swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 22


Hi . I thought to end it in half but someone’s mail made me to write it again.
The episode begins with swara kabir ragsan and vansh and ansh going in party.
Swara: so many people are there. I really didnt wanted to come.
Kabir: shut up. You are the main backbone of my buisness.
Swara: kabir.
Kabir: ragini your sister needs psychiatrist .
Ragini: kabirforget it.
In party.
Vansh: ma i will eat ice cream.
Ansh: me too. Bhai you bring it.
Vansh: okay. Vansh is going to bring ice cream when bumps into someone.
Vansh: oh i am sorry.
The man is laksh . He came with sparsh and kavya.
Laksh: no problem.

Vansh: bye.
Sparsh: dad lets go in .
Kavya: sparsh come beta.
Sparsh: i am not talking to you.
Kavya: get lost.
Kavya goes to drink alcohol.
Laksh: you come with me sparsh.
Sparsh: yes dad.
Laksh and sparsh are eating food. When someone calls laksh and he leaves.
Laksh: i will just come . U stay here.
Sparsh: okay.
Sparsh is not able to eat properly. Swara sees him. She goes to hi..
Swara: hi.
Sparsh: hi.
Swara: any problem .
Sparsh: no.
Swara: may i help u.
Sparsh: no i will manage.
Swara: comeon . I will make u eat.
Swara feeds him with her hands.
Sparsh: thanks aunty.
Swara: your welcome. Where is ur mom.
Sparsh: she is busy.
Swara: ok
Kabir comes there.
Kabir: swara what r u doing here. Come with me .
Swara: ok ok. I am coming.
Kabir looks at sparsh.
Kabir: hey champ. How r u.
Swara: do u know him?
Kabir: yes he is the child of my buisness partner.
Swara: o.
Kabir: come i will make you meet him.
Swara: what isits need.
Kabir holds swara’s hand and takes her. a man is standing there.
Kabir: mr…..
The man turns and smiles looking at kabir. The man is laksh.
Laksh: oh kabir.
Kabir: meet my lucky charm. Swara.
Swalak look at each other. They r shocked.

Laksh sees kabir holding her hand.
Kabir: swara i will just come.
Swara: but kabir.
Kabir: shona 2mins. Saying this. He leaves.
Swara and laksh are standing there. There is a complete silence. When vansh comes to swara.
Vansh: mumma see what ansh is doing?
Laksh is shocked hearing mumma word.
Swara: beta u go and tell ragini about it.
Vansh: ok.
Laksh is looking at swara with many questions in his eyes
Laksh’s pov. Swara why did you left me? Ek baar bhi yaad nahi ayi? Kya itna hi pyar tha tumahara? Kya hua un vado ka swara? Aur tumhara beta . Kya tumne shaadi kar li?
Kabir comes there.
Kabir: shona come i will show you something.
Swara: what kabir?
Kabir : laksh excuse us pls.
Laksh gives a fake smile.
Kabir takes swara to a woman.
Swara: who is she.
The woman turns she is kabir’s mom. (Anupa)
Swara: oh aunty you? She hugs her.
Anupa: how is my princess.?
Swara: very good aunty.
Anupa: Kabir ne pareshan toh nahi kiya? Agar kiya toh bolo. I will tell him.
Kabir: mom you are my mother or hers.
Anupa: hers.
Kabir: mom.
Swara: see he is so jealous. Aur aunty .he doesnt listens anything. Always fighting with me.
Kabir: achha wait i will tell you.
Kabir runs behind swara. Swara laughs.
They both stop and laugh.
Ragini: whats going on?
Swara: anupa aunty came.
Ragini: wow. Where is she?
Swara: there. Ragini i wanted to talk to you
Ragini: haan bolo.
Ragini: laksh.

Kabir: u mean ur ex .
Swara nods.
Ragini: where.??
Swara: kabir’s buisness partner. He is laksh .
Kabir: u mean laksh maheshwari. Oh my god. I am really sorry swara. I didnt know.
Swara: no kabir its not your fault.
Ragini: hey dont worry . Swara if u come across him . Stay calm
Swara nods.
Ragini: ok see vansh and ansh are fighting.
Swara: like always.
Swara: stop it both of u. Say sorry.
Vansh: sorry.
Ansh: sorry.
Swara: thats like my kids.
She hugs both of them.
Laksh sees this
Laksh: are they both her children?
Kabir: champ . Dont fight ok.
Vansh: yes partner.
Kabir: u too my lil master.
Ansh: yes sir.

They all laugh.
Precap: swara knowing about sparsh…

Thank u for reading and a very big sorry. If i dont get commenta no matter. I am gonna complete it for those who have ever commented.

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  4. Piyali

    aww……………my sweet darling, you are completing it…………..????
    thats so sweet of you, thanks a lot lot lot darling and yup , really sorry , these days are being like anything…..thats why i am not able to come online much and if i do i just come to check private messages and no message from you so didn’t check…..yesterday when you messaged at that time i too was missing you thats why checked my gmail account…………………but thats a huge gift dear………….i love you for this……the episode was mind blowing………..swalak face of was shown beautiful but the highlight of the episode was laksh’s questions…….like they were soooooooooooo good…….waiting for all the ffs next episodes but update whenever you get time………….love you darling…………be happy………

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