swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 13


Hi everyone. Guys some of you are finding my story boring… i am sorry for that u just need to tolerate for some more episodes. And within 2 episode this track is gonna end. I am sorry for the boring episodes.

Today’s episode.
Sangeet ceremony.
Swara: di … you r looking awesome.
Rag: thank u swara.
They hug…
The function starts.
Everyone dances and enjoys.
After function.

On terrace.
Rag: yes sanskar u called me.
San: yes ragini i wanted to talk to u its urgent.
Rag: what happened.
San: i know you are very happy but…i have to tell you this..
Sanskar tells her something.
Ragin is little surprised.
Rag: o this was happening… and i was unaware..dont worry tomorrow we r having a function in company. Our families will be too there. I will solve all problems.
San: i m with u ragini.
Rag: i know….
Next day.
Rag: swra r u happy
Swara: ofcourse di…
Swara leavss
Rag: how much will u suffer for me.

In party
Everyone was enjoying. Swara was making sure that she dont have to facr laksh.
Suddenly ragini takes mic.
Rag: hello everyone. I want to do an announcement. Mom dad i cant do this marriage.
Everyone was shocked
Sumi: what r u saying .
Rag: i am telling right. Mom how can i make 3 persons unhappy.
Sumi: who is not happy .
Rag: me, laksh and shona.
Sumi: why r u saying this.
Rag: mom u know…i am not a good sister. I have not understood what my sister want. And she is such a fool …she was going to sacrifice her love for me. Duffer…
Swara is crying.
Swara: no di.
Rag: shut up. And laksh are u a dumb. Why have u not told me….. u both i would have not came to know about this if sanskar would have not told me.
Swara: di its not like that.
Rag: i dont wanna talk to u.
Swara: di…
Rag: ma u tell will it be right.
Ap: ragini beta what do u wanna say.
Rag: aunty. They both love each other. And this whole drama was done to make me happy.
Ap: is it so.
Rag: yes aunty. Now u only make them understand. Swara u r my happiness. U r my life shona. U dont need to do any sacrifice.
Swara hugs ragini.

Rag: uncle aunty. Will u accept her as your daughter in law.
Ap: i am blesses to have u….
She hugs both swaragini.
Shekhar: i am proud of my daughters.
Rag: ok ok no more crying. We have to do arrangements for their marriage too.
Sumi: but u.
Rag: mom everyone cant handle me only my bestie can …am i right sanskar.
Sanskar nods
Sumi: i am proud of u both.
She hugs ragsan.
Everyone is happy…..
Laksh sees everyone busy talking and pulls swaraa aside.
Swara: what r u doinh.
Laksh: i love u .
Swra: i love u too.
They hug each other ……..

Precap: marriage with a big twist………
I ended this sequence and now a twist is waiting for all of u to read….thanks for reading…

Credit to: shloka

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