swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 19


Sorry sorry sorry. I am guilty by the core of my heart for such delays. I am really sorry. Guys i know u must be finding my ff the most boring one here and that can be seen in ur comments. I am really sorry. I will very soon end it. And most of u think that i should not make 10 yrs leap…. so guys i am making it a 7 yr leap. I cant reduce the time as i have something in my mind. So lets start with episode.
Seven years has passed. Swalak are separated. They never met each other. Swara is in mumbai and laksh in kolkata.

A girl is wearing a red-cream saree with pallu on her head… she is doing puja.
She completes it and turns back. Yeah she is our ragini……
Ragini: vansh-ansh wake up. Both of u … u r getting late for school.
Two small boys wake up. One is vansh and other is ansh.
Vansh is of 7 years and ansh of 6 yrs….
Vansh,: ma where r u
Ragini: in kitchen. Where is ur brother
Ansh: here ma.
Ragini: ok u both sit here. Take breakfast.
Vansh,ansh: yes ma.
Vansh: where is mumma..
Ragini: she left for office.
Ansh: but mumma should have said good bye.
Ragini: she will return soon.

Ansh: ok mom.
A big company is shown where a man is sitting in his cabin, he is having a clean , arranged table with a photo frame.
The man turns and yes he is our sanskar.
Sanskar: vidhi come in..
Vidhi is her secreatary.
Vidhi: yes sir
Sanskar: cancel all my appointments of today
Vidhi: but sir…
Sanskar: no but
Vidhi smiles . Vidi: ok sir.
Sanskar goes out sits in his car and leaves for somewhere. He reaches home.
Sanskar: ragini where r u.
Ragini: sanskar wait wait. I m coming.
She comes and sanskar lifts her in air….

Ragini: sanskar keep me down
Sanskar: ragini u know today i am free.
Ragini: first keep me down.
Sanskar: ok.
He keeps her down they both sit on sofa.
Ragini: so patidev whats ur plan…( yes guys ragsan are married……….)
Sanskar: to spend time with my wify.
Ragini smiles.
On other hand maheshwari mansion is shown. Everything is same. Except some guits…
Ap: sujata where r u.
Suj: coming.
Ap: see how is this neckalace.
Suj: very pretty.
Both sits and talks.
Meanwhle a small 7 yr boy enters in.

Boy: dadi, i won again
Ap: i know my grandson is best
The boy hugs her..
Kavya comes down wearing a sari..
Kavya: mom i am going for a kitty. U plz dont make my food. As i will be late at night
Ap ignores her. Yes family members still dont talk to kavya.
Boy: mom listen.
Kavya: speak up. Sparsh
Sparsh: mom will u play with me today u have promised.
Kavya: r u mad.. i will play with u… never.
Sparsh: mom.
Kavya: i am getting late.
She leaves.
Sparah cries
Sparsh: why has god given me a cruel and bad mom. She never even talks to me.
Ap: dont cry. Come i will play with u.
They r playing when laksh comes. Sparsh goes running to him .
Sparsh: papa… i was waiting for u…
Laksh: i am busy we will talk later..
Sparsh stands dissapointed…..

Precap: swara……

Who is sparsh… is he kavlak son. Then where is swara?????? Have laksh moved on…??
What about swara?? Has she moved.. on..
All these questions must be in ur mind.. dont worry u will soon get all answers.

Credit to: shloka

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  1. U r so stupid to write such foolish stories on the worst pairs swalak… they look like a servant and…….
    How can you write such useless stories. They r worst. And yes u always write swalak stories na so then again you come in category of eva. U both r friends right na that can be seen ..same poor thinking. Stupid people….
    Shloka your friends r eva and piyali . They are same like u. Stick on one pairs.

    1. Hey if u don’t like Iit don’t read it .Who r u to scold others… they write stories on the pair they like.. If u don’t like don’t read… wat if they write on swalak.. still there are swalak fans to read…and if u r swasan or ragla pair u r also sticking to 1..mind shloka eva piyali r very good writers.. I Eva wrote swasan ff too… don’t dare to criticise others

    2. U r an idiot….u know that?Do u even know the hardwork needed to write even one episode?No u don’t…u r useless and hopeless…who has such a cheap mentality…seriously..mind blowing job of critising other writers even in someone else’ ff…and who the hell r u to question someone’s friendship…Eva,Piyali and Shloka….whoever their relations r….u have no right to speak in this manner against them…..not against Eva atleast..cause she also wrote swasan ff…..too….go to hell dumbo…

  2. its nice. but why u make kavlak. its not good but make it nice you have different and nice thougts. bring something new.
    and dont end this ff. there are fue swalak stories. so dont end. all the best.

  3. Simi what the hell is wrong with u if u don’t like then don’t read it it’s not ur private site okay so plzz yaar n why r u dragging Eva n piyali ha plz mind your business none asked u to comment n sorry for being rude but u deserve it n shloka u chill n continue …don’t take her words to heart….waiting for next epi

  4. Hey simmi u r correct. Shloka,eva ,piyali sab bakwas writers h. Useless. I hate them all. Especially these 3.

    1. Then y the hell u r reading it…

      1. There r lot of swasan ff go there and stop ur stupid comments here. No 1 begged u 2 read

    2. Keep hating them….no one wants your love!!!!!

  5. V.nice di. Keep it up

  6. Shloka it’s awesome dr .. pleasecontinue don’t stop for the haters.. v always support u.. eagerly waiting for nxt epi dr

  7. Shloka….dnt wrt…sme ppl r mad…They. hve time to criticise others…so many of them wrts on swarasan…then y can’t wrte ragsan nd swalaksh fan …their choice…who the he’ll r u to say like this…

  8. Nice one shlok darling

  9. ragsan rocks

  10. hey shloka , i am sorry , was having some work thats why late………………..i am sorry but i must say , the episode was mind blowing:
    for you…………….waiting for swara’s entry and yaa please don’t read the comments of suraksha and simi , but if you have read don’t reply , i am not getting that if they don’t like our ffs then why are they wasting their time , they even read our comments thats why they know that we are friends , i am really feeling sorry for them that they are wasting their precious time and even for their mindset , simi called laksh and swara as , i don’t even wanna speak but seriously we are living in 21st century and they…….they are still those descriminating people who judge people by their face or dont’ know by what ……..seriously leave it……i know i am wasting my time saying all this but i am happy , maybe i am able to change their mindset……………..by the way eva has written swasan stories too and shloka is reading her stories , i too am reading her stories…………………….and yaa i am reading many other stories of swasan-raglak too…………………..leave it……………shloka if you have read it don’t even think that you’ll stop writing or get demotivated because this comment only shows their jelousy that such good writers like you are not writng swasan-raglak but ragsan -swarlak stories……………………………………………….eva if you are reading this comment i wanna tell you that i do read your ffs ,i read both your samjhota’s i hate you too, manyata vs ragini now itself thats why couldn’t comment , but they were just marvellous and shloka i even read the bashing comments on samjhota but see , still eva is continueing writing that too with such a good spirit so please never stop writing this ff and ignore those who don’t value you………………..be happy dear and even surakha and simi , you both too be happy and please try to change your mindset…..it would help you in future………………

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