swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 4

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Today’s episode.
In office.
San: Swara where were you…..
Swara: I got little late today…
Rag: will u too keep on talking only ..or may we do our work too
San: yes let’s start our work.
In Laksh cabin.
Laksh: what is happening with me…why am I not able to forget her…he remembers their sweet moments….
Laksh: no you have to forget her..
Suddenly his phone rings…
He goes and checks…it’s kavya s call.
Laksh: why is she calling me…
He disconnects the call..
Swara: guys listen…I have to go to sns company for conference…I’ll be returning after 2-3 hrs.
San: wait …I am also going there.
Swara: great…let’s go..but first I will ask from sir..
San: ok come fast..
Swara goes In Laksh cabin.

Laksh: yes ..
Swara= sir there is a conference in sns company and I have been called there….so who will be going you or rp sir…
Laksh: I ‘ll come with you.
Swara nods…
3 of them are going in car…..
It’s Laksh’s car ,driver is driving…laksh is sitting in front and swasan at back.
Swara and sanskar talks and laugh while Laksh sees them through mirror and smiles.
Laksh: so you both are friends.
Swara: best friends sir.
Laksh: ok.
San: sir you are from London right..

Laksh: yes
San: then why have u came here to work as there are many job opportunities in London..
Laksh: it’s a long story….
In conference…
Swara presents everything very nicely…San is lost looking at her….
Everyone claps…
Man: great miss Swara.
Man2 : so Mr Laksh we have to say your company has a good plan…and we will give this contract to your company
Laksh: thank u so much .
After conference.
Laksh: miss Swara..amazing presentation….
Swara: thanks sir.
Laksh: keep doing such wonderful work..
They shake hands.

In office.
Swara goes and hugs ragini
Swara: raginu we did it.
Ragini: great Swara.
Swara: you know everyone was so happy.
San: even boss was very happy from swaras presentation.
Rag: after all our Swara is so talented…
Swara smiles..
Laksh comes there.
Laksh: miss ragini project completed.
Rag: yes sir.
She hands over the files to him.
Laksh: good.
Laksh was going when remembers something and turns.
Laksh: miss Swara chachu has called you and after that come to my cabin .
Swara nods.
In rp cabin.
Swara: sir u called.
Rp: yes I’m very happy to see your progress and we have decided to promote you …you can take your promotion letter from Laksh.
Swara :: thank u sir.
She goes in Laksh’s cabin.

Swara: sir ..
Laksh: here is your letter….
Swara opens it and finds that she is the vice managing director…
Swara- wow.
Laksh: congratulations.
Swara : thanks sir ..thanku so much.
Laksh smiles.

Precap: not decided.

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Credit to: shloka


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