swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 12


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So todays episode.

In maheshwari mansion.
Ap: laksh we wanted to talk to you.
Laksh: yes mom.
Ap: we have fixed your marriage.
Laksh in shock: what..with whom
Ap: she works in your company.
Laksh thinks that she is talking about swara.
Ap: ragini.
Laksh: what mom.
Ap: yes ..
She leaves.
Laksh is in a shock.

In swaragini mansion.
Shekhar: shona ragini where r u.
Swaragini comes and hugs him.
Shekhar: ragini I am very happy for you.
Ragini blushes.
Swara sees her phone ringing.it is Laksh calling.
Swara receives it.
Swara : hello sir.
Laksh: do u know about my marriage fixed with ragini.
Swara: yes sir…It’s a good news na.
Laksh: r u happy with it.
Swara: yes sir..
He cuts the call.
Swara cries..
Laksh: this is second time God….why r u doing this with me…..
They both recalls their moments…..
Kya hua tera vaada plays.
Meanwhile… Sumi comes to Swara .
Sum : we have decided to get them engaged today Itself…..so will u see all arrangements.
Swara: sure ma.
Ragini calls sanskar.
Rag: sanskar …. a good news for u.
San: what.
Rag: first tell me where are you.
San: I am at home. Just returned.
Rag: ok. Wait I am coming….
San: ok.

At sanskar’s home.
Rag: sanskar listen. I am going to marry very soon.and today is my engagement.
San: what….when was it decided…with whom…congrats.
Rag: one by one icant answer like this. With Laksh….. and one week is left.and thanks.
San: o..
Rag: stop it. I have a news for u too.
San: what
Rag: Swara told me that …..
San: what.
Rag: I will tell tomorrow.
San: ragini plz tell na.
Rag:mmmmm..ok. she told that she loves you..
San: o….what really.( He took it as normal but when realized he became excited)
Rag: yes .
San: ragini ragini ragini… I am very happy today.
Rag: I know. And be on time today.
San: Ofcourse….
She leaves….

Sanskar smiles and shouts
Iove u too Swara….see sanskar now u have to o propose her. Today

In engagement party
Everyone is gathered….
Laksh with his family… he is wearing a golden color Kurta….
Sum : Swara bring ragini …….
Swara brings ragini . Ragini is wearing a pink golden lehanga ….and Swara is wearing a blue golden lehanga.
Laksh is mesmerized looking at Swara…..
Ragini stands next to Laksh…and Swara is standing behind her…
Dp: lets start the ceremony..
Shekhar: of course. Sumi bring the ring.
Sumi hands it over to Swara..Swara is feeling broken from inside…but still she is having a fake smile..and same with Laksh too.
Ragini makes him wear the ring. Laksh looking at Swara put the ring in ragini’s finger….
Everyone claps…suddenly lights are off..
Swasan comes and starts dancing on dilliwali girlfriend…they pull raglak too. Swalalk looking at each other dances…
After dance.
Swara= sanskar I wanna talk to u.
San: even I want to…
They go on terrace.

Swara: sanskar ..I want your help.
Sa : why what happened..
Swara tells her every thing that she loves Laksh bit don’t want to come on between ragimi’s happiness…and for this she told lie in that she likes him.
Sanskar is heartbroken…still pretends to be fine.
San: I will help u.
Swara hugs him..
She leaves..
San: Swara I wanted to tell u that I love u …but…
He throws the ring he brought and cries. Kya hua tera vada plays…….

In party..
Dp: so tomorrow we will do their sangeet
Shekhar: yes.
Dp: so meet u tomorrow.
Ap goes to Swara .
Ap: u r such a nice girl. If I would be having one more son na then I’ would have made him marry u.
Swara gives a smile……
Party ends.

Precap: sangeet ceremony….

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Credit to: shloka

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  1. Awesome episode Shloka..but bechare Sanlak..felt very bad for them….and also Swara….but most…for Ragini..she doesn’t know anything about all these…

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  7. Sry in advance… But I can’t stop myself from saying.. .. It’s not even a love triangle.. You are playing with all four of thems emotions….. Not even a pair is happy… Now swasanlak are suffering.. N after truth.. Ragini will suffer with sanskar……. N with no doubt ragini would be at guilt.. And or she will change to negative…… Pls yaar try to understand… Make laksh accept ragini… N hate you for hurting my sanskar…

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