swaragini…kya hua tera vada…episode 11


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So the episode starts with swaragini sitting at their home. Suddenly door bell rings . A man is there with a bouquet.
Ragini sees a chit there. She reads it “do u love me too” laksh.
Ragini becomes happy and thinks that laksh sent this for her. She rushes to her room.
Swara comes on door. Shetoo reads it…she becomes happy.
Ragini in her room and swara in hall ,they dance shouting yes………laksh calls swara.
Laksh: what is your answer.
Swara: mm…….yes.
Laksh: really.
Swara: yes…
On the other side sumi enters ragini room. She sees ragini dancing.
Sumi: who is he.
Rag: who mom.

Sumi: dont hide this from me…come on tell..
Rag: ma my boss…laksh maheshwari.
Sumi: u mean the owners of maheshwari company.
Rag: yes ma..do u know them.
Sumi: very well…his and ur father r friends.
Sumi: they have returned today from london…i will go and talk today only…
Rag: but papa
Sumi: he will come tomorrow ..u dont worru.
Rag: really mom.
Sumi nods.
Ragini hugs her…
Swara listens all this and cries.
Rag: swara where r u
Swra: coming di.
She tries to act normal.
Swara: so laksh sir.
Ragini blushes………
At mm
Laksh: dad mom …u came after 1 month.
Dp: are u fine now

Ap= my beta….
Meanwhile sumi comes there.( laksh leaves talking on phone)
Sumi: namasttey ..
Ap= sumi aao aao….come plz.
They all sit and talk.
Sumi: i came here to talk something important
Ap: ji boliye.
Sumi= your son likes my daughter and even my daughter does……
Dp= what will be better than this…….
Ap: we r ready…
Sumi: great…..
LKsh hears this and calls swara..
Swara: sir i’m busy we will talk later..
Laksh: is she trying to ignore me…
In office…

Laksh goes to swara’s cabin
LKsh: may we go on a coffee.
Swar: sir i have to submit project ..i am busy …sorry..
She goes out
Swara thinks: sir i cant do this with my sistet. I have to leave u.
Laksh: what happened to this girl..
In swaragini mansion.
Sumi gets a call.
Girl: aunty u have fixed ur daughter’s marriage right.
Sumi: yes.
Girl: aunty your younger daughter is trying to woo her sister’s love..
Sumi: what r u saying..
Girl= its true..
She disconnects.
Sumi gets angry.
Sumi: swara come..
Swara: yes mom.
Sumi: what r u doing in office..u know na ragini loves him….still u r trying too …
Swara: no mom..not at all.
Sumi: i dont wanna listen all this…..

She leaves in anger.
Swara cries
Rag: swara do u love him….plz tell me.
Swra: no di
Rag: tell me truth.
Swara: di how can i love 2 boys at a time.
Rag: whT…who is he..
Swara= u know him very well.
Rag: sanskar.
Swara: yes..
Rag: i am very happy for u..

Precap: laksh coming to know about his and ragini’s relation..

Sorry to all swasan and raglak fans…but it is swalak……i am really sorry….but plz keep reading…u will see a very good bond between them too…….

Credit to: shloka

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  1. Love u Shloka….it was awesome…and yes…about Swalak….i knew it from the beginning…..its Swalak…..my guess was right…:)

    1. And Shloka…don’t change your way because of others…

    2. Thanks and yes ypur guess was right…

  2. Plz make it swasan plz plz

    1. Sorry…..i cant ….but plz keep reading.

  3. No yaar pls make it swasan……

    1. Sorry…..keep reading dear. U will see a nice bond betwen them

    1. Thanks.

  4. Nice . Thanks for choosing swalak.

    1. Thanks and your welcome too…

  5. its good…. keep the story as u have planned.

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  6. Awsm and eva dear if you plzz read the comment then plzz do write an ff

    1. Of course I will dear…?

    2. Thanks and yes eva even i am waiting for your ff.

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  7. Awesome thnks for swalak and plzz don’t chnge pair by listening to others plzzzzz,zzzz and yaaa plzz end ragini character in swalak love story.

    1. Thanks…and i am not going to change ..dont worry

  8. and keep ur story as u have thought

    1. Ofcourse dear

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  9. shloka thanks for ragsan….

    1. Thanks..

  10. Wow its super..waiting fr nxt

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  11. Nly focus on SWALAK pls..

    1. You will see many swalak scenes….

  12. Very nyc..

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  13. After knowing raglak marriage my heart skip yaar please not do this.make it swalak

    1. Yes dear it is swalak only…

  14. Thnkss for make it swalak…..i love your ff

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