swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 6


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Todays episode.
In office.
Rag:sanskar why r u late today.
San: was struck in traffic…
Rag: ok….btw …swara was asking for u…
San: really …where is she..
Rag: in her cabin.
San: i will just return..
Rag: sure sure take your time…
San smiles..
He goes to swara’s cabin…
San: may i come in maam.
Swara: yes…
She sees that sanskar is there.
Swara: san no need to call me maam.
San: but u r my senior.
Swara: but i am your best friend.
San: ok ok.
Swara: btw ..u r late today…
San: vo i got struck in traffic..
Swara: really…
She goes near sanskar…..and slips in between…sanskar holds her and they sharr an eyelock…
Swara: thank u..
San: its ok …
Sa : swara i am having a lot of pending work…which i need to submit today…so i need to leave.
Swara nods…
He goes out and started working….
Ragini goes to laksh s cabin..
Lakah: yes miss ragini
Rag: sir the order is completed…
Lakah: really …great…
Rag: thank u sir…
Laksh: come we will go and check it..
Rag nods…

They were going when ragini slips and laksh holds her and they share an eye lock…..
Laksh: lets go..
Rag: yes sir..
They go and check the order…
Laksh- we make electrical goods…right miss ragini.
Rag: yes sir but what made u ask so..
Laksj: open this carton..
Rag: sure sir..
She opens it and finds many juice cans there..
Rag: what is this..
Laksh: can these cans act as a t.v or fridge…
Rag smiles…
Rag: change it…
Worker: yes mam..
Lakah: lets leave..
Rag nods….

In swara cabin.
Swara: rag lets go.
Rag: ok
They were going on road when ragini meets with an accident..
Laksh was passing from there and stops seeing this..
Laksh: what happened..
Swara: sir we need to take her to hospital…
Laksh: yes.
He lifts her in his arms….and put her in car..they reach hospital..

In hospital.
Doc checks ragini.
Swara: what happened doc. Is she fine .
Doc: no problem just a minor fracture….
Swara:she is fine na
Doc: yes yes u can take her to home..
Swara: thanks sir..
Lakah: swara how will u both go home.
Swara: sir we will take auto…
Lakah: no need ..i will drop u both..
Swara: but sir..
Laksh: its my order..
Swara: ok..
Laksh is sitting in front with driver and swaragini at back..
Laksh: driver take right..
Rag: but sir how do u know that where do we live.
Laksh: vo i dropped miss swara yesterday…at your house..
Rag: o.
Swara: btw…sir thank u ..
Laksh: no need…
He drops them home..

At swaragini house.
They r taking dinner.
Swara: do u need any thing.
Rag: no .
Swara: di plz inform me..
Rag : swara…..
Swara: yes di.
Rag: laksh sir is nice na..
Swara: yes.
Rag: he helped us today..
Swara: haan….
Rag smiles..
Swara: sanskar called me and was asking about u..
Rag: tell him not to worry..
Swara: that to i have already told..
Rag: ok..

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Credit to: shloka

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