl…
He smiles ..
At home.
Rag: i am getting bored sitting here…i should have gone to office…
Sanskar comes there.
San: no worries..
Rag: sanskar u here.
San: vo i have to leave for a trip so i have got todays holiday…so thought to sit with u.
Rag: so sweet of u…
San: that to i am …
In office..
Everyone was going home…swara was also packing her work..
Laksh: swara …
Swara: sir u r calling me.
Laksh: anyone else is also swara..

Swara: sir usually to u call me miss swara na.
Laksh: ok miss swara.
Swara: yes sir.
Laksh: we need to complete the presentation today…so u need stay here for little more time.
Swara: ok sir…
They r working …..
Swara: sir will u take coffee
Laksh: sure
Swara calls the peon…and asks him to bring two coffee…
Laksh: miss swara r u not scared…working with me in the office alone.
Swara: no.
Laksh: but u should be..

Swar: no need…i trust u sir..
Laksh: in case if i misbehave…
Swara: i know sir u will not..i believe u sir…
Laksh: do u know me …that much that u believe me..
Swara: see sir if u wanted to do so u must have done it that day..when we both were alone that day….
She starts working…
Laksh looks at her and is mesmerized ….
Laksh: so we r done with the work.
Swara: yes sir….now i should leave.

Laksh: wait i will drop u …
Swara: no need sir…i will take cab..
Lakah: why dont u believe me…
Swara: its not like that but still…
Laksh: swara yes or no.
Swara: ok.
They r in car.
Swara: sir wait wait wait..
Laksh: why ..

Swara: sir see ice cream stall.
Laksh: u want to eat ice cream
Swara= sir just 2 mins.
Laksh stops the car…swara steps down and eat ……
Some goons looking at swara…thinks her to be alone and goes to her
Man: madam can we too share …
Swara ignores him
One man holds her hand and pulls her closer…
Swara: leave me.
Man: may i leave u at ur home….
Swara tries to go from there….
Bothmen follows her..one tries to misbehave but laksh comes and fights with them…
Laksh: r u fine swara.
Swara nods.

Laksh: lets go ..
They both reach swaras house…
Swara: again thank u sir.
Lakah: dont mention it again….i will leave now.
Swara nods…..laksh goes while swara is still standing there and smiling……
Swara: why m i smiling…swara whats happening to you…
She goes in.

Precap: not planned..

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Credit to: shloka


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